The Atheists Refutation Thread?

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  1. Al Jazairi

    Al Jazairi نناديكم و لكن من يجيب؟


    There is no intro though!
    But I have to tell you this is not a copy past job, it's from my own work, so if you notice any mistakes about the 'Aqeedah then plz let me know.

    This thread is dedicated to both Atheists and others who want to seek the truth, not those who have sealed hearts and minds, and I'm going to update the posts regularly and I'll try to make them short to not make you bored.

    Who Are Atheists?

    Atheists usually are Scientists, Physicists, Biologists and Idiots.

    The 1st section are people believing in science, and a lot of times Science of the Field they master, so there is nothing to be true for them unless it's proven scientifically otherwise it doesn't exist!

    The 2nd section, are the dumbest people who self-acquired a learning disability to protect themselves from what they think it would hurt them or manipulate them somehow!

    But both sides do have a common pole they gather at, they are Materialists!

    And in the most abstract backward definition we can say: They Believe in what they can see, touch, break, get slapped by!

    (Don't wikiped it coz you know what I'm speaking about, don't you!)

    Atheists and GOD! But how about Viruses:

    Atheists claim there is no GOD because they can't see HIM, so they believe there is none!

    This is the most promoted and commercialized theory they could come by!

    But wait a minute, if we go back to 700 years back in time and tell Atheists about Viruses, they wouldn't believe they (Viruses) exist because their bare eyes couldn't see them nor their fingers could touch them! so Viruses DO NOT EXIST.

    But Viruses do exist from the beginning of the time!!!

    The point is: I believe in what I can see is the most stupid/dumb idea I have ever heard, so Atheists don't be stupid.


    For until proved scientifically we say

    Atheists, Holy Quran and Science! Is the Holy Quran a man-made?

    This chapter went longer then what I expected and it won't stop ever but let's try to add few points only.

    If the Holy Quran was a man made then I challenge any Atheist to tell me why the points I'm going to add was revealed before 14th Century to the Muslims while Science is still discovering them after this long period of time.

    Flowing waters don't mix

    مَرَجَ الْبَحْرَيْنِ يَلْتَقِيَانِ * بَيْنَهُمَا بَرْزَخٌ لَا يَبْغِيَانِ

    "He has let free the two bodies of flowing water, meeting together
    Between them is a Barrier which they do not transgress"

    Surat Ar-Rahman, Verse: 19-20

    From the Quran Revelation time, Muslims knew that the Seas don't mix even if they meet in a common place, they knew it without trying to prove it because it's ALLAH's (Almighty GOD) book and it's already written in the books of Tafseer (Explaining The Quran) hundred years back if you wanna check them too, but Science has just discovered it in this century!

    The Challenge: Can any Atheist give an explanation to that?
    Why it was in the Holy Quran before 14th Century if it was a bedouin man-made?

    The point is: Shouldn't you start leaving the Materialists camp now or you have a better explanation to give or you start doubting now?


    There are a lot of points I'm going to raise insha'a ALLAH by time, but let's keep it short at a time.

    See Ya!

    The Slave Of ALLAH.
    Abu Bakr Al Jaza'iri
  2. Al Jazairi

    Al Jazairi نناديكم و لكن من يجيب؟

    By the way, I'm going to publish this articles on IA and my forum but if you think you can slide them somewhere else then plz feel free JZK.
  3. Alien

    Alien <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    Eoin made a fine post about this claim 5 months ago.
    The claim that flowing waters don't mix refuted before
    Why challenge the non-belivers with something that has been refuted a million times, and why should the non-belivers waste their time doing it? These pseudo-scientific claims are impossible to get rid of and you'd never accept this claim to be false eventhough it's clear to the rest of the world.
  4. huehuecoyotl

    huehuecoyotl A Simple Kind of Man

    wow, I was expecting a short response from Eoin not a small novel. When he wants to say something he goes all out.
  5. muslim2atheist

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  6. Frederiksen78

    Frederiksen78 Rain Man

    AbuBakr, I'm afraid your description of the Atheist is a bit flawed. For instance about the things we can't see.

    Being ignorant is not an exclusive feat of the atheist, but of course some of them are. You don't become intelligent and rational the second you renounce the presence of a divine creator (and of course you don't become intelligent either by simply accepting one).

    In fact, science is what has "opened our eyes" to what we cannot see. With technology we can create microscopes able to show us what a cell looks like. With telescopes and computers we're able to tell whether a distant star has orbiting planets. With space probes we've been able to determine the atmospheric composition on planets like Venus.

    I don't blame people thousands of years ago that they thought the Sun was moving in an arc around the Earth. I don't blame them for believing the Earth was flat. And I'm sure in 1000 years our descendants will not blame us for our current views on i.e. Dark Matter. In fact, all our current technology is built upon the previous generation technology. Einstein may have been a brilliant man, but without the alphabet he would not have been able to write down any theories. If he was born in an age where people lived in caves hunting wild boars with spears, he would not have suddenly written the theory of relativity on the cave wall with a piece of chalk. Galileo would have never made celestial discoveries had someone not previously invented glass and mirrors.

