The Greeting Sabaahul Khayr-Sabaahun Noor; Masaa-ul Khayr-Masaa-in Noor Is A Greeting Of The Magians

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  1. The Greeting Sabaahul Khayr-Sabaahun Noor; Masaa-ul Khayr-Masaa-in Noor Is A Greeting Of The Magians

    The majority of the people would say when they great one another; 'Sabaahul-Khayr or Masaa-ul Khayr!' The respond to this greeting is: 'Sabaahun Noor and Masaa-in Noor'. This greeting is a Magian greeting (i.e. a greeting of the fire worshippers).

    The Magians believe in two powerful (forces); the forces of Good and Evil, which they compare to Light and Darkness. The Magians have two gods; the god of goodness or light and the god of evil or darkness; and that these two (gods) contend with one another to rule the world.

    So this is the reason the Magians greet one another with their statement: Sabaahul Khayr-Sabaa-in Noor; while Islaam has commanded us (Muslims) to greet with the Islaamic Greeting 'As-Salaamu-Alaykum' ...

    [Source: Mu'jamul Manaahiyy al-Lafdhiyyah (page:334-335) of Sheikh Bakr Abu Zaid (rahimahullaah)]
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    Asalam 3leikoum wr wb,

    That is interesting, does he bring any evidence for this theory?
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    Interesting, I could've sworn to have read a hadith wherein the Prophet sallallahu alayhi sallam said "sabahul khayr" to someone after giving the salam...

    And I found this fatwa as well...
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    Very interesting and strange from Sh Bakr rh.

    This is from al-Saffarini's Ghidha al-Albab where he quotes Imam Ahmad saying to someone else, 'Good evening', and to al-Marrudhi, 'Good morning' instead of saying Salam.

    al-Saffarini quotes from al-Adab al-Kubra that it is sufficient for one to say 'Good morning' or 'Good evening' instead of Salam, although, Salam and its traditional response is better.
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    I've heard the same thing [In a lecture I think] that it is best to first give the Salaam and then you can use whatever greeting and the Prophets SAWS example as you said was mentioned as an example, but Wa Allahu Aa'lam.
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    Could it have been a lecture by Anwar Al Awlaki sis? I think the one about the creation of Adam alayhi salam, not sure though..
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    Referring back to Sh Bakr's al-Manahi al-Lafdhiya it seems that there is a difference between Sabah al-Khayr and SabbahakAllah bil-Khayr - according to Ibn Hajar al-Haytami. Apparently, it is makruh to say Sabah al-Khayr because it was frequently used by the Jews as opposed to SabbahakAllahu bi al-khayr.

    Regarding Sabah al-Nur, Sh Bakr quotes Majallat al-Lugha al-'Arabiya from Egypt claiming that Sabah al-Nur, and by extension, Sabah al-Khayr has its origins in Magian religion, God knows how true that is.

    Regarding SabbahakAllahu bil-Khayr he quotes al-Nawawi saying that the one who greets using these words without saying salam doesn't deserve a reply. He then quotes Ibn 'Allan saying these words have no origin (I think he means shara'i origin).

    But I find it very strange that Sh Bakr missed out Imam Ahmad's view on the issue as explained by al-Saffarini above.
  8. Yasir

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    Even if this was originally the case, once it becomes widely used as a customary greeting in different places (not replacing the salaam) without being linked to the Magians, would it still be a problem?
  9. Expergefactionist

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    Allahu Alam, but going by the principle of tashabbuh, I would assume it wouldn't be problematic, but again, Allahu Alam.

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