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    As-salaamu 'alaykum,

    I hope everyone reading this is well.

    I will be teaching a lesson on Ibaadah/worship to a group of about 20 or so pre-teen kids, inshaAllaah. I intend to first talk about intentions, starting off with the hadith ''every action is but by intention...'' ('intention' simplified to something like 'the reason deep within your heart' for the younger ones). Then introducing ibaadah as worship, and talking about its many forms..I've already had a short introductory lesson on this and got the kids to list some acts of ibaadah; alhamdulillaah, they were on the right track. I mentioned the pattern of ibaadah = worship = pleasing Allaah = reward. Also how everyday actions can become a form of worship as long as the intention there is to worship/please Allaah, such as eating and sleeping to keep the body healthy for salaah (for example). I intend to talk about everyday du'aas also and how they help keep a link with Allaah Ta'ala.

    Is there anything else I should talk about in this area that the kids will understand? Also, any tips for in-class activities on this topic? I'd like to give them some homework as well so they can think about this outside of the class also..not sure what though.

    Any advice regarding teaching 'Ibaadah' would be appreciated.

    Jazakumullaahu khairan.
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    Do you still need help with this ukhtee? I did something similar with my students, but they are only 5/6/7 years old.
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    Assalamu-alaykum, if you still require some help...

    1. make a list of all ibadah they have done in a day...they may write just the ritualistic stuff, show them a list of stuff you do in a day, start with waking up & saying dua, brushing teeth, having a shower, making food, taking out rubbish, salah, going to school, picking up something harmful from the street, helping a freind, lowering our gaze etc...ask them to identify the acts of worship in your list. And then tell them that EVERYTHING can be an act of ibadah...

    2. Look at differebt areas of worship, dua, salah, dhikr. Divide in2 three groups, give them selection of materials, books, hadiths, Qurans etc. Ask them to find out about the 3 areas; 1. what do they mean? 2. what is their importance? 3. what is their reward? Each group share with the other, make a poster etc...

    3. Do some roleplay...kids love drama! Have you seen those Islamic adverts about the man who didn't pray & then he died or something like that? Anyway I'm sure the kids would come up with their own ideas.

    Hope that helps! Hope your classes go well InshaAllah? Do you do them in London?

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    Yes please, that would be great; there are also 5/6/7 year olds in my class.
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    Wa 'alaykum assalaam,

    Thanks, those are some very good points! Have you taught this yourself, may I ask?

    I don't teach in London. Birmingham :)

    Jazakillaahu khairan!
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    yes i teach secondary girls & have recently started a girls halaqah in my area. If u need more ideas u can send me a private message, Insha-Allah. Glad 2 help sis,

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