The arrogance of Tawfique Chowdhury

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    Here is the msn conversation Allaahu Alaam I think it is on the net so I am not revealing anything personal.

    It starts with:

    'Assalamu 'alaykum,

    brothers, I'd like you to benefit from a very insightful conversation that couple of brothers had with Sh. Tawfique Chowdhury. The conversation started off with the shaykh being angry about how allow ppl to post anonymously and how some people insult some of the teachers/students of knowledge there. I've benefitted tremendously from this...and wish you do the same.

    please make du'a for him and may Allah increase him in knowledge, taqwa, and akhlaq. and the same for us as well.

    please read the full conversation. I know it's a bit long...but trust me you will enjoy this.'

    TC= Tawfique Chowdhury.

    You may share it with anyone you like.

    1:00:51 PM] Person A: and you need to start writing more stuff for muslim matters
    [1:01:13 PM] Person A: that blog gets to a lot of north americans
    [1:01:21 PM] TC: muslim matters is dissapointing me
    [1:01:30 PM] TC: that they allow idiots to post annonm
    [1:01:36 PM] TC: annonymously and repy to posts
    [1:01:47 PM] Person A: oh but thats the blogging world for you
    [1:01:49 PM] TC: and any person can insult you
    [1:01:53 PM] TC: and they dont remove that
    [1:02:10 PM] Person A: shaykh but the dogs will always can't get affected by their incessant barking
    [1:02:13 PM] TC: yes in understand, but i have tremendous slef respect
    [1:02:18 PM] TC: i cannot accept insulting posts
    [1:02:23 PM] TC: but gentle advice
    [1:02:44 PM] Person A: there were those who insulted the greatest of the aimmah but they kept going and see the levels they know the name better than i do
    [1:03:08 PM] TC: i dont pay attention to the barks unless the barks are in my own house if you know what i mean
    [1:03:31 PM] TC: there are enough people who insult me each day and write to me
    [1:03:36 PM] TC: that doesnt phase me
    [1:03:46 PM] TC: but the moderators should do more
    [1:03:56 PM] TC: to not allow disrespectful posts
    [1:03:56 PM] Person A: hmm
    [1:04:02 PM] TC: the posts can criticize no problem
    [1:04:11 PM] TC: but when they are plain disrespectful
    [1:04:23 PM] TC: and that too - by allowing tem to be annonymous
    [1:04:29 PM] Person A: hmm yea
    [1:04:37 PM] Person A: have you spoken to omar about it?
    [1:04:42 PM] TC: we allow the blogging world to open up to people's desires adn anyone can insult a speaker's honour
    [1:04:53 PM] TC: and get away wth it in the name of freedom of speech
    [1:05:03 PM] TC: in islam - such people would be lashed 80 lashes
    [1:05:15 PM] Person A: indeed
    [1:05:19 PM] TC: umar had lashed a person for calling another one a fool
    [1:05:39 PM] Person A: this is the unfortunate nature of the times we live in
    [1:05:43 PM] TC: and these days, anyone can insult the other by calling them worse in the blogging world and that is not removed?
    [1:05:52 PM] Person A: but i will tell you this as encouragement...
    [1:05:53 PM] TC: this is not from the akhlaaq of islam
    [1:05:56 PM] TC: Allah says:
    [1:06:23 PM] TC: Wa man yuaddhim shaa'irallahi fa innaha min taqwa alquloob
    [1:06:44 PM] TC: and whosoever glorifies the signs of Allah, then that is from the piety of the hearts
    [1:06:54 PM] Person A: to encourage you: at the end of the day, people see tawfique chowdhury and accept what he says with proofs rather than silly insults by the juhalaa' who are anonymous
    [1:07:04 PM] TC: imam as-sa'di rahimahullah said in the tafsir of this verse:
    [1:07:47 PM] TC: to speak well of ulema and teachers of people goodness is from the piety of the hearts and to speak bad of them is from the sin of the hearts
    [1:08:03 PM] Person A: subhanAllaah
    [1:08:09 PM] Person B: subhanallah...
    [1:08:10 PM] TC: and the great scholars of islam - based on this verse
    [1:08:17 PM] TC: used to praise each other copiously
    [1:08:23 PM] TC: infact if you open up any biography
    [1:08:34 PM] TC: in ad-dhahabi's seer a'laam an-nubula
    [1:08:40 PM] TC: which is 36 vols of
    [1:08:48 PM] TC: the biographies of the scholars of islam
    [1:09:01 PM] TC: before he starts of each scholars name
    [1:09:04 PM] TC: he says:
    [1:09:50 PM] TC: and He is mohammd bin yusuf bin so and so... The sheikh of islam, the ocena of knowledge, the light of guidance, the imam of this dunya, the hujjah for creation, the defender of the sunnah, the .....
    [1:09:57 PM] TC: and he keeps on praising and praising and praising
    [1:10:02 PM] TC: for pages at a time!!!!
    [1:10:07 PM] TC: is this ghuluu?
    [1:10:09 PM] TC: extremism?
    [1:10:18 PM] Person A: subhanAllaah
    [1:10:19 PM] Person B: wow
    [1:10:21 PM] TC: or is from piety??
    [1:10:24 PM] TC: by Allah it is from piety
    [1:10:38 PM] TC: let me tell you a story
    [1:10:43 PM] TC: when i was back in medinah
    [1:10:45 PM] Person B: :)
    [1:10:58 PM] TC: and got out to ask my sheikh mohammad bin mohammad almuhkhtar asshanqeeti
