Question Taking help from kuffar against other kuffar!

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Salsabil, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Salsabil

    Salsabil Pro-Tawheed

    Assalamu aleykum,

    While reading "Defence of muslim lands" I came upon this quote:

    Shaffie Opinion
    Ar Ramli said: "The Imam or second in command may ask help from the Kuffar even if they are Ahlul Harb if he knows they have a good opinion of us under the condition that we need them to serve or fight because we are few". (Nihayatal mahtaj 8/58)

    So, does this mean we can take help from kuffar who are at war with Muslims (I presume some other Muslims), against other kuffar?
  2. Abu Ibrahim al-Khurasani

    Abu Ibrahim al-Khurasani كل ميسر لمـا خلق لـه

    There is a book by Sh Hamood bin 'Uqlaa Al Sh'aybi which discusses this issue, its called القول المختار في حكم الاستعانة بالكفار

    download from here
  3. Salsabil

    Salsabil Pro-Tawheed

    barakallahu feek

    Brother, could you just say in summary, what you understood from it.
  4. Abu Ibrahim al-Khurasani

    Abu Ibrahim al-Khurasani كل ميسر لمـا خلق لـه

    I read this book (not all of it) time ago so i had to skim through it again for you,
    The Sheikh basically divides Seeking help from the kuffar into four categories, iam just gonna briefly state what hukm he gave to each one of them without going into detail (cuz that will take alot of time.

    1. Seeking help from a kaafir state against a kaafir state.
    he says: The Majority of the Fuqahaa' of Ummah and its Scholars are of opinion this kind is Haraam in general without exceptions.
    The sheikh goes on to bring the evidence from Qur'an and Sunnah, then he states the evidence of those scholars who permits seeking help from the kuffar and refutes it.

    2. Hukm of seeking help from the Kuffar against the Muslim state or against a Muslim group i.e. Bughaat.

    Ahl al Baghi are from the group of the Muslims who revolt against the legit Imam with false Ta'weel, and they are not kuffar cuz of their khurooj because of their false Ta'weel, some scholar said they are not even Fussaq.

    The Imam should call them and ask them for the reason of their khurroj, if there's any wrongdoeing or shubhah he should remove it, if they do not desist he should ask Allah's help and fight them, but it is not allowed for him seek the help of kuffar in fighting them.
    then he brings the evidences.

    3. Seeking the help of kuffar in things other than fighting

    This one and the next one needs details, maybe someone can translate/summerise it for us.
  5. Abu Yusuf 74

    Abu Yusuf 74 Active Member

    What is meant by seeking help does this include training of armies etc..
  6. al_azhar

    al_azhar New Member

    If we can use kuffar against each other what better way to eliminate your enemy as long as no innocent people are involved. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
  7. Edna

    Edna New Member

    Uhm I think it's okay as long as you're not using them for another Muslim country. In history Muslims had many non-Muslims allies. So it wont be the first time either.

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