Important Taliban Reject Semple's Published Interview with Talib Commander

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    Saturday, 14 July 2012 18:26Written by Sonil Haidari

    The Taliban rejected a UK magazine's interview with a Taliban commander, saying in a statement released Saturday that the magazine's claim to have spoken to one their own was "fatuous".

    The statement on the Taliban website said that the New Statesman article published Thursday was "nothing more than a shameful propaganda ploy of the deceitful flailing enemy".

    In the magazine article, former UN Envoy to Afghanistan during the Taliban regime Michael Semple interviewed a Taliban commander who was not identified, apart from a pseudonym Mawlawi, in order to protect him from reprisals.

    The commander spoke frankly of his anger towards Al Qaeda for destroying Afghanistan, his relief at Osama bin Laden's death, and the Taliban's dim outlook for outright victory in the country.

    The Taliban statement said the article was fabricated as an attempt of Nato to hide its defeat."Sometimes they introduce a vegetable seller as a high ranking official of Islamic Emirate [Taliban name for Afghanistan] and try to solve the Afghan issue with him and sometimes an anonymous ‘Mawlawi' as its important member and then publish such nonsense," it said.
    Mawlawi's comments to Semple were published widely by multiple media outlets because of their divergence from the militant group's typical statements.
    The admission of Mawlawi that he felt the Taliban would not recapture Afghanistan was highly sensitive.
    He said: "It would take some kind of divine intervention for the Taliban to win this war. The Taliban capturing Kabul is a very distant prospect. Any Taliban leader expecting to be able to capture Kabul is making a grave mistake. Nevertheless, the leadership also knows that it cannot afford to acknowledge this weakness. To do so would undermine the morale of Taliban personnel."
    The Taliban statement scoffed that this could be someone in their ranks because he "basically states that he doesn't believe in the divine help of Allah and that the Mujahideen surely cannot defeat the enemy... We have repeatedly demonstrated to our enemies for the past decade that the Mujahideen can do what could have never been imagined."
    It called on the media to not accept any voice as that of the Taliban without the verification of the group's known spokespersons.

    Taliban Reject Semple's Published Interview with Talib Commander
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    as usual the munafiqeens media channels and papers gave front page news of this false made up "taliban commanders statement" ,but now after taliban have cleared that this is a false news,than the same media groups will not give even a single column news about this..
    by this selective reporting munafiq media of pakistan ,afghanistan and arab is fighting the war against mujahideen side by side with kufar.

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