Sunni vs Wahabi Debate ( Urdu) . Sunni Wins

Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by Pashtun, Nov 5, 2009.

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  2. s-b-r

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    Hey why are you posting 'debates' up? Shouldnt you and they be jumping off eiffel tower to prove you/their huq? :eek:
  3. Intoodeep

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    that was just some crazy shouting and raving. what kind of debate was that??

    Its amazing how anyone can be a barelvi and believe:

    1. Prophet is noor from the noor of Allah
    2. He knows EVERYTHING including exact day of Judgement
    3. He is Hadhir Nadhir
    4. we can pray to 'supermen' (sorry meant pirs, sufi shiekhs etc) and they answer our duas.

    All of the above have blatant evidences against them. No way is barelvism on any kind of truth.

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