The Dogs of Madinah

Discussion in 'Identity, Activism and Unity' started by TawhidZmaray, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. TawhidZmaray

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    I am just shocked at this. So many ajeeb statements in one video:


    Worst of all, the dogs of Madinah apparently have the ability to know who is a sinner and who isn't. In the words of Ustadh Murtaza Khan, "these people love dogs for some reason".
  2. Rasmalai

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    ...I'm pretty sure it's not good to feed bread to dogs. :/ They have their own food for a reason, right?

    Also, you have to admit if you were listening to the Urdu and ignoring the subtitles, he has a very captivating style of storytelling. No wonder so many people fall into this folklore culture.
  3. Aboo Shayba


    I didn't know whether to listen and read the subtitles or to bust into the Tango - what's with the Mediterranean music?
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