Video The fictional story of Mehdi's birth (No Medhi, No shiaism)

Discussion in 'Islamic Theology and Ideology' started by umar bin khatab, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. umar bin khatab

    umar bin khatab Anti Majos

    Allahu Akbar! Sheikh Khaled Wesabi destroy the fable about
    Mehdi's birth by quoting shia sources ONLY. Shia created
    imaginary Hakima ( the only narrator of this fictitious birth
    of Mehdi) and they created imaginary Al-Samri (the one who
    narrated about Mehdi's occultation ). Both of them are fake
    personalities created by rafidah to keep this cult kicking.

    <iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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  2. umar bin khatab

    umar bin khatab Anti Majos

    ^How to get rid of this stupid ad covering my video?
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  3. Abucomputer

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    It is better if you put the video link on second post of the thread or second post of the page, instead of putting it on first post.
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  4. Abdul Malik

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    Lol this video is so funny " this is love of hussain"
  5. umar bin khatab

    umar bin khatab Anti Majos

    Actually I did what you said and found the same problem. Ads appear on first and last post. Next time I need to make 3 post one after the other and put the video in the middle.
  6. ish

    ish ...

    If you can't see the whole video just press the "CTRL" key on your keyboard and use the scroll wheel of your mouse like you're scrolling down. It will zoom out and you'll be able to see the whole video. Maybe you already know that. Well in case you somebody reading doesn't know..
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  7. umar bin khatab

    umar bin khatab Anti Majos

    ^ thats new to me jazak Allah khair.


    Just for laugh


    Now I am a nasibi just because I used images of some imaginary nudist cave boy (drawn by his cult) in my video. lol What does this jackass think about his cult who draw images of Mohammed (saw), Ali, Hasan, Hussein (ra) till the last their gods?

    But in reality this was just a feeble attempt to divert the topic as it totally exposed their fake mehdi.
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