    [1:10:59 PM] TC: a quesiton,
    [1:11:04 PM] TC: i caught up to him and asked him
    [1:11:06 PM] Person A: shaykh im just adding Person C saddens me that he is missing out on your words
    [1:11:07 PM] TC: ya sheikh,
    [1:11:11 PM] TC: go ahead
    [1:11:14 PM] *** Person A added journeyconference to this chat
    [1:11:18 PM] TC: pls let him read the above
    [1:11:21 PM] TC: Person C akhi welcome,
    [1:11:26 PM] TC: pls read the above
    [1:11:26 PM] Person A: [1:11:06 PM] TC: and got out to ask my sheikh mohammad bin mohammad almuhkhtar asshanqeeti
    [1:11:08 PM] TC: a quesiton,
    [1:11:12 PM] TC: i caught up to him and asked him
    [1:11:32 PM] Person A: [1:11:15 PM] TC: ya sheikh,
    [1:11:34 PM] TC: i caught to him
    [1:11:35 PM] TC: and asked him
    [1:11:37 PM] TC: ya sheikh
    [1:11:58 PM] TC: pls tell me about the reality of the difference between ibn taymiyyah and ibn qudaamah in this and that matter
    [1:12:06 PM] TC: so the sheikh stopped suddenly
    [1:12:12 PM] TC: and he looked at me sternly
    [1:12:16 PM] TC: and he dropped my hand
    [1:12:21 PM] TC: and he said
    [1:12:26 PM] TC: ooo so and so
    [1:12:41 PM] TC: ibn taymiyyah and ibn qudaamah are not students of the college of shariah
    [1:13:00 PM] TC: that you should say their names like that
    [1:13:00 PM] TC: rather
    [1:13:16 PM] Person A: shaykh ul islam and muwaffaq ad-deen
    [1:13:20 PM] Person A: subhanAllah
    [1:13:23 PM] TC: say: sheikhul islam ibn taymiyyah rahimahullah and imam ibn qudaamah rahimahullah
    [1:13:25 PM] TC: !!
    [1:13:36 PM] TC: Wallahi mashaallah i will never forget that incident
    [1:13:45 PM] TC: and do you konnw
    [1:13:51 PM] TC: that in my third year
    [1:14:07 PM] TC: when the sheikh was teaching me in the college of shariah in fiqh
    [1:14:32 PM] TC: and he asked me write a research report on the permissiblity or impermissibilyt of riba in darulharb
    [1:14:38 PM] Person A: na'm
    [1:14:39 PM] TC: after i wrote it,
    [1:14:42 PM] TC: 20 pages or so
    [1:14:46 PM] TC: he sent it back to me
    [1:14:50 PM] TC: and he said:
    [1:14:56 PM] TC: listen to this please
    [1:14:57 PM] TC: he said:
    [1:15:15 PM] TC: re write everything and before the name of every scholar say: Imam
    [1:15:23 PM] TC: and after every scholars name
    [1:15:30 PM] TC: say: Rahimahullah
    [1:15:35 PM] TC: Allahuakbar!!
    [1:15:39 PM] Person B: subhanallah
    [1:15:41 PM] Person A: subhanAllaah
    [1:15:48 PM] TC: i had mentioned 100+ scholars in my research
    [1:15:56 PM] Person A: wallaahi shaykh that is why they are who they are...giants amongst us
    [1:15:58 PM] TC: and he made me rewrite it all with that
    [1:16:03 PM] TC: yes
    [1:16:06 PM] TC: so you see akhi
    [1:16:10 PM] TC: respect if very important to me
    [1:16:27 PM] TC: if you dont respect yourself, you cannot expect that others will
    [1:16:32 PM] TC: sufyaan at-thawri said:
    [1:16:39 PM] Person C: asalamu 'alaykum
    [1:16:55 PM] TC: it is imperitive for anyone that has knowledge to not allow themselves to every be insulted!
    [1:17:21 PM] Person A: i understand shaykh
    [1:17:23 PM] TC: if i allow myself to be insult, then i do my knowledge and deen a great dis-service
    [1:17:32 PM] TC: my apologies brothers
    [1:17:41 PM] Person A: subhanAllaah...apolgies?
    [1:17:50 PM] TC: i was taught by mashaikh who were very great on akhlaaq
    [1:17:53 PM] Person A: rather it is us who owe you thanks
    [1:17:55 PM] TC: until let me tell you another storry
    [1:17:58 PM] Person B: this is beautiful
    [1:18:00 PM] TC: my sheikh said
    [1:18:05 PM] TC: that when he was a little boy
    [1:18:18 PM] TC: and he used to take his father's books to his lessons at hte prophet's mosque
    [1:18:25 PM] TC: hiw fater was a great scholar of islam
    [1:18:50 PM] TC: on day
    [1:18:52 PM] TC: one day
    [1:19:04 PM] TC: when he was coming back to the car from the prophet's mosque
    [1:19:11 PM] TC: my sheikh got into the car
    [1:19:15 PM] TC: remember he is a small boy
    [1:19:18 PM] TC: he got into the car
    [1:19:27 PM] TC: and then his father got into the drivers chair
    [1:19:55 PM] TC: and my sheikh the young boy, put his father's scholarly robe - the bist - on top of his father's book
    [1:20:01 PM] TC: the book that he was explaining
    [1:20:02 PM] TC: so
    [1:20:07 PM] TC: his father
    [1:20:13 PM] TC: hit him very hard
    [1:20:19 PM] TC: and said!!
    [1:20:21 PM] Person C: wow
    [1:20:32 PM] TC: How dare you put anything above knowledge!!!!
    [1:20:36 PM] TC: Allahuakbar!
    [1:20:43 PM] Person C: subhanallah
    [1:20:45 PM] TC: this is akhlaqq that hte prophet came to teach us
    [1:20:54 PM] Person B: WOOOOOOOOW
    [1:20:56 PM] TC: the prophet said: I have been sent only to perfect good character
    [1:21:03 PM] TC: and also my sheikh
    [1:21:07 PM] TC: may Allah protect him
    [1:21:11 PM] Person C: ameen
    [1:21:15 PM] TC: told me
    [1:21:28 PM] TC: that he used to live in a two story building
    [1:21:32 PM] TC: two floors
    [1:21:47 PM] TC: and his father's study was in the ground floor
