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    a quick question: how is it the prophet (pbuh) best friends, His companions whom he talked so highly of did not attend his funeral.

    this is not the funeral of a regular person, this is a very sad day when the prophet of Islam passed away. Is there an excuse for such a behavior?
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    It says muslim male under your name its your first post you havent introduced yourself and you ask a question like that,hmmm are you a shite?
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    I was born to a sunni family from Ethiopia, I live in Canada now and have lost my Islamic identity in the process. I am rediscovering Islam again and decided to start from scratch and learn everything from the basics

    I hope this answers your questions
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    differentiate between ghusl of the dead body and funeral.
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    by funeral I did not mean washing the body but the salatul-mayit (prayer for the dead person), I understand this is a wajib (obligatory on every adult) and was told the companions did not attend his funeral, is this true or have I been misinformed?
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    brothers i'm sorry if I came across as rude or presumptuous in my first post
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    misinformed. they prayed his janazah 10 ppl at a time, and it took almost two days. imamul mujahideen was buried in the hujrah (small house) of our mother 'Aisha-may Allah be pleased with her. this was the place where he died. the companions didnt take his body out. stay away from rawafidh(shi'as) they will misguide you. one starts to learn driving from a place where he/she wont find traffic jams. read this book:
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    Ibn imam. thank you very much.
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    The Sahabah did NOT miss the Prophet's funeral. Read:

    This is from the following article which contains a COMPREHENSIVE rebuttal of Shia claims:

    And an even more comprehensive rebuttal is here:

    Enjoy and please let me know what you think of the two above sites Insha-Allah.
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    This is all from the second link I posted in the above post.
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    Since when in the world is attending a funeral Wajib!? It is Fardh Kaffayah (communal obligation)--if one group of Muslims does it, then it obviates the need for the rest of the community. What is funny is that there were supporters of Ali [ra]--whom the Rafidhis claim were Shia--who were present at Saqifah alongside the Shaykhayn! So why don't the Rafidhis hate upon these people as well as the shaykhayn!?

    And here they further three contradictory claims:

    (1) They demand that the Prophet's body be buried immediately post-haste, and they blame the Sahabah for the delay in his burial.

    (2) They say that attending the Prophet's funeral was mandatory on every Muslim alive. Do these silly Shia not know that there were hundreds of thousands of Muslims alive back then!? So how could they *all* travel to the Prophet's resting place and pray the Salat, while also maintaining Point Number 1? Do these silly Rafidhi forget what happened when they buried their own Ayatollah Khomeini and how long they took to do that!!!! (In case you don't know, it took the Iranian dogs a VERY LONG time to bury their Ayatollah and yet they criticize the Muslims for taking so long in buring the Prophet .)

    (3) The Shia blame people for delaying the expedition of Usamah [ra]. Well, did they not know that the army of Usamah [ra] headed back to pray the Janazah why do the Shia complain that ALL the Muslims should attend the funeral AND that Usamah's army should NOT have been delayed. Wow, the Shia complain about everything! They will never be happy and they will find things to criticize no matter what!
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    tawheed and the conditions of shahada would be the appropriate place to start.
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    And going near the Shia/Rafidhis is the last place to be.

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