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  1. Assalam o alaykum I have been a recovering Madkhali and I really hate how they bash Syed Qutb. Recently I did not like what was said about Syed Qutub and his response was what is below.

    How does one respond to such things? Any help will be appreciated. JazakAllah khair

    Just to answer some of you questions/queries.
    you say;
    1-- Wasnt he a Muslim?
    answer- Of course he was,whos making takfir of him?

    you say;
    2-- He may have mistakes in some of the things he wrote but then again all the scholars/daees have mistakes.
    reply- He was no scholar,he was a writer

    you say;
    3--If I were to sit and start searching for the mistakes of the scholars lets say Sh Albani what good would that be for me and my akhirah?
    reply- first of all let me remind you again sayyid qutb was no scholar and secondly it is not from our manhaj to sit and start seaching for mistakes of the scholars
    you say;
    4-- Personally I have read some works by Syed Qutub and I can tell you he is not what he is made out to be. For example his work Milestones and another work Fi Dhilal Al Quran are great works. It is a very personal experience with the Quran.
    reply- thanks for your insight but NO THANKS !
    you may have read some of his books and your opinion may be hear or there but for me well,i am quite happy with the opinion of the ulema.
    the examples you mentioned are examples of a writer giving his style of writing and his views and are not scholarly works so this can be very misleading to the average person
    who may be affected by it.

    you say;
    5-- One is effected by the environment that one is living in and this can influence one's writings and thought process. In no way does that give us a blank check to bash the living the day lights of a Muslim.
    reply- no ones 'bashing the living day lights out of him'. Unfortunatly his works have effected millions of muslims around the world so his mistakes have to be pointed out
    as i said earlier, AD DEED AN NASEEHA.

    you say;
    6-- This Jarh wat Ta'deel (A science in the hadith literature in which every narrator is scrutinized and some scholars are very tough in that) needs to stop.
    reply- with the permission of allah this jarh wa ta'deel will continue till need be!

    you say;
    7-- Many of the 'ulama praised Syed Qutub and some of them did point out his mistakes. But never like this. He was not a scholar. Just a da'ee. No one is perfect and free from mistakes
    reply- more like, many of the ulama point out his mistakes and warn the average muslim from reading his works,as for the ulema who praise hime and his works,well maybe you can enlighten me.

    you say;
    8-- He was not a scholar. Just a da'ee. No one is perfect and free from mistakes. Syed Qutub's affair is with Allah. We can take his writings read from them and take the good and leave the bad.-
    reply- alhamdulillah you say he was not a scholar and we all know no ones perfect and no doubt his affair is with allah but we have the scholars to advise us,and as for me i'd
    rather stick with the advice of the scholars as everyones knowledge and understanding is different. so maybe you read something from his mistakes and it effects your heart,why risk it,read marterial that the ulama recommend.

    you say;
    9-- One of the students of Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen i.e. Shaykh Salih Al Munajjid was asked about Syed Qutb and how people are going to extremes in labeling him. Here is his own response
    reply- let's see what his teacher ( shaykh ibn uthaymeen )says


    SHAIKH MUHAMMAD IBN SAALIH AL-‘UTHAIMAIN - hafizahullaah - said:
    "My study of the book of Sayyid Qutb has only been scant, and I do not know about his condition; however the scholars have written about his book in tafseer ‘Fee Zilaalil Qur’aan’ - they have written critical comments about it: such as what Shaikh ‘Abdullaah ad-Duwaysh - rahimahullaah - wrote, and our brother Shaikh Rabee’ al-Madkhalee wrote some points of criticism upon him - upon Sayyid Qutb with regards to his tafseer and other things. So whoever wishes to refer to that then let him do so." * [A lecture entitled ‘Liqaa ma-‘ash - Shaikhain: Muhammad ibn ‘Uthaimain & Rabee’ al-Madkhalee’ in Jeddah, on 20/11/1413H

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