    [1:21:53 PM] TC: and his room was on the top floor
    [1:22:07 PM] TC: and he said: by Allah he never used to be in his room when his father was in the ground floor
    [1:22:16 PM] TC: becase he never wanted to be above his father
    [1:22:22 PM] Person B: subhanallah...
    [1:22:29 PM] TC: What religion is this!!
    [1:22:31 PM] Person B: sh... you need to have a lecture on this topic alone
    [1:22:33 PM] TC: this is ISlam
    [1:22:37 PM] TC: pure and simple!
    [1:22:45 PM] TC: yes i really must
    [1:22:52 PM] TC: it is time to revive akhlaq
    [1:23:02 PM] TC: with ourselves, our teachers, our brothers eTC..
    [1:23:03 PM] Person B: this is beautiful... this is making me feel soo guilty
    [1:23:04 PM] TC: do you know
    [1:23:09 PM] TC: that when i was in my class
    [1:23:11 PM] TC: my sheikh taught
    [1:23:13 PM] TC: me
    [1:23:28 PM] TC: never to ask a question, expect first by making a dua for my teacher
    [1:23:33 PM] TC: so he taught me:
    [1:24:12 PM] TC: when you ask a question say: O noble sheikh, may Allah forgive you and have mercy on your and your parents, please explain the following...
    [1:24:14 PM] TC: every single time!!
    [1:24:23 PM] TC: i asked my sheikh over 2000 question
    [1:24:25 PM] TC: questions
    [1:24:28 PM] TC: and eveyr time
    [1:24:34 PM] Person A: subhanAllaah
    [1:24:42 PM] TC: O noble sheikh, may Allah forgive you, can you tell me the following...
    [1:24:57 PM] TC: and by Allah i never thought my sheikh was immune
    [1:24:59 PM] TC: to mistakes
    [1:25:01 PM] TC: no never
    [1:25:06 PM] Person A: ya fadeelatush shaykh rahimakallaah?
    [1:25:16 PM] TC: yes
    [1:25:17 PM] TC: every time
    [1:25:31 PM] TC: if you come to the knowledge hive in UK
    [1:25:36 PM] Person A: yea
    [1:25:37 PM] TC: you will see one of my main sheikhs
    [1:25:39 PM] TC: who taught me
    [1:25:44 PM] TC: and you will see the way i am with him
    [1:25:49 PM] TC: he is my friend,
    [1:25:49 PM] Person A: and what is his name shaykh?
    [1:25:51 PM] TC: my teacher
    [1:25:54 PM] TC: my mate
    [1:25:58 PM] TC: but he is above me
    [1:26:00 PM] TC: and i respect him
    [1:26:10 PM] TC: and by Allah
    [1:26:13 PM] TC: my sheikh used to tell me
    [1:26:23 PM] TC: Because of your respect, one day people will respect you
    [1:26:29 PM] TC: and i tell you the same my friends,
    [1:26:36 PM] TC: if you enoble yourself with beautiful akhlaaq
    [1:26:43 PM] TC: one day you will find people respecting you
    [1:26:52 PM] TC: as your sow so shall you reap
    [1:26:58 PM] Person A: shaykh let me make a suggestion then at this point
    [1:27:03 PM] TC: and ibn taymiyyah said
    [1:27:15 PM] TC: it is incumbent on ahlus sunnah wal jamaah
    [1:27:18 PM] Person A: focus on building our akhlaaq through iPDP and when you speak with us in private
    [1:27:28 PM] Person C: agree
    [1:27:33 PM] TC: to glorify and speak highly of the teachers of ahlus sunnah
    [1:27:50 PM] TC: and to praise them
    [1:27:54 PM] TC: excessively
    [1:27:58 PM] TC: in front of them
    [1:28:00 PM] TC: and behind them
    [1:28:14 PM] TC: so that people are attracted to them
    [1:28:16 PM] Person A: subhanAllaah and the first of the teachers was rasoolAllaah salAllaahu alayhi wa sallam and the sahaba radiallaahu anhum ajmaeen
    [1:28:19 PM] TC: and to to their goodness and learn from them
    [1:28:26 PM] TC: yes
    [1:28:28 PM] TC: by Allah brothers
    [1:28:34 PM] TC: i am not saying this at all
    [1:28:40 PM] TC: to ask fo ryour respect
    [1:28:43 PM] TC: for i know
    [1:28:49 PM] TC: that respect is earned, not demanded
    [1:28:54 PM] TC: but we are muslims
    [1:28:59 PM] TC: the best mannered of people
    [1:29:08 PM] TC: lets be the best we can be with each other and
    [1:29:18 PM] TC: that itself will be the greatest attraction for people
    [1:29:26 PM] Person A: shaykh we need to hear this from you and others because wallahi this place we are living in has turned our akhlaaq into that of savages
    [1:29:30 PM] TC: i agree inshaAllah i will focus on good manners with ipdp
    [1:29:35 PM] TC: thats where sh saeed comes in
    [1:29:43 PM] TC: he has impecible akhlaaq mashaallah
    [1:29:49 PM] Person A: i have learnt a lot from him
    [1:29:51 PM] TC: yes you are right
    [1:29:56 PM] Person A: very kind to the elderly
    [1:30:09 PM] TC: wallahi our surroundings give us very poor akhlaaq
    [1:30:16 PM] TC: do you know
    [1:30:18 PM] TC: that my sheikh taught me
    [1:30:34 PM] TC: to always kiss every elderly and every knowledgeable person on their foreheads?
    [1:30:43 PM] TC: did you notice me with sh saeed?
    [1:30:44 PM] TC: you should notice me
    [1:30:49 PM] TC: and what i do with them
    [1:30:54 PM] TC: and with the elderly
    [1:31:01 PM] TC: i learnt from my sheikh
    [1:31:32 PM] TC: so thats really why i am so against
    [1:31:36 PM] TC: rude posts on MM
    [1:31:39 PM] TC: Muslim matters
    [1:32:00 PM] TC: it is simply unacceptable int he name of free speech to allow this horrid akhlaq
    [1:32:08 PM] Person A: yes
    [1:32:22 PM] Person B: yes
