Taqi Uthmani's intro of "Al Qawlul mansoor fi Ibnil Mansoor--- Seerast-e-Mansoor Hallaj"

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    Cover page of this book says:

    Under the guidance of: Hakeemul Ummat Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi

    Written by: Hazrat Maulana Zafar Ahmad Uthmani

    Titles by : Maulana Hussain Ahmad Najeeb

    (published by Maktabah Darul 'Uloom Karachi (Taqi Uthmani's jami'ah founded by his father Muhammad Shafi')

    In the introduction Taqi Uthmani said (summary):

    1) Anbiya and awliya have faced hardship for Allah and that of fina fillah Hussain ibn Mansoor al-hallaj was a remarkable one.

    2) His hakeemul ummat (thanvi) after scrutinizing different historical accounts said that difficulties faced by al hallaj is similar to that of Imam Ahmad !!! (Taqi Uthmani did'nt disapprove it)

    3) thanvi asked zafar ahmad uthmani to compile al-hallaj's biography in such a way that it would provide knowledge of his life as well as refute allegations against hallaj.

    4) this book had become unavailable therefore taqi uthmani's ahbaab asked him to republish it and his own maktaba "maktaba darul uloom karachi" decided to republish this work.

    5) taqi uthmani asked rafeeq darut tasfneef darul uloom karachi hussain ahmad najeeb to re-arrange the book and make it according to the new style (as urdu language is under development and zafar ahmad uthmani's urdu was old style). This will make the book more beneficial (for more readers).

    Seerat-e-MansoorHallajShaykhZafarAhmadUsmanir.a_0000.jpg Seerat-e-MansoorHallajShaykhZafarAhmadUsmanir.a_0001.jpg Seerat-e-MansoorHallajShaykhZafarAhmadUsmanir.a_0002.jpg
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    this is taqi uthmani's supposed silence in the matters of 'aqaid and extreme sufism. I wonder why these champions of fiqh and specially that of sad adh dharai support, no actually do, things that can instill doubts in the simple islamic tawheed.
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