The Ignorance of Infidels

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    The Ignorance of Infidels: Myths, Prejudice and Propaganda About Islam and the West

    "He [Allah] created life and death that He might put you to the test and find out which of you acquitted himself best." 67: 1-2 Interpretation of Meaning

    All Praise and All Thanks are for Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala to whom we shall all return to be judged on The Last Day.

    Part One: The Fundamental Myth

    The most fundamental myth of the infidels (the kuffar) - and a mark, a sign, of their prejudice and arrogance - is that they believe and accept that their values, the values of the West, are "universal values"; that is, that these kaffir values are right, objective, and can and should be imposed upon everyone, everywhere.

    Let us be quite clear, at the outset, that the values, the perspective, of Islam - of Deen Al-Islam - are not those of the West. They are fundamentally different. We do not share a set of "common values" with the kuffar, with the West, just as our perspective, our view of the world, is not that of the kuffar, of the West. In addition, Deen Al-Islam is not compatible in any way whatsoever with the ways of the West, with the perspective of the West, with the "life-style" of the kuffar.

    We regard the values of the kuffar as subjective - as manufactured by them, and thus as fallible, whereas we regard our Muslim values, given to us by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala as perfect, and right. The kuffar have fashioned their values themselves, according to some fallible ideas, or some manufactured criteria, or according to some theory, past, present or "trendy".

    The kuffar, in their arrogance and in their prejudice, have invaded the lands of the Muslims in their attempt to impose these kaffir values - their own kaffir way of life - upon Muslims. Indeed, one of the leaders of this attempt, Blair, recently (Rajab 1427) said that the war was about "modernization within Islam" by which he meant Muslims accepting the "global values" of the West. That is, one of the aims of the West is to change Islam - to "modernize it" - by imposing the values of the West upon Muslims, and if Muslims do not accept this Western manufactured so-called "Islam" then these Muslims who reject it are, according to people like Bush and Blair, "terrorists, extremists, and full of intolerance and hate".

    In order to understand the arrogance, the prejudice, the ignorance, of the kuffar we need to understand the errors on which they base their subjective values and how they subjectively select certain values, claiming them for the West, while ignoring the other values which the West has manufactured but which do not show the West in a good light.

    The West claims the following values for itself:

    1) democracy
    2) human rights (or "individual rights")
    3) the rule of law
    4) the use of reason
    5) peace

    The West ignores the following which may be said to define the West, to represent the Western persona (if for the moment we apply their own Western terms to the West) and thus these things can be said to represent Western values, what the West has brought to the world:

    1) world-wide colonialism and imperialism, lasting for over five hundred years
    2) totalitarianism (first manufactured in the West, and evident in Communism, Fascism and National Socialism, all of which were originally exclusively Western)
    3) the nation-State
    4) capitalism and the material consumerism that derives from it
    5) Usury and debt, on which - together with exploitation and colonialism - most of the wealth of the West is based
    6) hedonism as a goal
    7) belief in cultural superiority, resulting in extermination and forceful pacification of "natives" as, for example, in America in respect of the native-American, and in the treatment, by the Spanish, of native South Americans and Indians
    8) major wars involving massive loss of life, unparalleled in human history, evident, for example, in what the West calls the First World War, costing an estimated 37 million casualties, and in what the West calls the Second World War, costing an estimated 59 million casualties, with casualties of what the West would call "civilians" amounting to some 30 million. The number of deaths the West has caused in the last thousand or so years - through colonialism, through civil wars and conflicts in the West, and through its sanctions, blockades, and world wars - probably amounts to more than 160 million, at a conservative estimate. That is, over twice the population of the whole of the British Isles, or the whole of the population of what is now Pakistan
    9) the wholesale slaughter of what the West would call "civilians" in atrocities such as the fire-bombing of Dresden, and the dropping of atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

    Let us consider the values which the West claims for itself, and let us consider how Deen Al-Islam views these values.

    The Values of the West:

    1) Democracy:

    The democracy of which the West is so proud - and which it insists on forcing upon other people at the point of a gun - is, in theory, based upon the so-called sovereignty of the people. or, more correctly, on a majority of the people, who give a government its "authority" to govern, to manufacture laws, to go to war, by freely voting for them in some election.This government is then said to represent "the will of the people". In such an election, a particular political Party, or movement, or leader, is said to be elected - and given the power to form a government - by receiving the most votes.