    All we can do is to be open to the fact that we may be wrong. If you ask me, that is the basis for any kind of progress.
  7. Al Jazairi

    Al Jazairi نناديكم و لكن من يجيب؟

    I'll be back insha'a ALLAH :D

    I was waiting for this ;)

    And now we an talk!
  8. Al Jazairi

    Al Jazairi نناديكم و لكن من يجيب؟

    It was Ridiculous and it wasn't an answer to me at all, I don't like jumping on and off, I want a straight Answer because if you read the Verse in Arabic you'll understand what it means and if you read books written before 14th century from scholars who tried to explain the Holy Quran you'll find that they explain it the same way, so it was full of bull, or re-phrase them and write them in a small Piece of Paragraph.

    Offside, Offside, Offside!

    Try harder to answer the questions mate, use logic and science Atheist.
    Wrong, Offside, Superficial and Shallow, what Islam did you practice before!
    Let me tell you that you were a Kaffir not a Muslim in any sort if this is your understanding of what you were :D

    You prove again that you have a real learning disability, re-read my previous statement and your current answers/comments and put the right word(s) in the right cell in the table using:

    True, False, Not Mentioned.​

    The 1st section are people believing in science, and a lot of times Science of the Field they master, so there is nothing to be true for them unless it's proven scientifically otherwise it doesn't exist!

    without science/biology, u wud have most likely died before u were 30

    In fact Islam praises Science and Scientists and if you need proofs then I'll bring them but guess what:
    Offside, Offside and Offside + Not Mentioned + Understanding the Question/statement is Half the Answer/Comment.​

    You are!
    You have just proved it above ;)

    !?&#}'<[..~_*#) => This is nonsense.

    Exactly that's what I was saying and you formed it better than me, you would help me in this thread a lot, just stay tuned.

    Admit it or not, I have 2 Atheists neighbors and I studied them in a real world not just a Virtual one, they all pretend this is not right but in the end they wanna tweak the reality as you do and the real fact again is:​

    So try to revise all your posts on IA and link them with the above Quote using your so open brain.

    Till now you were only in the Bull and you weren't asked to answer anything of the above, they weren't even Questions by the way, keep your efforts for later.​


    I'm not playing words puzzles here, what this has to do with what I had said? You're insane man!​

    You're proving again what I did say in better words, you're really helpful more then what I thought, keep it coming and I'll finish before I get bored.​

    1- You're just sinking further, do you mean Christians, Jews, Buddhists/Shintos, Hindus, Azeedists, Ashurists, Pagans or Muslims...etc?

    2- Muslims wouldn't neither believe nor disbelieve, they would say ALLAH A'lam because we have in the Quran that there are creatures we know/knew about and others we don't, we're all open to the new suggestions + try to link with your Quote and what was commented on, you'll find it => Offside + I'm right again.​

    I'm right again and again and again, you have no point here again and again and again.​

    Tweaking it, won't help and here I come to a very important point:

    1- The evidence is either you see it.
    2- See its effect (i.e Magnetic Field, Mathematics [1+1=2 {effect} selling 2 pens each costs $1 will make you request $2 => You see the effect again])

    So unless you see it, it isn't real, very dumb huh!

    I must pay you to allow me studying your case as well with my neighbors.


    It has never been answered, if so then plz summarize in 1-5 lines Mr.Smarty, I'm waiting.

    For now, you have lost and can't prove anything I said that it was wrong, the Challenge is still up and you can take it as a Homework or a new Goal in your new year in your new spare time.

    Round 1 finished : You loose

    No, it is not, I wasn't trying to sound rhetoric and confusing, we're speaking abstractly the best way we can but you can read what I said to Atheist before, it will end up that way always, doesn't it.​

    That's what I had said in their categories, thanks for explaining more :)

    I'm afraid to tell you, you were OFFSIDE as well, this falls in the cell called:

    NOT MENTIONED in the table situated in our Reading Comprehension Section.

    Islam praises Science by the way and again and it's not our Subject here and plz feel free to open a new thread about it, I'll join.​

    Thanks for proving what I'd said again.

    And thousand year ago and in 14th Century ago Muslims knew from the Quran about the Earth, Moon, Science of Glaxies and the likes when the Church was executing who claimed so and Atheists refute the idea, I'll mention this point later, I have a whole article about this and we'll see if you can stand to the Challenge again, for now I'm waiting for any Atheist to step in and take the Challenge and Defeat it.

    If there will be no Atheistic answers then I'll move on with the 2nd Article, otherwise I'll follow you here.

    Where are you Atheists?? You should use your logic and Science to prove I'm wrong, don't you.


    At the end

    Can any Atheists tell me why it was Mentioned in the Holy Quran?

    Stay away from Philosophy and being Rhetoric plz, you're science and Proofs' Men​
  9. abumuwahid

    abumuwahid <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    That barrier, is called a halocline.

