The Great Pakistani Army In Action

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by AbuUsama, May 21, 2009.

  1. AbuUsama

    AbuUsama New Member

    May Allah (swt) curse them

  2. ad-Duha

    ad-Duha Well-Known Member


    What area is this in, do you know?
  3. jagga

    jagga Well-Known Member

    more like the great apostate army in action!

    why the silence on this forum about what is occurring in pakistan?

    it seems to me that people are reluctant to debate the matter.........why?
  4. havocas

    havocas New Member

    Pakistani army is winning the war it seems
  5. havocas

    havocas New Member

    Nice mix of shalwar kameez colours on view here. Not sure about the yellow one
  6. AbuUsama

    AbuUsama New Member

    well you are right if the above picture is about mujahideen killing pakistani army then you will find so many replies,

    what to do the blood is soo cheap these days, but what comes in the akhira is much better Insha Allah
  7. AbuUsama

    AbuUsama New Member

    it says

  8. AbuUsama

    AbuUsama New Member

    May Allah (swt) give you what you deserve
  9. havocas

    havocas New Member

    and what do i deserve?
  10. FOS

    FOS Banned

    He knows
  11. Traveler

    Traveler New Member

    What makes you think as such? The Taliban had no power in Pakistan approx. ten years ago. Look at them now.
  12. heart4allah

    heart4allah New Member

    Well what is winning?

    The one who truly wins is the one who remains steadfast upon the Haq at all costs. Winning for us come when we die then we will truly know if we won or not.

    As the poet says..

    "oh man you came to this life crying while all were smiling. Make sure you leave smiling while all are crying..."
  13. Ra'ad

    Ra'ad anti-Terrorist

    If there is any "victory" for the Pakistan army, it will no doubt be a Pyrrhic victory. Dumb tools.
  14. technically speaking, there is no difference between the Four Schools that you, as a mocker of the Mujaahideen, if it be that you are sane and upon a bidah leading you to reject the legality of their Jihad, deserve as a minimum to be imprisoned after being publicly whipped for your insolence. If you are not upon a bidah and found to be sane, then your beating will not necessarily be public and the number of stokes you will face would be less; but you will still be imprisoned and will still none the less be whipped so you learn what pain feels like, pain that mujaahideen feel so you dont have to, that perhaps you will think twice before opening your mouth in such a way again.

    If you are found to be insane, the advice of Medical practitioners will be sought as to whether you can be treated, if treatment is possible it will be offered to you, either within your usual settings, or in a dedicated facility depending on the nature of your disorder and the advice of specialist medical practitioners.

    You have inspired me to, beithnillah upon completing my exams next month to write a treatise clarifying the obligations of the Mujaahideen upon the Muslims and the responsibilities of the Muslims towards the Mujaahideen.

    If any knows of such a treatise already in existance in English, then this is the place to post it, if it is in Arabic, prey tell and I will insha Allah translate it.

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  15. AbuJunayd

    AbuJunayd Active Member

    Define winning.

    Subhanallah, those Mujahideen who die in Jihad will never know pain hence forth and will have a status on Yawm Al qiyamah we will envy and will have an abode better than we can imagine.

    They won
    They won
    They won

    as from a tactical point of view if they have decided to move to a different area and left a few behind then I respect their decision, as they are fighting to make Allahs word the highest they should strive to make the best decision, if they cant match firepower and ambushing, regrouping or melting away is the better decision than respect to them for their foresight.

    they are in it for the long haul and they or those that follow them will Inshallah be victorious, if they pass on, then they as individuals have truly won
  16. drkjke

    drkjke Well-Known Member

    pakistani army is under control of deviant generals many of who are not even muslims but believe in false prophets like mirza qadiani and yusuf kezab
    i have more stuff on this but have not time now
    pakistani army is defnitely army of kufer
    these arab mujahideen paki army captured they i think kept them in abbotababad there they even put the women of these mujahideen in prison and when an arab mujahid tried to free these women he was killed too though he managed to kill some pak policemen
  17. Al Jazairi

    Al Jazairi نناديكم و لكن من يجيب؟

    The same story of Algeria is repeating over there!

    Subhana ALLAH, may ALLAH send a black day like that of Qawm 'Aad Wa Thamud Wa Qawmu Loot upon the Tawagheet everywhere on this planet.
  18. drkjke

    drkjke Well-Known Member

    there was a new false prophet in punjab part of pakistan named yusuf kezaab,he astaghfirullah claimed that he is prophet
    the pakistani armys spokeman on geo tv named zaid zamaan was "khalifa " of that yusuf kezaab
    yusuf kezaab the false prophet was killed by a brave pakistani muslims few years ago inside prison thus his fitna ended but his former believers are still large number in army etc i have heard
    musharaf was the former pakistani chief of army staff.his wife was a qadiani preachers daughter.she through musharaf enrolled many of qadianis into paki army on highest posts
    also pakistan airforce has had many qadiani officers
    strory goes on like that
    in brief anyone who has any hope from pakistanm army is living in fools paradise
    it never was an islamic army nor it will ever be i think
  19. drkjke

    drkjke Well-Known Member

    the day is not far off.this day is fast appraoching
    their will massive blood shed throughout the world.the last battle between haq and baatil
    unfortunately todays muslims majority will also take the side of dajaal and taghut
  20. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member


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