    [1:32:25 PM] TC: by Allah,
    [1:32:28 PM] TC: i rmemeber
    [1:32:30 PM] TC: when i was back in medinah
    [1:32:33 PM] Person B: ah i have a quick questions....
    [1:32:36 PM] TC: and back in one of my classes
    [1:32:45 PM] TC: that when one of the greatest schlars alive
    [1:32:53 PM] TC: sh abdul mohsin abbad
    [1:32:54 PM] TC: finished
    [1:32:58 PM] TC: his classs with us
    [1:33:08 PM] TC: and got up to go
    [1:33:18 PM] TC: and sh shanqeeti's class was next
    [1:33:27 PM] TC: sh shanqeeti would come into the class
    [1:33:39 PM] TC: and remember sh shanqeeti is known as the greatest faqeeh of medinah
    [1:33:42 PM] TC: sh shanqeeti
    [1:33:45 PM] TC: would come into the class
    [1:33:50 PM] TC: and come to this great scholar
    [1:33:56 PM] TC: and kiss him on the forehead
    [1:34:10 PM] TC: and fight with the rest of the students to allow him to caTCh his hand
    [1:34:24 PM] TC: and hold him and assist him out of hte class room and back to his car
    [1:34:30 PM] TC: and he used to come back to class
    [1:34:36 PM] TC: and every class he would start off with 2 mins
    [1:34:49 PM] TC: about the greatness of this or that scholars
    [1:34:57 PM] Person A: ajeeb
    [1:34:58 PM] TC: and how noble and blessed they are
    [1:35:11 PM] TC: and he only did this
    [1:35:19 PM] TC: so that he taught us to have good manner
    [1:35:21 PM] TC: manners
    [1:35:50 PM] TC: Allahulmustaan
    [1:35:53 PM] TC: i really crave for that
    [1:36:05 PM] TC: where good morals and manners have that same place in our hearts
    [1:36:14 PM] TC: above all else
    [1:36:16 PM] TC: Wallahu alim
    [1:37:00 PM] Person B: subhanallah
    [1:37:17 PM] TC: my apologies for boring with all this
    [1:37:23 PM] Person B: i think you need to take me under your wing and teach me ALOT
    [1:37:32 PM] TC: but i can get into a rythmn wit these things
    [1:37:43 PM] TC: since i feel very passionate about it
    [1:37:45 PM] TC: wallahu alim
    [1:37:54 PM] Person B: apologies???boring?? sh this made my day
    [1:38:07 PM] TC: barakallahufeek
    [1:38:19 PM] TC: i have 101 stories of my time there that i can tell you about
    [1:38:30 PM] TC: like when i used to go to jeddah in the car with my sheih
    [1:38:32 PM] TC: what we used to talk about
    [1:38:46 PM] TC: rivetting stuff!!
    [1:38:47 PM] Person A: shaykh tell us some
    [1:38:51 PM] Person B: looking forward to hear them all
    [1:39:05 PM] TC: :)
    [1:39:06 PM] TC: well
    [1:39:10 PM] Person B: :)
    [1:39:12 PM] TC: my sheikh is a great dream interpretter
    [1:39:18 PM] Person A: wow
    [1:39:20 PM] TC: very well known
    [1:39:23 PM] TC: and world renowned
    [1:39:27 PM] Person A: shaykh whats his name?
    [1:39:37 PM] TC: but he stopped 10 years ago
    [1:39:45 PM] TC: sh md bin md almukhtaar ash-shanqeeti
    [1:39:56 PM] TC: but he would interpret for me
    [1:39:58 PM] TC: :)
    [1:40:01 PM] TC: when i asked him
    [1:40:17 PM] Person B: sh you know you are getting the email form me on tuesday lol
    [1:40:29 PM] TC: infact he told me specifically from one of my dreams that i would be resonsible for spreading the deen in a large part of the earth
    [1:40:31 PM] TC: he said north america
    [1:40:35 PM] TC: uk
    [1:40:40 PM] TC: and he said other countries too
    [1:40:53 PM] TC: this was before i know anyone in the dawaha
    [1:40:56 PM] TC: and i was a no body
    [1:41:14 PM] TC: and once i saw a dream
    [1:41:28 PM] TC: and it is amazing thse dreams that i see
    [1:42:12 PM] TC: because you know what i have seen the prophet sallallahu aliahi wa sallam, abu bakr, umar, uthman, ali, yusuf alaihi salam, imam at-tabari, abu sufyaan radiallahu anhu the companion
    [1:42:27 PM] TC: i saw esa alaihis slaam twice
    [1:42:37 PM] TC: and yusuf - i saw twice
    [1:42:53 PM] TC: and i saw all my children in my dream before they were born by 4 years
    [1:43:01 PM] TC: and in the order that they would be born
    [1:43:23 PM] TC: and i saw myself getting accepted into medinah before i got accepted by 4 months
    [1:43:29 PM] Person A: sh saeed told us that one of the signs of yawm al qiyaamah is that dreams would become very prevalent
    [1:43:36 PM] TC: even thought the admissions ppl told me i would not get accepted!
    [1:43:49 PM] TC: yes
    [1:43:59 PM] TC: back to this one dream that i saw
    [1:44:01 PM] TC: in it,
    [1:44:19 PM] TC: and this was before i was studying with sh md
    [1:44:25 PM] TC: shanqeeti
    [1:44:29 PM] TC: in the dream
    [1:44:34 PM] TC: i was in this classroom
    [1:44:42 PM] TC: and the sheikh was there teaching me
    [1:44:53 PM] TC: and i was sitting on the right side second row
    [1:45:01 PM] TC: and i had a light on my head
    [1:45:12 PM] TC: and the sheikh had had another light from the sky on his head
    [1:45:19 PM] TC: and the sh was telling me
    [1:45:22 PM] TC: in mthe dream
    [1:45:32 PM] TC: fear Allah tawfique, pay attention, pay attention!
    [1:45:33 PM] TC: :)
    [1:45:36 PM] TC: so i went to the sheikh
    [1:45:43 PM] TC: and this was before i was his student
