Video Syria's torture machine

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    An investigation into the detention and torture of Syrian civilians, featuring shocking video evidence of men, women and children being subjected to beatings, whippings and more elaborate torture.
    In this film, victims, refugees and activists who have experienced or witnessed such brutality at the hands of Syrian President al-Assad's forces speak out.
    Their stories, combined with the torture footage, refute President Assad's claims that his forces are simply quelling an armed insurgency.
    To follow the conversation on twitter use the hash tag #torturemachine.
    Disturbing and distressing descriptions and film of torture and atrocities, including the deaths of children.

    Syria's Torture Machine - 4oD - Channel 4
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    Just finished watching this, Hasbunallahu wa ni'mal wakeel. May Allah destroy and humiliate Bashaar Al-Assad and his nusayri dogs, Aameen. They are lower than animals.
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