Structured Arabic & Tajwid for all levels London, Luton, Manchester

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    Habiba Institute for Arabic Studies Presents...

    Courses offered in London and UK by experienced female teachers

    Tajweed Level 1 (Ilford)
    Tajweed Level 4 (Plaistow/Stratford)
    Arabic within Salah (Plaistow/Stratford)
    Arabic Level 1 (Manor Park)
    Arabic Level 2 (Manor Park)

    Tajweed Level 1 (Wembley Hill Road)

    Tajweed Level 1
    Tajweed Level 2

    Tajweed Level 1 ( Longsight M13)
    Arabic Level 1 (Longsight, M13)



    Level 1: Grammar Reading and Writing/Speaking and Listening:
    Articulating sounds of the Arabic Alphabet correctly Introducing oneself, family and close friends Asking for and giving personal Information Understanding and using common everyday language Describing objects and things Alphabets and vocabulary Definition: The Article Gender Demonstrative pronouns Personal pronouns: attached and detached Prepositions Adjectives and adjectival sentences Reading alphabet, on its own, joined up and words. Writing the alphabet, on its own, joined up and words. Identifying letters in the beginning, middle and end of a word. Writing sentences – questions and answers
    Memorisation of Templates:
    Af’al Form I (past only), Minimum of 20 Verbs

    Level 2: Grammar and Study Focus/Speaking and Listening:
    Present tense and conjugation, study skills, plurals, divisions of nouns, verbs and particles, types of sentences: Nominal and verbal, relative pronouns, learning through story 1, colours and defects.
    Speaking and Listening. Ask for and tell the time/day, Make requests using appropriate terms, Give description of places and things, Express likes and dislikes, apologise.
    Memorisation of templates:
    Af’al Form II, Maf’ul Form I and II, Minimum of 25 Verbs


    Level 1: This course focuses particularly on perfecting the Makharij (articulation points of each letter). The course will equip students with the basic rules to be able to recite the Qur’an correctly and memorise enough short surahs (from juz amma) to use in daily prayers.

    Level 2: will equip the students to recite the Qur’an with many Ahkams that are compulsory as well as memorise parts of the last Juz of the Qur’an. The Madd rules are taught in this module and memorisation of surahs.

    Level 4: intends to strengthen students recitation with Sifat of letters so that every letter of the Qur'an maybe recited with its right haqq. Advanced rules are introduced. Levels of Idgham-Muthajanis, Muthaqarib, Muthamathil, Rules of laam, Signs of stopping and starting and responding to the Qur'an. Waqf and Ibtida, Ishmam wa raum, tasheel.
    Memorisation with correct tajwid of Surah Mutaffiffeen upto Surah Naba.

    *Free course materials provided on all course

    *Certificates awarded and approved by Habiba Institute upon passing

    Pre-registration is required for all courses. To register or for more information please contact:
    Tel: 07947 866 355/ 07955 113 653 E-mail: Website:

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