Tehreek e taliban pakistan vows to avenge Myanmar killings

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by drkjke, Jul 28, 2012.

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    TTP vows to avenge Myanmar killings - thenews.com.pk

    PESHAWAR: Pakistani Taliban led by Hakimullah Mahsud Thursday vowed to avenge the massacre of the Muslims in Myanmar.Ihsanullah Ihsan, spokesman for the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), in an email sent to media organisations said Taliban would not leave alone their Muslim brothers and sisters of Myanmar in this difficult time of their life. “We will avenge your blood,” the spokesman threatened, but he did not mention if they would send fighters to Myanmar.

    He asked the government of Pakistan to sever its relations with Myanmar and close down its embassy in Islamabad, otherwise the TTP would not only attack Myanmar’s interests every where but also target their supporters in Pakistan.
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    This is good, may be CIA will help them just as they helped mujahideen of Afghanistan against Soviet Union ( USSR now Russia )

    Good strategy. Finally they are realizing where the real money is.
  4. Salamat

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    Firstly, please change your name...mecca and medina are no home for your ilk.
    Secondly, muslims ought to assist those who are oppressed.
    Thridly, why are so many people from the M.E deeply into CTs? i'd say some have more faith in CTs than in God Almighty, it's sickening.

    over and out.
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    Abu Qatadah talked about this in his book on manhaj, how many Arabs endow Jews with some sort of supernatural power.
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    By doing what? Bombing markets? First control your own talibs before you speak of reforming others.
  7. Abu Hafsa al Andalusi

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    Reforming others? That's not what they(allegedly) said. You fail Sir. You fail miserably. Good day to you!
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    Myanmar is a land of kufr.Our mujaheeden brothers are going there.May Allah help them Ameen.
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    Does anyone think that attacking Burmese targets in Pakistan or elsewhere will defend the Burmese Muslims? The genocidal campaign against the Muslims of Burma is fuelled by accusations of Islamic extremism against them. Having the genuinely vicious and extremist TTP out in support of them can only add fuel to the fire while not adding enough military support to actually change anything.
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