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  1. Abu Tourab

    Abu Tourab Formerly MilkSheikh

    Just found out that is blocked in saudi. Why?
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  2. Fofomag

    Fofomag Banned

    Because the king is a taghoot.
  3. Prolix

    Prolix Prospicient

  4. Abu Mus'ab al-Maldifi

    Abu Mus'ab al-Maldifi In Pursuit of Virtue

    assalamu alaikum

    is islamqa still blocked there?
  5. ish

    ish ...

    Wa alaykum assalaam,
    Yes, it is.
  6. what about if you use TOR, you should be able to get through.
    if they have blocked the site as well, it is possible to get the software somewhere else, or sent to your email.

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