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  10. Al Jazairi

    Al Jazairi نناديكم و لكن من يجيب؟

    Abu Muwahhid, I have tens of Videos, here I'm not trying to explain any thing Scientifically, I'm bringing what the Latest Science and Technology have already discovered and it was mentioned in the Holy Quran and explained in details in the Books Of Tafseer 14th Century ago, I'm targeting a specific category of Kuffar not all of them.

    I haven't reached Astronomy and Embryology yet and others, just wait bro, I want only simply to know why the Holy Quran mentioned them if it's a Bedouin Man-Made?
  11. Frederiksen78

    Frederiksen78 Rain Man

    AbuBakr, thanks for your replies. I didn't mean to insinuate that Islam has a problem with science - science can be performed by anyone, of any religious conviction.

    I was wondering, have you ever read articles on the web that aims to refute claims in the Qur'an? I've googled a few, and I wonder what Muslims think when they read the various arguments and claims made there. Do you dismiss them completely? Perhaps they have omitted various parts of the Qur'an which would make sense of the matter?

    I'm of course not going to link any of them here.
  12. abumuwahid

    abumuwahid <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    It is only natural that we will completely dismiss all claims of refutation of the Qur'an.

    As Muslims we believe what Allah says in the Qur'an. If Allah says, for example that the earth is flat, and all the scientists in the world say it is square, we will still believe Allah.
  13. Al Jazairi

    Al Jazairi نناديكم و لكن من يجيب؟

    You're welcome, I've read a lot but they're full of lies, for example if somebody told you that the Quran says:

    "Woe! To the Mussaleen (Who Pray 5 times a day)!" and bring the verse, do you believe him?

    Of course you would but how about reading the Whole Verse that would be translated as:
    "Woe! To the Mussaleen (Who Pray 5 times a day)! Who are forgetful and lazy about their Salah"

    This makes a Difference now.

    Just stay tuned when will reach what made Dr.Keith Moore to revise his World Renowned books and edit them and Add the Verses from Quran to be translated in the Majority of Science-Languages.

    The Aim of the Thread is Clear and I'll try to not be HS "Hors Sujet" as I can.
  14. Al Jazairi

    Al Jazairi نناديكم و لكن من يجيب؟

    The Goal is:

    If the Holy Quran is a Man Made then I need an Explanation why there are things inside it that Science is still discovering, Scientists didn't know that the Iron wasn't a basic Earth Components till lately but we knew that it was brought down to Earth from the Quran, this is just an example, I'm not speaking about things that Science hasn't discovered yet, but the already found and published, so Why they were mentioned then if it was written in the Desert by an Illiterate Arab Man?
  15. Alien

    Alien <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    Of course not. You need to interpretate the text from the Quran in a certain way to make it fit scientific discoveries. You can't find a single sentence in the Quran representing a scientific hypothesis waiting to be tested - and no one ever did.

    Haloclines and termoclines are not barriers which can't be transgressed. The claim that waters do not mix is simply plain stupid, and has been refuted so many times. But hey, the claim is back.. can't say I'm surprised.
  16. Frederiksen78

    Frederiksen78 Rain Man

    Regarding the Iron example, it appears many people were aware of the fact that it came from meteors (from the sky) hundreds, if not thousands, of years before Islam.
  17. Alien

    Alien <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    It was unknown to AbuBakr Jazairi until he read in the Quran that god revealed iron.
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  18. Al Jazairi

    Al Jazairi نناديكم و لكن من يجيب؟

    Truely you're an arrogant idiot, so Atheists do believe in that (The Iron issue) hundreds of years before Islam came and even that there was no scientific proof of that?

    If that's the case then Atheists do believe in nothing but what they do like to believe in and Science is just a fake shield to their ideology since they believed Iron came from the Sky without a Scientific proof, if so then I'm done and my point is affirmed, what do you think of what I've just said?

    Don't blind yourself!

    Again answer my previous question or refute it in 3-5 lines (I don't need an essay), I'm all ears because when we pass to Embryology you'll be already finished with the lies.
  19. Frederiksen78

    Frederiksen78 Rain Man

    I didn't quite get that AbuBakr. There's no proof that people knew of iron in meteors before the Qur'an was revealed?

    I'm not trying to defend any ideology. I'm simply reading articles on the web stating that iron from meteors was known and used before the Qur'an was revealed. I haven't found any sites claiming that this is false.
  20. Al Jazairi

    Al Jazairi نناديكم و لكن من يجيب؟

    You've missed the whole point of this Thread, we're speaking about Atheists who don't believe in anything until scientifically proven, so if they believed that Iron was brought from the Sky without any Labs and Tests, why the Heck is the Big Fuss they're running of WE NEED SCIENCE EVIDENCE!

    What Scientific evidence they had about the Origin of the Iron?

    That's the question, while you're point is it was mentioned before Islam that Iron wasn't a Planet Earth-Based, is that right?

    So, what was the Standpoint of Atheists on Believing in things without a Scientific Proof?

    That's the Question + The seas issue again?

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