Terrorism of a Christian ruler

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    I just saw this documentary, and wished to share it with brothers....

    Warning: music and woman in video

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    Seems like history is going to repeat itself and Allaah knows the best....

    Yaa ilaahee, how happy I am to be a Muslim!
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    I'm sure some kaafir like harbi or his ilk will come on to explain how X-tians really aren't filthy murderous pagans
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    Personal crusade

    Main article: The Night Attack
    Following family traditions and due to his old hatred towards the Ottomans, Vlad decided to side with the Hungarians. To the end of the 1450s there was once again talk about a war against the Turks, in which the king of Hungary Matthias Corvinus would play the main role. Knowing this, Vlad stopped paying tribute to the Ottomans in 1459 and around 1460 made a new alliance with Corvinus. This angered the Turks, who attempted to remove him. They failed, however; later in the winter of 1461 to 1462 Vlad crossed south of the Danube and devastated the area between Serbia and the Black Sea. In Vlad's own words: "I have killed men and women, old and young... 23,884 Turks and Bulgarians without counting those whom we burned alive in their homes or whose heads were not chopped off by our soldiers..."<sup id="cite_ref-Vlad_3-1" class="reference">[4]</sup>
    In response to this, Sultan Mehmed II, the recent conqueror of Constantinople (A true hero, one who achieved the dua of Rassullahi sallallahu alayhi wassallam inshallah, by virtue of his conquering constantinople), raised an army of around 60,000 troops and 30,000 irregulars and in the spring of 1462 headed towards Wallachia. Other estimates for the army include 150,000 by Michael Doukas, 250,000 by Laonicus Chalcond. Mehmed was greeted by the sight of a veritable forest of stakes on which Vlad the Impaler had impaled 20,000 Turkish prisoners.<sup id="cite_ref-4" class="reference">[5]</sup> With his army of 20,000–40,000 men Vlad was unable to stop the Turks from entering Wallachia and occupying the capital Târgovişte (4 June 1462), so he resorted to guerrilla warfare, constantly organizing small attacks and ambushes on the Turks. The most important of these attacks took place on the nights of June 16–17, when Vlad and some of his men allegedly entered the main Turkish camp (wearing Ottoman disguises) and attempted to assassinate Mehmed. Unable to subdue Vlad, the Turks left the country, leaving Vlad's half-brother, Radu the Handsome (who was Muslim, but it wasnt stated very clearly in the video, he converted to Islam as opposed to "adopted ottoman culture"), to continue fighting. Despite Vlad achieving military victories, he had alienated himself from the nobility, which sided with Radu. By August 1462 Radu had struck a deal with the Hungarian Crown. Consequently, Vlad was imprisoned by Matthias Corvinus.
    His first wife, whose name is not recorded, died during the siege of his castle in 1462. The Turkish army surrounded Poienari Castle, led by Radu. An archer having seen the shadow of Vlad's wife behind a window, shot an arrow through the window into Vlad's main quarters, with a message warning him that Radu's army was approaching. McNally and Florescu explain that the archer was one of Vlad's former servants who sent the warning out of loyalty, despite having converted to Islam to escape enslavement by the Turks. Upon reading the message, Vlad's wife threw herself from the tower into a tributary of the Argeş River flowing below the castle. According to legend, she remarked that she "would rather have her body rot and be eaten by the fish of the Argeş than be led into captivity by the Turks". Today, the tributary is called Râul Doamnei (the "Lady's River", also called the Princess's River).

    [edit] In captivity

    The exact length of Vlad's period of captivity is open to some debate, though indications are that it was from 1462 until 1474. He was able to gradually win his way back into the graces of Hungary's monarch, and eventually marry a member of the royal family. His second wife, Countess Ilona Szilágyi (a cousin of Matthias), bore him two sons, Vlad Dracula & another son whose name is unknown, who were about ten years old when he reconquered Wallachia in 1476. Diplomatic correspondence from Buda during the period in question also seems to support the claim that Vlad's actual period of confinement was relatively short.
    The openly pro-Turkish policy of Radu (who was prince of Wallachia during most of Vlad's captivity), was a probable factor in Vlad's rehabilitation. During his captivity, Vlad also converted to Catholicism, in contrast to his brother (Radu) who converted to Islam. In the years before his final release in 1474, when he began preparations for the reconquest of Wallachia, Vlad resided with his new wife in a house in the Hungarian capital. (I think theres difference of oponions as this was not shown on the video, or the video just skipped this bit)


    Vlad Dracula was killed in battle against the Turks near the capital city of Bucharest on December 14, 1476. He was decapitated by the Turks and his head sent to Istanbul where the Sultan had it displayed on a stake as proof that the Impaler was finally dead. He was reportedly buried at Snagov, an island monastery located near Bucharest. However, it should be noted that it is unclear who actually killed Vlad Dracula.

    They say what goes round comes round

    For those who use Music and films (tv etc), then making a film of Radu and Dracula would be very famous and can at the same time contaion a mass ammount of dawah,to the people and can also have the likes of sultan Muhammad al fatih, it and make the Muslims look like the Heros as they were to all those "men and women, old and young... 23,884 Turks and Bulgarians". It would be a enjoyable film with all the renowned people innit fighting each other changing sides and also fighting each other one and ones, even if it didnt reach cinemas it would spread across the internet wild, for those who agree on that way of dawah.

    Note:In the video they make it look Radu rahimullah was disliked as ruler but really the notable from wallachia where helping him thats why Vlad isolated himself from them before he escaped

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    more "sheikh youtube" evidence i guess
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    Is this ruler still alive? If he is he should be stopped!
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    Well, there's a reason why people in Europe got fed up with feudalism and began setting up secular democracies. They were fed up with being treated like dirt by the nobility. Note: power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely which is why we're not going to subjugate ouselves to monarchs or religions anymore.

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