The Apostate TFG, The False God Sharif (TAGHUT)

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    Assalamu alaikum all--- Sorry Lectures are in Somali

    Here are some lecture clarifying the KUFR of the TFG as well as the
    false god called "Sheikh" Sharif who has set himself as a rival to
    Allah. (May Allah curse him!)

    1. please listen to Kufr Bi-Taghut by Sheikh Boqolsoon who clarifies
    that democracy is unacceptable in Islam which makes today's Sharif an
    illegitimate president.

    Scroll down towards the middle of the page and you will see the
    lecture. Listen to the first part, at 12:04min - 18:40 min.
    at 15:30 min he talks about all those in parliament are all Tawaghit!
    at 17:45 he talks about all those who rule by other than Allah are Kuffar!

    Sharif's government is ruled by other than Allah as they have sworn on
    the Quran to uphold the constitution! May Allah CURSE them, how have
    they been deceived?

    2. Also please listen towards the end of the 2nd lecture of Kitab
    Tawxid (at (58:57min - 1:10:00) by Sheikh Hasaan who clarifies the
    APOSTASY of the TFG. He quotes Sheikh Bin Baz's fatwa and is grounded
    on Quran and Sunnah. This lecture was done in the summer and still
    holds since he has not retracted from it nor have the disbelieving
    African Union troops left the country.

    Also in Kitaab At-Tauxiid 03, at 1:08 min, Sheikh Hassaan brings the
    fatwas of Sheikh Umal, Sheikh Umar Farooq and other Ulama who also
    clarified this as well. (The sound quality is bad)

    3. Finally here is a khutbah by Sheikh Umal disapproving of the recent
    work by "Sheikh" Sharif and his government in Djibouti.

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