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    Slough Muslim Youth in conjunction with P.W.A presents:

    The Mercy of Allah (swt)​

    Ustadh Uthman Lateef (Hittin Institute)

    Date: Friday 22nd May 2009
    Time: 8.00pm

    P.W.A Slough
    Youth & Community Centre
    Darvills Lane
    Slough SL1 2PH

    Free entry
    Brothers only
    Open to all ages

    Organised by Slough Muslim Youth
    Supported by the Hittin Institute
  2. al-Afghanee

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    For any unfamiliar with the teacher insha'allaah:

    Ustaadh Uthman Lateef

    Uthman Lateef has been the Director of the Hittin Institute since March 2008. He has a BA (First Class Hons) in History, an MA (Distinction) in Crusading Studies with a dissertation on religious poetry in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and is currently completing a PhD in the Muslim literary effort to inspire a yearning for Jerusalem in the twelfth century.

    Uthman has been involved in many Islamic organisations, international charitable projects where he has been particularly active in raising awareness about the plight of Muslims in poverty-stricken Africa. He has spent time studying and travelling in the Middle East since 2001 and is a khateeb in many mosques as well as a popular speaker in universities and community centres.

    Hittin Institute
  3. al-Afghanee

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  4. abu eeman

    abu eeman

    every one is more than welcome to join us on this day
  5. abuhannah

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  6. al-Afghanee

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    Just a week left until this event insha'allaah.
  7. abu eeman

    abu eeman

    this friday
  8. abu eeman

    abu eeman

    Tomorrow all brothers are more than welcome to join us
  9. abu eeman

    abu eeman

  10. al-Afghanee

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    Jezak'allaah for the reminder Akh.

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