The falsehood of ?Moderate Islam?

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by asharee_salafi, Jan 4, 2005.

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    Thanks for the leaflet,

    Brother Salahudeen can i join HT?

    I neither beleive in the madhi,isa peace be upon him or punishment from the grave, -no i dont doubt- i OPENLY disbeleive in it.

    i also beleive that Allah has metaphorical attributes

    i also beleive Allah wont be seen on qiyaamah

    i also beleive imaan doesnt go up and down and that imaan is just mere beleif and doesnt include actions and statements.

    i also beleive that one cant take imaan blindly hence he must have a proof of god at his disposable saying that Allah is ''unlimited''

    i also recognise that muawiyah is not fom the sahabah

    i also deny the karaamat of the awliyya

    i also deny ahad narrations make certainty
    i also reject what the ummah agreed upon
    i also recognise that those who slander the sahabah are muslim

    can i still join the hizb?

  2. Abu Abdurahman

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    ashare salaf
     these qualities resemble the qualites of Kufr repent to Allah s.w.t for guidance for a muslim to be a mumin must totally sumbit to the deen not take portion and leave of other portion, the word muslim means to submit, submit to what? the whole truth and what comes in that package.

    I pray to ALLAH to guide you to the truth Man Yahdillah FahuwallMuhtad
    Salamu Ala Manitaba Al Huda

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