The Dajjal is upon us...are you prepared?

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    Bismillah hir rahman nir raheem

    Assalamualaikum my Brothers and Sisters

    The Dajjal is among us, but is occupying a different space.... This is why we cannot see him as yet.

    Breaking the bounds of Time and Space is something that true believers need to comprehend and understand, in order to achieve closeness to Allah as well as to understand the concepts of the Dajjal

    Most muslims are living for the Here and Now, which is wrong and which is what Satan wants.

    When Muslims go for Hajj/umrah, they circle the Ka'aba 7 times breaking the 7 layers of time and space and uplifting themselves closer to Allah. They are breaking the bounds of Time and Space.

    Allah has already released the Dajjal, he is in our time, but occupying a difference space.

    The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that when Allah releases the Dajjal, he will be among us for 40 days, 1 Day like a year, 1 Day like a month, 1 Day like a week and the rest of days like ours.

    To understand this you need to break the bonds of Time and Space and the here and now concept.

    When the Dajjal was ruling from Britain, Britain and the (GBP) was the ruling currency and state for the world, this was 1 Day like a year. When the Dajjal went to America, the USA and USD was the ruling currency and state for the world, this was 1 day like a month. Now we are in the 3rd stage of 1 Day like a week, where the Dajjal is moving from America to Israel. After this America and the US Dollar will be left crumbled and Israel and a new electronic currency will become the ruling state of the world.

    This transition phase will take place from 2012 to 2023. At which point the Dajjal will now occupy our Time and Space and we will be able to see him. Then the Dajjal will be here for the rest of his days like ours.

    Ruling the world from the State of Israel, is in his plans to impersonate the true Messiah Jesus (pbuh).

    As we know that when Allah sent Jesus (pbuh), he sent him to rule the world from Israel and when He sends him back to us, Jesus (pbuh) will be sent to rule the world from Israel.

    This is why Israel is being prepared now for the coming of the False Messiah, the Dajjal.

    How will we recognize him? Allah says, that the Dajjal will be One-Eyed and your Lord is NOT One-Eyed.

    Now to understand this, you would think that he will be blind in one eye and possibly wearing an eye patch. NO... This is Religious symbolism, meaning that what we see in the Right eye, this Dunia, or this world and the Left eye, is what we do not see, the Unseen, or the hereafter. The Dajjal and his followers will be blind in the left eye and will not see the hereafter, but only the here and now.

    That's why Allah says, He will guide whom He wills and misguide whom He wills, meaning some people will be blind and deaf to the truth. So these are not physical blindness or deafness but more of a symbolic kind.

    Do what you want...Do what you Love.... Seize the Moment ...Live for Today...Listen to your Heart....Believe in yourself...

    Actually there are so many of these phrases, and these are all what Satan wants you to do and believe in.

    Satan has 3 Goals:

    1. To deceive people about the existence of Satan.
    2. To have total control over the minds of people.
    3. To destroy the scriptures without burning them through the theory of evolution.

    I would like to start up this thread based on the WAKE UP series of videos.
    Found here:

    View the series on the Arrivals.

    I have studied the Elite/Illuminati for the past 10 years and the Arrival series is the best material available and completely from Islamic perspective.

    Insha Allah, I would like to share my knowledge and answer your questions based on the videos.

    So please MAKE the TIME to watch the videos. You will not be disappointed and I assure you, by the end of the series you will be enlightened to the truth.

    wa salam

    Muhammad Ali
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    why bother with the 'wakeup project' when you can just watch imran hosiens videos, which is where all the main points are directly lifted from with out a shia perspective/advocacy and moderate slant and a dash of misinformation.

    you see people fail to realize imran hosien is a very educated man both in islam and otherwise thats why i will listen to him and other guys like him and not some random dudes on youtube with no qualifications in anything. people think these guys know what they are on about but they dont really have a clue everything that makes sense in their videos is taken directly from imran hosien and his quran and sunnah sources everything that doesnt is from them and their shia and conspiracy theory sources, the shia perspective on dajjal is completely opposed to the sunni perspective, i hope you do your research properly instead of watching entertainment videos on youtube with the hope its enough to enlighten you on whats to come.
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    ^ agreed, some parts of the arrivals is just nonsense, and i rather listen/read about imran hoseins work directly, then someones whos given there own twist using some of his theories, also you should say Allahu alam cos you do not know the unseen

    this comment for example:

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    This has really put me in the mood for watching Star Trek!
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    Assalamualaikum brother,

    Thanks for sharing the info. much appreciated.

    Yes I have recently started reading some of Sheikh Imran Hossein's books. from his website and I will take a look at his videos.

    Seems that you have more info to share, .." other guys like him" ... so are these other guys?

  6. reliable

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    by other guys i meant scholars and speakers who are actually educated in islamic law and theology. there are dozens of lectures and books written on the end of days just do a bit of research.

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