    [1:45:48 PM] TC: and told him about the dream
    [1:45:49 PM] TC: he told me
    [1:46:01 PM] TC: that the dream meant that i would be his student very soon
    [1:46:03 PM] TC: and that
    [1:46:08 PM] TC: the lights meant
    [1:46:16 PM] TC: 2 angels sent down by Allah
    [1:46:21 PM] TC: one to help him teach me
    [1:46:25 PM] TC: and another one to help me learn!
    [1:46:44 PM] TC: I swear by Allah that made me feel very very energized in class
    [1:46:55 PM] TC: and I was never benefitted or learnt as mcuh as i have in those classes
    [1:47:10 PM] TC: amazing stuff mashaAllah
    [1:47:17 PM] Person B: truely amazing
    [1:47:28 PM] TC: yes
    [1:47:33 PM] TC: my sh also toldme
    [1:47:38 PM] TC: that when he was a young boy
    [1:47:46 PM] TC: he was dreaming one night
    [1:47:54 PM] TC: and he asked his father
    [1:48:02 PM] TC: annonymously
    [1:48:09 PM] TC: o father
    [1:48:27 PM] TC: O father, what if someone saw that he was coming out of the prophet's mosque
    [1:48:36 PM] TC: and he had a lot of handbills in his hand
    [1:48:49 PM] TC: and he was handing them out to the people as they were coming into the mosque
    [1:49:00 PM] TC: and as soon as he would hand over the bills
    [1:49:03 PM] Person B: handbills?
    [1:49:06 PM] TC: trifolds
    [1:49:06 PM] Person A: handbills?
    [1:49:12 PM] Person A: trifolds?
    [1:49:13 PM] TC: handouts !!
    [1:49:16 PM] Person A: ohhh
    [1:49:16 PM] Person B: oo k
    [1:49:18 PM] TC: :)
    [1:49:25 PM] TC: and as soon as he would hand out the papers
    [1:49:26 PM] Person A: sorry shaykh you're speaking australian or british to us
    [1:49:27 PM] Person B: jazakallah khair ya sh
    [1:49:36 PM] TC: the papers would shoot up to the sky
    [1:49:45 PM] TC: as fast as light
    [1:49:51 PM] TC: very fast indeed
    [1:49:58 PM] TC: so my sheikh said
    [1:50:01 PM] TC: my father turned to me
    [1:50:13 PM] TC: and grabbed my shoulders
    [1:50:30 PM] TC: and told me: Tell me who saw this? tell me who saw this dream
    [1:50:45 PM] TC: and so being very afraid, i told him, may Allah forgive me, i saw it
    [1:50:59 PM] TC: and so my father looked at me, hugged me and kissed me profusely
    [1:51:01 PM] TC: and said:
    [1:51:20 PM] TC: my son this means that you will one day be a great scholar and benefit people with your knowledge and lessons at the prophet's mosque,
    [1:51:37 PM] Person B: subhanAllah....
    [1:51:40 PM] TC: and that Allah will accept your teaching of people and that your deeds will be accepted to allah
    [1:51:48 PM] TC: and then he recited the verse:
    [1:52:09 PM] TC: ilaihi yasudu alkalimuttayyibu wal amalus-saalihu yarfauh!
    [1:52:28 PM] TC: to him ascend the good word and the righteous deeds, he raises it up to Himself
    [1:52:36 PM] TC: Allahuakbar
    [1:52:38 PM] TC: and do you know
    [1:52:42 PM] Person A: subhanAllaah
    [1:52:49 PM] TC: that for the sheikh's lesson on thurday night
    [1:52:52 PM] TC: between maghrib and isha
    [1:53:21 PM] TC: for something as simple a lesson as fiqh of divorce or fiqh of food or whatever chapter the sheikh is on (remmeber the sheikh is the faqeeh of medinah)
    [1:53:30 PM] TC: over 5000 people attend?
    [1:53:41 PM] TC: and even people travel from jeddah every thursday
    [1:53:46 PM] TC: just to listen to him
    [1:53:49 PM] Person A: shaykh advise us regarding our weakness in committing sins
    [1:53:52 PM] TC: compare that to the rest of the scholars
    [1:54:00 PM] TC: who struggle to find students!!1
    [1:54:13 PM] Person A: subhanAllaah 5000!
    [1:54:15 PM] Person B: please...
    [1:54:21 PM] TC: Akhi
    [1:54:32 PM] TC: before i answer your question
    [1:54:39 PM] TC: can i ask you to do the following
    [1:54:45 PM] Person B: yes
    [1:54:49 PM] TC: something my sheikh used to tell me to do
    [1:54:53 PM] TC: he used to say
    [1:55:06 PM] TC: Never come to a class of mine or ask to a Q&A session with me
    [1:55:14 PM] TC: until you go and give charity
    [1:55:18 PM] TC: even if it be 1 riyal in charity
    [1:55:23 PM] TC: and then raise your hands to Allah
    [1:55:30 PM] TC: and make dua:
    [1:55:48 PM] TC: O Allah let me benefit from this knowledge and protect my teacher's faults from my eyes!
    [1:55:53 PM] TC: wallahi
    [1:56:08 PM] TC: i never used to go to the sheikh's lessons except that i first used to leave always 10mins early
    [1:56:14 PM] TC: so that i could find a poor person on the way
    [1:56:22 PM] TC: so that i could give charity and make dua to Allah
    [1:56:36 PM] TC: and this is the reason why i benefitted so much from him
    [1:56:38 PM] TC: remember brotehrs
    [1:56:42 PM] TC: albukhari
    [1:56:52 PM] Person A: rahimahullah
    [1:56:52 PM] TC: used to pray 2 rakah before writing down each hadeeth
    [1:56:58 PM] TC: yes my fault
    [1:57:05 PM] TC: Imam AlBukhair rahimahullah
    [1:57:16 PM] TC: used to pray 2 rakahs before writing down each hadeeth
    [1:57:27 PM] TC: that is the reason why he had more barakah than the rest
    [1:57:41 PM] TC: if you want more barakah from any deed, you have to prepare and ask for it