    However, even this kaffir theory is not entirely correct. It is not correct because first, many governments in the West are elected by a minority vote - that is, the combined votes received by other Parties, and candidates (the opposition) is often greater than the share of the votes received by the "elected" Party. Second, only a certain percentage of the population bother to vote, so that the successful Party or leader or whatever, represents only the votes they/he/she received which is almost always a minority vote so that they "represent", at best, only a minority of the people, not the majority.

    Third, election campaigns in the West are dominated by the Media, by propaganda and promises, with the people being manipulated by politicians, and their lackeys - often this manipulation is by appealing to the lower instincts of the people, or appealing to some prejudice, or to the personal feelings of the electorate in an attempt to get people to vote in a certain way and for a certain person. Fourth, such election campaigns cost vast sums of money - and the people who donate large sums often do so in order to propagate their own, personal agenda, or their own views.

    Fourth, vested interests such as big Corporations, and lobby groups, often persuade elected representatives to vote in certain ways on certain issues, and/or often persuade elected representatives to vote for, or to oppose, some manufactured law - and not on the basis of the interests of "the people" but on the basis of the vested interests of such lobby groups, or Corporation. A classic example here is the pro-Zionist lobby in Amerika which has influenced and is influencing Amerikan foreign policy.

    Fifth, the Media has a disproportionate iinfluence, and can make or destroy the reputation of any person it chooses. Thus, if the vested interests behind some Media concern want to discredit a Politician or person or their cause or views, then they will do so.

    Sixth, elected representatives - and especially leaders of governments - can be and often are liars, as they can and do use propaganda to advance their own agenda, irrespective of the "will of the people". A classic case here are the lies of Bush and Blair regarding Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and using that as an excuse to invade Iraq when their hidden agenda, now revealed even by them, was regime change, to make the Zionist entity safe, and to impose Western values upon that part of Al-Sham. These liars will then use propaganda, and the power of the Media, to manipulate people and convince them that their cause is "just and right", all the while refusing to admit their lies and their errors.

    Democracy is thus a fraud. It is not really government by the people for the people, but rather government by an oligarchy in the interests of that oligarchy or in the interest of some vested often hidden interest group. It is not even a fair and reasonable vote, since topics the oligarchy and the Media and the vested interests do not want to discus are not discussed, and voters are shamelessly manipulated, lied to, and appeals made to their instincts, their prejudices, their fears, with the elected government seldom if ever being truly representative of the people it governs.

    We Muslims do not need this fraud of democracy, this hypocrisy of democracy, this duty and obligation to obey the whims, the hawah, of some majority or minority or some vested interest. Furthermore, even in their idealistic theory, on which this idea of democracy is based, the kuffar make a fundamental error in accepting the principle that the views of the majority are somehow important and should be - in theory at least - the basis for government, and law and even (as in a Jury trial) a basis for "justice".Thus do the politicians, and magnates and the hidden manipulators of the West use propaganda, and lies, and Media persuasion, to mould the views, the opinions, the attitudes, of this "majority".

    This acceptance of the value of some majority is a fundamental error, a sign of the Ages of Ignorance (Jahiliyah) because a majority is and can be wrong; because a majority is easily persuaded, by rhetoric; can be easily manipulated by vested interested, by propaganda, and so on. Thus the use of the so-called "judgement" of such majority as the basis, or even as one basis, for decisions, for government, for law - for anything - is fundamentally wrong.

    As Sheikh Muhammad Abdul-Wahhaab (Rahimullah) said:

    "One of the foremost principles of [Al-Jahiliyah] was that they were deceived by following the majority, using that majority as proof of the correctness of their view." Masaail-ul-Jahiliyah

    As Muslims, we rely upon, we depend upon, we obey, the word, the judgement, of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. We do not rely upon, or depend upon, or seek to obey the word of some majority, or someone who claims to speak "on behalf of" this majority. We do this because we are Muslim, because we submit only to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala: that is, we know that the judgement of Allah is perfect - and we turn to Quran and Sunnah, to al-Khulafaa' al-Raashidoon and As-Salaf as-Saalih, to know what this judgement is, what the word of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala is. We thus accept that we are fallible, weak, prone to error, and in need of guidance.

