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Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by mur009, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Religous symbolism is a disease of the christians. I was once discussing issues of heaven and hell with my brother, a protestant christian, and it was so hard because every subject he would say, but the bible doesnt mean that literally, it really just means dont do this or that, etc. So frustrating.
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    I feel for you.. just the other day I was debating(well If you can call it that,because this guy is dumber than a brick) with this xtian, and I got to the point where he would agree with the fundamentals of Islam/ the haq, but then reverted back to Isa AS and his belief that he was the perfect sacrifice because he was fatherless... and started beating around the bush when I mentioned Adam AS would be a greater god and sacrifice because he didn't have either. So Adamism > xtianity. Man, its like pulling teeth with these people. I hope it becomes easier for you and he starts realising his mistakes eventually insha'Allah.
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    Assalaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

    I am often reminded of this quote:

    Whichever topic you argue with a Christian (Paulinist), when pressed they will usually dissolve into the obscurity of their own beliefs. Their belief is a vapor which is always pierced by the simple clarity of Tawhid, alhamdulillah...

    Wa Allahu A'lim.
  5. I think Abu Mus'ab could have just as easily been talking about Imran Hosein if he wasn't...
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