    [1:57:57 PM] TC: in the same way
    [1:58:05 PM] TC: you all are studying and gaining knowledge already
    [1:58:19 PM] TC: you only need to maximise your benefit from that knowledge
    [1:58:26 PM] TC: no necessarily gain more knowledge
    [1:58:39 PM] TC: but maximise the benefit that you can gain from what you are gaining already
    [1:59:21 PM] TC: regarding your questoin
    [1:59:39 PM] TC: weakness in sinning is a tragedy
    [2:00:06 PM] TC: a real tragedy
    [2:00:21 PM] TC: because it means that a person makes his desires and his devil, his lord
    [2:00:40 PM] Person A: shaykh i feel bad because we know the ayaat and the ahadeeth and we know it is wrong yet subhanAllaah ournafs makes us persist
    [2:00:42 PM] TC: and opens them over and above the lord of the heavens and the earth
    [2:00:52 PM] TC: and it is for this reason
    [2:00:57 PM] TC: why ibnulqayyim says
    [2:01:20 PM] TC: that shirk, kufr, disbelief and sins are branches of the same tree
    [2:01:39 PM] TC: and that tree - is making your desire and logic over and above that of Allah
    [2:02:01 PM] TC: so in order to rectify your sins
    [2:02:06 PM] TC: you need to rectify the root problem
    [2:02:10 PM] TC: the root problem is
    [2:02:14 PM] TC: who is Allah to you?
    [2:02:24 PM] TC: Who is Allah?
    [2:02:36 PM] Person A: the khaaliq
    [2:02:40 PM] TC: Have you learnt about how great He is?
    [2:02:55 PM] Person A: perhaps touched the tip of the iceberg
    [2:02:56 PM] TC: Have you pondered every day about The creator that you worship?
    [2:03:06 PM] Person A: sadly, no
    [2:03:17 PM] TC: you know when you want to get married and have a girl in mind, you think about her every day
    [2:03:19 PM] Person B: :(
    [2:03:25 PM] TC: and you think about how pretty she is
    [2:03:29 PM] Person A: subhanAllaah
    [2:03:31 PM] TC: and you think about the day you will be with her
    [2:03:36 PM] Person A: the thoughts never go away
    [2:03:36 PM] TC: subhanallah
    [2:03:43 PM] TC: and Allah is greater than that
    [2:03:44 PM] Person B: :(
    [2:03:51 PM] TC: and He is more beautiful than that
    [2:04:00 PM] TC: and He is a better friend to you than she can ever be
    [2:04:37 PM] TC: and He cares for, provides for you, cures you when you are sick, clothes you, feeds you and is delighted by your goodness
    [2:04:53 PM] TC: He loves that you ask Him and He hates that you forget to ask Him
    [2:05:08 PM] TC: when you come to him walking, He comes to you rushing
    [2:05:28 PM] TC: He loves you more than your parents
    [2:05:41 PM] TC: then how can you not love him back with the same love?
    [2:05:45 PM] TC: wallahi i remember
    [2:05:51 PM] TC: when i was in teh class with my sh
    [2:05:55 PM] TC: once
    [2:05:58 PM] TC: a student asked my sh
    [2:06:08 PM] TC: ya sh, why havnt you gotten married?
    [2:06:34 PM] TC: and what do you advise people who are not able to get married and leading a life of anguish
    [2:06:46 PM] TC: waiting and hoping for marriage
    [2:06:52 PM] TC: so the sh looked at him
    [2:06:56 PM] TC: and he started crying
    [2:07:34 PM] Person B: why sh?
    [2:08:17 PM] TC: so
    [2:08:25 PM] TC: so he looked at the student
    [2:08:27 PM] TC: and said:
    [2:08:29 PM] TC: o so and so,
    [2:08:31 PM] Person A: shaykh are you ok?
    [2:08:36 PM] TC: he who has Allah in his heart
    [2:08:50 PM] TC: and spends each night in Allah's presence and thoughts
    [2:09:07 PM] TC: and ponders day and night about the delight of the moment when he will meet his lord,
    [2:09:14 PM] TC: has no need for the pleasures of this world
    [2:09:24 PM] TC: and no time for its distractions
    [2:09:33 PM] TC: I swear by Allah
    [2:09:37 PM] Person B: ;(
    [2:09:45 PM] TC: i felt like a knife go thru my heart when he said that
    [2:09:56 PM] TC: and i was sure that i was a hypocrite
    [2:10:05 PM] TC: how could i allow myself to do sins?
    [2:10:24 PM] TC: how could i allow myself to forget that I have a lord that is waiting to meet me
    [2:10:49 PM] TC: and that the prohet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said in the shahih of imam albukhari rahimahullah:
    [2:11:23 PM] TC: whoever wants to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him and however hates to meet Allah, Allah despises meeting him
    [2:11:39 PM] TC: my friends, this is the answer to curing problems with sins
    [2:11:41 PM] Person A: from aa'isha radiallaahu anha
    [2:11:43 PM] TC: go back to Allah
    [2:11:54 PM] TC: He is waiting for you patiently
    [2:12:21 PM] TC: and He will fill your heart with every goodness
    [2:13:01 PM] Person B: subhanAllah...
    [2:13:13 PM] TC: you know,
    [2:13:21 PM] TC: everytime a woman tempts you
    [2:13:27 PM] TC: sit down for a moment
    [2:13:30 PM] TC: and look up at the sky
    [2:13:47 PM] TC: and think about your wives from jannah looking down at you
    [2:13:57 PM] TC: and waiting impatiently for you
    [2:14:07 PM] TC: did you all listen to my series on the hereafter?
    [2:14:31 PM] TC: in the lesson on jannah, i memtion the autehntic hadeeth