    Our strength, our belief, our values derive not from us, not from ourselves, as individuals, not from our own feelings or desires, not from our hawah - but from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. In contrast, the kuffar delude themselves that their strength, their beliefs, their values, derive from themselves - and that they have some kind of right to impose these, by force, and manipulation, and propaganda, upon others, just as they often worship and obey their hawah.

    In addition, our Muslim way - the Way given to us by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala - is the way of Siyasah. This means Bayah, to an Ameer (or Khalifah); it means Shura. It means ruling according to Shariah alone. That is, it means Khilafah. The way of the Khilafah is the way of the Muslims (see Note 1).

    2) Human Rights:

    What the kuffar call "human rights" are a manifestation of their Ignorance and their arrogance, for the basis for this concept, this idea, is the belief that human beings have these "rights", by their very nature, and that manufactured laws, governments, agencies and organizations - or "our leaders" - can "give" us these rights, or embody them, or protect them. In addition, this kaffir concept implies that we, as individuals, have or should have a "duty" to "obey" such laws, such governments, organizations, and such leaders since they embody or protect these "rights". However, according to Deen Al-Islam, this amounts to kufr: to insolence, to overstepping the bounds which Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has set for us. It is a denial of our Muslim nature and a denial of the truth of Tawheed.

    For Islam, "human rights" - individual "rights" - do not exist. For Muslims, there is only obedience, or disobedience. Muslims know that we, as individuals, only have duties and responsibilities - toward Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala; toward those who are the representatives of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala on Earth (such as a Khalifah); toward our brothers and sisters; toward upholding Adab Al-Islam in our relations with non-Muslims.

    According to Deen Al-Islam, Nature, and the Cosmos - all beings, every-thing, whether living, or inert, inorganic matter - are Signs of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, and one of the aims of our mortal existence is to seek to discover, know and understand these Signs, for by doing this we will come to understand Tawheed: that is, how all beings derive from The One, depend upon The One, and change only in accordance with what Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala decrees. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has gifted us with the faculty of reason that we may know, discover, these Signs.

    Tawheed is knowing that we not only depend on Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala for everything, but also that it is for Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala alone to determine our duties, our responsibilities, our goals, our very way of life. We were created, by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, as finite fallible beings, whose knowledge and understanding can never be complete or totally correct. Hence, we must rely on Allah, with this reliance being the essence of our very being: a manifestation of our true nature, as human beings.

    That is, our natural state of being - that which expresses our purpose, our nature, that which is the meaning of our being - is to acknowledge and accept our reliance upon our Creator. This reliance is "submission to only Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala" and this is being Muslim, which is a return to our natural state, to our fitrah.

    The quest for "human rights", the demand for "human rights" - for individual rights - negates, and covers-up, our true nature. It takes us away from our true, natural, relationship with our Creator, and this kaffir concept of "rights" is a Taghut, which they bow down to and expect others to bow down to.

    3) The Rule of Law:

    The kuffar extol this as one of their values, one of their virtues. However, the kuffar, in their ignorance, are in error in two ways. First, the rule of law is not something unique to the West. Indeed, it would be fair to say that this principle existed long before the West, and long before the societies of ancient Greece and Rome - which the West looks upon as its beginning. There was, for instance, the Code of Hammurabi which existed a thousand or so years before the West. Thus, the kuffar cannot rightly claim this as one of their values, one of their virtues.

    Second, the kuffar are in error because they give to themselves the right, and the duty, to manufacture laws - to decide what is right, and what is wrong. This is a fundamental error, which amounts to hubris, insolence, because according to Deen Al-Islam only Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has the right, the knowledge, the wisdom, to make laws: to determine what our laws should be. The basis for our laws, as Muslims, are the Quran and Sunnah.

    "The words of your Rabb are complete, perfect - manifesting truth, justice, and nothing shall ever abrogate them." 6:115 Interpretation of Meaning

    Islam, in respect of law, shows its complete superiority, its humanity, its justice, in, for instance, the matter of Qisas, or retribution. This is the human, the honourable, cause of action in some matters of dispute. Furthermore, and most importantly, Qisas is individual and personal - that is, it is assigned to the individual who has been wronged, and not to some "State", or to some "authority" or some "officer" acting on behalf of some impersonal authority. There is a divine wisdom here, in this personal retribution, which the kuffar - with their tyrannical abstract laws and their tyrannical nation-States - overlook or are ignorant of. Furthermore, although Qisas is prescribed, so is mercy - that is, the individual can opt to show some mercy toward the offender. Here again, divine wisdom is evident.

