The BNPs "The Truth About Islam" Leaflet

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    Document located here.


    Britain's home grown terrorists
    An open letter to Britain's Muslim leader
    Don’t get mad - Get even.
    “Islam – a threat to us all”

    A sop to Islamics

    The size of the threat to Britain
    The State Lie Machine kicks into action.
    Madness from the media's ivory tower
    "It's only a tiny minority" - or is it?
    “Asians” in Britain: A personal message from the BNP’s webeditor, Steve Blake
    Media coverage of the terror bombs
    BNP leader on radio 4

    The root of the problem
    A pack of Islamic lies
    Islam/Koran: The Root of the Problem

    “You need to look at the KORAN. Don’t believe what the papers say about Islam being a peace loving religion… Believe us, Islam is the biggest threat Britain has ever faced – Read the Koran and you’ll find out the truth“ - Nick Griffin (AUDIO)

    Islam is the menace
    Two suspects held over murder of van Gogh

    A double challenge to the Muslim council of Britain
    Islamic terror - number one concern
    Islamic Awareness Week is launched.
    Islamic lessons for primary schools
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    In addition to this, on Monday 22nd November 2004, the BNP produced a 75min audio track lecture with Sikhs and Hindus, targetting Islam, called "Islam - a threat to us all". The lecture features Nick Griffin, Simon Darby, Rajinder Singh (here, here, here and here) and an unidentified Hindu.

    This is the news aritcle and lecture:

    You can also listen to it here.

    Here are some images they used:







    And some others.

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  3. Umm Ahmed

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    Nick Griffin obviously was picking his nose during Sunday school and bible class.
  4. WM

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    It's so funny to read the ornate, King James-esque English of the Qur'an translation next to the 'stoopid' rhetoric of the BNP.
  5. alghayb

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    All quotations are from: 'An Interpretation of the Qur'an. English Translations of the Meanings.' Translated by Prof. Majid Fakhry. Approved by Al- Azhar University. Garnet Publishing Ltd. 2000. ISBN 1 85946 161 X


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  6. alghayb

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    More BNP propaganda...




  7. morbius

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  8. Umm Ahmed

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    What's funny is that Britain is really leaning towards atheism, and church and chapel is something seen as culture.
  9. walid

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    sadly there are very few practicing christians in the u.k the churches are full of old folks and many of them are being converted into mosques LOL (not the old folks but the churches)
  10. SunniHammer

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    what do you expect.The kaffirs will never be happy with you.I don't mind the BNP as they make their hatred known in the open.It is these other sly kuffar who are the problem.The ones who call for interfaith dialogs and moderate Islam are the threat.

    LOL @ Britian is Christian.The average English man would probably attend church 3 times in his life.

    When he is born
    When he gets Married
    When he dies
  11. MuhamedAbdullah

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    But alot of these people still see themselves as Christian even if they don't practice. They still get married in churches and have baptisms there. It is this connection which these people still feel towards Christianity which the BNP are trying to play to to a certain degree.

    On the other hand they would be hoping that these people may feel a connection to Christianity but also that they should not be too aware of the Bible, as if you reject Islam based on the above verses then you certainly would need to reject Christianity based on biblical verses and you would also see the hypocrisy of people like Griffins who I am sure are well aware of the similar verses in the bible.
  12. s-b-r

    s-b-r Patience is a Virtue

    and the munafiqs are probably the worst of the lot, cos they try to detsoy the deen fromw ithin whilst procliaming to be muslims.

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