    [2:14:33 PM] Person B: yes i did
    [2:14:36 PM] TC: that a man will enter jannah
    [2:14:42 PM] TC: and he will see lightening in the sky
    [2:14:51 PM] TC: and he will say what is this/
    [2:14:58 PM] TC: and his friends the angels will tell him
    [2:15:49 PM] TC: this is the smiling of your wife in jannah and she has just been told by the angels that you have arrived and so they are smiling and laughing in pure delight and every time they smile, they cause lightening to flash in the sky!!!
    [2:15:53 PM] TC: can you imagine this??
    [2:15:58 PM] TC: subhanallah
    [2:16:05 PM] Person A: subhanAllaah
    [2:16:37 PM] TC: so when you think about all this
    [2:16:43 PM] TC: it is impossible for you to fall into sin
    [2:16:50 PM] TC: Allah tells us in the quran
    [2:16:54 PM] TC: that the reaon why we sin
    [2:17:12 PM] TC: is because: ma qadrullaaaaha haqqa qadri
    [2:17:28 PM] TC: they have not thought about Allah as He should be thought about
    [2:17:32 PM] TC: and then he contineus and says:
    [2:18:09 PM] TC: and the worlds in its entirely will be in his grip and the heavens folded up in His right - Glory be to Him for what they ascribe to Him!
    [2:18:14 PM] TC: so as you can see
    [2:18:21 PM] TC: this the reaosn why people sin
    [2:18:34 PM] TC: that their hearts are devoid of the rememberance of Allah
    [2:19:49 PM] Person B: sh keep going... :)
    [2:20:04 PM] Person A: and shaykh how to we revive the remembrance of Allaah in our hearts?
    [2:20:26 PM] Person A: for wallahi it seems as though they are devoid
    [2:20:31 PM] Person A: of it
    [2:21:55 PM] TC: revive Allah's rememberance by:
    [2:22:19 PM] TC: 1. Always doing that some that serves His cause whatever it maybe
    [2:22:54 PM] TC: 2. Actually taking the time daily to lie down, look into the sky and think about Allah and His greatness
    [2:23:00 PM] TC: you konw, we dont actually do that
    [2:23:34 PM] TC: 3. Actually have a direct conversation with Allah - speak to Him - no need to do it formally - just speak to Allah as if he is in front of you
    [2:24:04 PM] TC: just like you will talk to him in jannah when He will spend an hour with you every day just between you and Him in Jannah
    [2:24:25 PM] TC: 4. Being aroundpeople who always remember Allah
    [2:24:47 PM] TC: 5. Actually get together with the express purpose only of remembering Allah
    [2:25:35 PM] TC: ibn masood used to say to the rest of the sahabah: Come, lets sit and remember Allah for an hour and hten they would sit down and discuss Allah and His names and attributes and His greatness
    [2:25:55 PM] TC: 6. By putting reminders everywhere possible to make you remember Allah
    [2:26:06 PM] TC: like for example,
    [2:26:26 PM] TC: we put up in our home duas next to the door that we want to memorize
    [2:26:29 PM] TC: instead of that,
    [2:26:48 PM] TC: put up a small sticker that reads: Subhanllah
    [2:26:51 PM] TC: or read: Alhamdulillah
    [2:27:03 PM] TC: or reads: Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam
    [2:27:12 PM] TC: and by impulse evertime you see it
    [2:27:36 PM] TC: you will end up saying it on your lips on in your head: Subhanallah, Alhamduilllah eTC..
    [2:27:43 PM] TC: next
    [2:27:59 PM] TC: 7. Before you goto sleep, keep a journal of your sins with you
    [2:28:07 PM] TC: and try to forget about your good deeds
    [2:28:43 PM] TC: and when you write down your sins, address each sin by doing something to rectify it or specificaly ask Allah to forgive you for doing it
    [2:28:54 PM] TC: lastly
    [2:29:01 PM] TC: get into a habit of loving prayer
    [2:29:20 PM] TC: imam sufyan atthawri rahimahullah said:
    [2:29:54 PM] TC: i struggled with the night prayer for 10 years until i tolerated it, then 10 years until i was ok with it, and then 10 years until i loved it
    [2:30:09 PM] TC: so keep doing it, even if dont particularly like it now
    [2:30:22 PM] TC: you will make yourself like it very verysoon inshaAllah
    [2:30:29 PM] TC: i hope that helps
    [2:31:04 PM] Person B: sh you mentioned some very beautiful points
    [2:31:16 PM] Person B: may Allah reward you
    [2:31:23 PM] Person C: ameen
    [2:31:31 PM] TC: barakallahufeekum
    [2:31:36 PM] Person B: and may Allah guide us and make us love every action that we do which is for the sake of Allah
    [2:31:37 PM] TC: my pleausre
    [2:31:40 PM] TC: i am glad you enjoyed it
    [2:31:50 PM] TC: ameen
    [2:31:52 PM] Person A: jazakAllaah khayr shaykh
    [2:32:05 PM] Person B: we need to do this more often :D
    [2:32:06 PM] Person A: ask Allaah to give us the tawfique to implement your advice
    [2:32:08 PM] Person B: like every day lol
    [2:32:13 PM] Person A: for wallahi our hearts have become hard
    [2:32:18 PM] Person C: may Allah (SWT) reward you manifold and grant you the highest place in Jannah with His Habeeb
    [2:32:42 PM] TC: and you as well
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  2. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    MashaAllah, this is how he gains respect. We can see it works wonders on MM after his latest article.

