The coming of Imam Mahdi

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    If we look to some of the hadith regarding Imam Mahdi such as the one below

    Abu Dawud also published from Umm Salamah by way of Salih Abu'l-Khaleel from a companion of his from Umm Sal amah, that he said,
    ''There will be disagreement at the death of a Khilafah, so a man from Madinah will come out fleeing to Makkah, and the people of Makkah will come to him and bring him out (as a claimant for the Khilafah) against his will and swear allegiance to him between the Corner (of the Ka'bah in which the black stone is) and the station (of Ibrahim). An expeditionary force will be sent against him from Sham (Syria) and the earth will swallow them up in the waterless desert between Makkah and Madinah. When people see that, the Abdal of the people of Sham will come to him and the companies of the people of Iraq and they will swear allegiance to him. Then a man of Quraysh will arise (in rebellion) whose maternal uncles are (the tribe of) Kalb, and an expeditionary force will be sent against them and they will conquer them, and that is the expeditionary force of Kalb, and there is disappointment for whoever does not attend (the division of) the spoils of Kalb. So he will divide up the wealth, and he will act among people according to their Prophet's Sunnah and he will throw Islam by its neck on the earth. He will remain seven years then die and the Muslims will pray over him'' [Abu Dawud Book 36, Number 427]

    The hadith on Imam Mahdi show us a number of things. He will be one of the Muslims from this Ummah, with some hadith indicating he will be a descendent of Muhammad (salAllahu alaihi wasallam). He will not carry out any miracles or receive any revelation but will rule with justice which will bring prosperity for the Khilafah state. He will not know that he is the Mahdi, as the hadith indicates that he will be reluctant to take the allegiance (bay'ah), and he will need to be convinced to take it. The Hadith explicitly states that he will follow the death of a Khaleefah, and there will be a dispute about the next one. The Ummah will be debating who to give bay'ah to, and they will give it to him. All this indicates that the Ummah will have a Khilafah state, and that they will know how to appoint a Khaleefah.

    These points also indicate that the Mahdi will learn Islam from around them, as he will receive no revelation. The hadith states what he will act among the people according to the Sunnah which again indicates that it is the Ummah which will have to be ready to teach and groom the Mahdi to take up the tasks of Khaleefah.

    Therefore there is no indication for some Muslims to remain inactive and do nothing; certain event must pass before his arrival such as the re-establishment of Khilafah state, and the preparation of the Ummah to resume the Islamic way of life. This obligation still lies upon the Muslims and not upon Imam Mahdi.

    The descent of Isa (as) and the destruction of Dajaal

    And (remember) when Allah (subhanhu wa ta'aala) said:

    ''O 'Isa! I will take you and raise you to Myself.'' [ Al-Imran: 55]

    The meaning here is that Isa (as) was raised up by Allah (subhanhu wa ta'aala) and his mission had ended. There are many hadith regarding his return,

    By Him in Whose Hands my soul is, the son of Maryam ('Isa) will shortly descend among you as a just ruler, and will break the cross, kill the pig and abolish the Jizyah. Then there will be an abundance of wealth and nobody will accept charitable gifts any more. At that time, one prostration will be better for them than this life and all that is in it.

    Al-Bukhari recorded that Abu Hurairah said that the Messenger of Allah(salAllahu alaihi wasallam) said,

    How will you be when Al-Masih, son of Maryam ('Isa) descends among you while your Imam is from among yourselves

    In another long hadith narrated in Sahih Muslim by Abu Hurairah it mentions the fitna of Dajaal and the power of the illusions that he will have to confuse the Muslims, it also mentions the descent of Isa (as).

    Like the storm when driven by the wind. He will come to a people and will call them (to his worship), and they will believe in him and accept his call. He will order the sky and it will rain, the land and it will grow (vegetation). Their cattle will return to them with their hair the longest, their udders the fullest (with milk) and their stomachs the fattest. He will come to a different people and will call them (to his worship), and they will reject his call. He will then leave them. They will wake up in the morning destitute, missing all of their possessions. He will pass by a deserted land and will say to it, 'Bring out your treasures', and its treasures will follow him just like swarms of bees. He will summon a man full of youth and will strike him with the sword once and will cut him into two pieces (and will separate between them like) the distance (between the hunter and) the game. He will call the dead man and he will come, and his face will radiant with pleasure and laughter.

    Afterwards (while all this is happening with Ad-Dajaal), Allah will send Al-Masih ('Isa), son of Maryam down. He will descend close to the white minaret to the east of Damascus. He will be wearing garments lightly coloured with saffron and his hands will be placed on the wings of two angels. Whenever he lowers his head droplets fall. Whenever he raises his head, precious stones that look like pearls fall. No disbeliever can survive 'Isa's breath, which reaches the distance of his sight. He will pursue Ad-Dajaal and will follow him to the doors of (the Palestinian city of) Ludd where he will kill him. A group of people, who, by Allah's help, resisted and survived Ad-Dajaal, will pass by 'Isa and he will anoint their faces and inform them about their grades in Paradise.

