Story of the "Pit of Fire" in Holly Quran, and its interpretation by Marhoom Sayed Qutb

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    Story of the "Pit of Fire" (from surat al-buruj 85:4-8 in the Holly Qur'an) <O:p</O:p
    Consider ... Him who witnesses [all]
    and [of] that unto which witness is borne [by Him]!
    They destroy but themselves, they who would ready a pit
    of fire fiercely burning [for all who have attained to faith]!
    Lo! [with glee do] they contemplate that [fire],
    fully conscious of what they are doing to the believers,
    who they hate for no other reason that than they believe in God, the Almighty, the One to whom all praise is due,
    [and] to whom the dominion of the heavens and that earth belongs. But God is witness unto everything!
    Verily, as for those who persecute believing men and believing women and thereafter do not repent, hell's suffering awaits them: yea suffering through fire awaits them!

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    Marhoom Sayed Qutb :<O:p</O:p
    ... Arrogant, mischievous, criminal and degraded people ... sat by the pit of fire, watching how the Believers suffered and writhed in pain. They sat there to enjoy the sight of how fire consumes living beings and how the bodies of these noble souls were reduced to cinders and ashes ... shouts of mad joy would escape their lips at the sight of blood and pieces of flesh. [Milestones, p.150]<O:p></O:p>
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    Enemies of the Believers may wish to change this struggle into an economic or political ... struggle so that the Believers become confused concerning the true nature of the struggle and the flame of belief in their hearts becomes extinguished ... We see an example of this today in the attempts of Christendom to try to deceive us by distorting history and saying that the Crusades were a form of imperialism. The truth of the matter is that the latter-day imperialism is but a mask for the crusading spirit, since it is not possible for it to appear in its true form, as it was possible in the Middle Ages. [Milestones, p.159-160]<O:p</O:p
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    Yes. No wonder we are always being told to abandon him and listen to more 'reliable' people like Yasir Qadhi.

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