    He should join a PR company.
  3. Muneer88

    Muneer88 هنيئاً لك الشهادة

    Interesting to call the Muslim masses for idiots, guess anyone differing with them is an idiot. Thats the respect they got for others. "Either my way or hit the highway"
    I didn't insult these guys when adding a comment on MM. I only gave them my opinion and they deleted my post twice. And about anonymous posts, what information should we add apart from a name? my address and phone number? That wouldn't be wise taking into account that these guys wants to be the allies of the west in fighting "terror" (Jihad) and extremism (pure Islam)
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2009
  4. FlagBearer

    FlagBearer Allow the drama...

    Lol, this is the level of respect he shows to the MM staff who rush to his defense out of blind loyalty.

    He's right about one thing though; respect is earned. So what's he doing demanding it?
  5. jetmir

    jetmir New Member

    Masha'allah, that was beautiful.
  6. Ibn malik

    Ibn malik New Member

    what so bad about this?
  7. Sharif

    Sharif Transient Traveler

    Salam Alaikum,

    What is the source of this conversation? Has it been verified?
  8. IbnShaykh

    IbnShaykh 'Mr Gangster Man'

    Someone emailed it me, I think they got it off the net as they don't mix in his circles or knew who he was.
  9. Ibn malik

    Ibn malik New Member

    OK just read the other thread on alkauthar and this makes a lil more sense now. NOT COOL!
  10. Sharif

    Sharif Transient Traveler

    Akhi, are you sure you should post such things about other Muslims - no matter who they are - if you have not verified them?

    The Prophet (saws) said that it is enough for someone to be considered to a liar by simply repeating everything they hear. (I am not calling you a liar btw).
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2009
  11. IbnShaykh

    IbnShaykh 'Mr Gangster Man'

    Bro the person who sent it me gave it as something to be held up or admirable. They were like 'oh masha'allah look at this' and had been sent to them. It had the part at the top about sending it where you want. I know this person is trustworthy and they probably got sent it in good faith.

    Does it look fake? Does it look like it is fabricated?
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2009
  12. Abu'l 'Eyse

    Abu'l 'Eyse Rep-manz

    man these guys are boring.
  13. Sharif

    Sharif Transient Traveler

    Some of it did seem kind of fishy to me. But regardless, the principle is that we should always make sure something is verified before publicizing it, especially if it concerns any Muslim brother or sister.
  14. IbnShaykh

    IbnShaykh 'Mr Gangster Man'

    I didn't make the actual post like this, it was originally in a different thread to be clear, so I never chose the title etc.

    What is fishy about it?

    So should the post be deleted do people think?
  15. Sharif

    Sharif Transient Traveler

    Some of it seemed kind of strange, such as this:

  16. IbnShaykh

    IbnShaykh 'Mr Gangster Man'

    Strange because we don't expect it?
  17. Sharif

    Sharif Transient Traveler

    My impression is simply an opinion or observation, and it could be wrong. Far more important, however, is what the Prophet (saws) said, and that we should always check the source of such things and establish that they are true before we pass them on.
  18. IbnShaykh

    IbnShaykh 'Mr Gangster Man'

    I understand what your saying.

    What do others think?
  19. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    Well, if this was actually sent out to you in an email, it was publicised. If it had been publicised by Tawfique's foes, it would be something to consider, but according to you, it was circulated by one of his fans.

    So I don't see what the big deal is here.

    Yes, if one these guys simply made it up, it would be a serious issue. I guess that could only be discerned by you (IbnShaykh) since only you can know whether the guy is trustworthy or a liar. Although, it wouldn't harm finding out from the guy who publicised it, whether it is to be publicised, and whether or not this is accurate.
  20. IbnShaykh

    IbnShaykh 'Mr Gangster Man'

    Well if it is fabricated and they recieved it and just past it on Allaahu Alaam I do not know.

    What I do know is the person who sent it is truthworthy and honest, and had no real idea who tawfique was except a speaker who has lectures on the net. Simply I recieved it as a naseeha and praise of tawfique telling me how nice the conversation was. The person who got it recieved it with that heading 'send it out to whoever you wish'.

    So Allaahu Alaam I do not know the source as in where the person who sent me got it from, but they just passed it along in good faith from being emailed it themself.

    So yes there is an issue, is it authentic? But it was circulating via email among people as I said as a 'naseeha' and came with that heading that I posted it with thus I didn't think it private.

    However if based upon this, there is doubt or it is haram to post please just delete it.

    Also I think making it look like I posted it with that heading is slightly misleading, I never posted it per se to illustrate his 'arrogance' but to give insight generally into what he says and his views.
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