    Shortly afterwards, while this is happening with 'Isa, Allah will reveal to him, 'I raised a people of my creation that no one can fight. Therefore, gather my servants to At-Tur (the mountain of Musa in Sinai).' Then, Allah will raise Gog and Magog and they will swiftly swarm from every mound. Their front forces will reach Lake Tabariah (Sea of Galilee) and will drink all its water. The last of their forces will say as they pass by the lake, 'This lake once had water!'

    Meanwhile, Isa, Allah's Prophet, will be cornered along with his companions until the head of a bull will be more precious to them than a hundred Dinars to you today. Isa, Allah's Prophet, and his companions will invoke Allah for help and Allah will send An-Naghaf (a worm) into the necks of Gog and Magog! The morning will come, and they will all be dead as if it was the death of one soul. Afterwards, 'Isa, the Prophet of Allah, will come down with his companions to the low grounds (from Mount At-Tur). They will find that no space of a hand-span on the earth was free of their fat and rot (rotten corpses). 'Isa, the Prophet of Allah, and his companions will seek Allah in supplication. Allah will send birds as large as the necks of camels. They will carry them (the corpses of Gog and Magog) and will throw them wherever Allah wills. Afterwards, Allah will send rain that no house made of mud or animal hair will be saved from, and it will cleanse the earth until it is as clean as a mirror. The earth will be commanded (by Allah), 'Produce your fruits and regain your blessing.' Then, the group will eat from a pomegranate and will take shelter under the shade of its skin. Milk will be blessed, so much so that the milk-producing camel will yield large amounts that suffice for a large group of people. Meanwhile, Allah will send a pure wind that will overcome Muslims from under their arms and will take the soul of every believer and Muslim. Only the evildoers among people will remain. They will indulge in shameless public sex like that of donkeys. On them, the Hour will begin.

    For anyone who contemplates on this hadith it is clear that Isa (as) will return, he will be a ruler, and follow the Shariah of Muhammad (salAllahu alaihi wasallam). Many hadith will indicate that he will have a discussion with the Khaleefah of the Muslims i.e. there will already be a Khaleefah/Imam of the Muslims and Isa will be a citizen of the Islamic state. This again indicates, that the situation for the return of Isa (as) will be when the Khilafah state exists, which again is motivation for us to work to re-establish it, as Isa (as) will not return until it is established. Also the hadith explicitly links the fact that the Khilafah state will be the shield from the fitnah of ad-Dajaal. This is one of the reasons why Muhammad (salAllahu alaihi wasallam) said;

    The Prophet of Allah (salAllahu alaihi wasallam) said:

    A Imam (Khaleefah) is a shield for them. They fight behind him and they are protected by (him from tyrants and aggressors). If he enjoins fear of Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, and dispenses justice, there will be a (great) reward for him; and if he enjoins otherwise, it redounds on him.

    So going through the hadith on this subject there is no basis found why anyone should be inactive and rely upon these honourable hadith as a means to do nothing and sit idle waiting for the return of Imam Mahdi and Isa (as).
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    But you don't really believe in all that do you?
  3. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    they trust it ;)
  4. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    what is interesting is this.

    A brother from zalloum family and ht said that the ahadith about the return of khilafah is tawatur. This was apparently in al-wa'ie magazine

    but dajjal is khabar ahaad and haram to have tasdeeq jazim in it. This is in ad-doosiyyah. if you want a scan of the page i can post it innsha'ALLAH.

    and in the q and a fikri files, nabhani said the ahadith of mahdi is ahaad

    and in al-wa'ie magazine, the book ark of salvation etc nuzool 'isa('alayhi as-salaam) is ikhtilaafi and ahaad......

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    I clearly remember reading the opposite in al-wa'i magazine.
  6. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    is it? which one?
  7. Expergefactionist

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    can't remember now... but one of the old ones... don't have access to them at the moment
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    Abu Nihla is it true, that if the state is not establishing on the method of the messenger (saw) i.e. culuting interaction and seeking of support, then its not valid ? Just verifying akh, honest.
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    lol. That was a good one.
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    It was just a simple cut and paste post that needed no debating on. In-case there's a problem with the post please highlight on the problem.

    Sometimes i think some of you just respond to posts just to show people that you know and remember i am also a Muslim and not that every-time i post people must bring HT in.

    Abu Zubeir,

    I believe in what the article states.
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    But brother... this is all ahad, and your magazine al-wa'i clearly stated that since all of this is ahad, this is not something Muslims should believe in.

    If you oppose the party in something as fundamental as that, then that to me is good news.
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    Your likely to be met with a response stating that the party enforces all members and shab to to believe in things with an ahad source of evidence, but "dont take it in to your aqeedah" [​IMG]
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    Assalamu 'alaikum

    Hmm, what's wrong with the article? Don't you guys believe in Al-mahdi and 'Esa ibn Maryam's ('alayi as-salat wassalam) second coming?
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    Yes I know... I just wanted to hear that from the horses mouth ;)

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