    4) The Use of Reason:

    Some of the kuffar have even claimed that the use of reason is one of the most fundamental defining elements of what they call Western "civilization", and most of these kuffar trace its origins back to Ancient Greece, and in particular to Aristotle.

    However, like the Rule of Law, reason is also not unique to the West, and pre-dates even the origins of the modern West, as evident, for example, in the works of Lao Tzu and Confucius, and in the life of Siddhārtha Gautama.

    For Deen Al-Islam, reason - understood as istidlaal - is not primary, as the ideal of reason seems to be or is alleged to be in the West (in truth, the reality of the West is quite different and does not live up to the idealism some of its champions espouse). What is primary for Deen Al-Islam is submission because the perspective is of Jannah. This is in complete contrast to the West, and especially to the West now and in the past hundred or so years, whose perspective, whose focus, whose raison d'etre is this mortal life of ours, and the materialism, the comfort, the luxuries, the personal happiness, the "peace" (peace as defined by the kuffar) that can be part of this mortal life. Furthermore, and as explained above, istidlaal is a means for us to find and understand the Signs of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala:

    "Allah (alone) has power over, and is the (sole) master of, all things. The creations in Heaven and Earth, the very change of Night to Day, are Signs for those gifted with reasoning, those who whether sitting, standing or reclining on their sides, give praise to Allah and who frequently recall these creations in Heaven and Earth, (saying): 'You who are our Rabb - You created all these things for a purpose; the achievement is Yours alone.' " 3:189-191 Interpretation of Meaning

    The mistake of Western philosophers - and of some Muslims using such "philosophy" in order to explain or understand Deen Al-Islam - has been to posit an abstract reason and such things as revelation, or faith/religion, in opposition, as separate categories, whereas both, as defined and accepted by the kuffar, are subjective projections onto the Unity of Tawheed, a concealment of our fitrah, which is Muslim. This is a fundamental truth - of Deen Al-Islam - which the kuffar in their ignorance and arrogance cannot even understand and appreciate, let alone accept.

    5) Peace:

    For the kuffar, peace is the "happiness of the greatest number", personal happiness and contentment, or the tranquillity which can arise from lack of conflict

    We Muslims do not view peace in the same way as the kuffar - or, rather, we should not view peace in the same way as them. For Muslims, peace is what Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala informs us it is. What others call peace, and how they define it, is therefore irrelevant for us. For us, peace is the peace of Jannah, and that state of being which arises from submission only to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

    Our goal is not to attain some state of "peace" on this Earth, or to strive for "peace" between nation-States; or to avoid conflict in the name of "peace". Our goal is obedience to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala - to strive to do, and uphold and propagate, what is halal; to restrain from doing, to restrain others from doing, what is haram. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has said that there will be conflict, killing and violence:

    "And there shall be conflict between you while you dwell, resting for a while, on Earth which shall provide for you." 2: 36 Interpretation of Meaning

    "Let those who would trade the life of this world for the life Hereafter fight in the Cause of Allah. And those who do fight in the Cause of Allah - whether they be killed or are victorious - will have bestowed on them, by Us, a great reward." 4: 74 Interpretation of Meaning

    "In exchange for their lives and their goods, Allah has given those who believe Paradise. Thus will they fight in Allah's cause, and thus will they kill, and be killed." 9: 111 Interpretation of Meaning

    We are not striving for the same goal as the kuffar - our goal is obedience; the perfect, eternal, peace of Jannah. The so-called "happiness of the greatest number" is therefore irrelevant to us. The tranquillity which many of the kuffar, in their ignorance and delusion, seek is irrelevant to us. Our perspective is Jannah - not the illusions and the temptations of this world, not our personal happiness in this temporary mortal life, and not the "peace" of, or for, this world.

    For Deen Al-Islam what distinguishes us as human beings, what defines us, is not reason, or the rule of human manufactured law - certainly not the fraud of democracy or the desire for personal happiness or "peace" - but rather our conscious, knowing, free and humble acceptance of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala as our Creator and Rabb, and our acceptance of Muhammad (salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) as the Messenger of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. Through Muhammad (salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) we know our duties and obligations, just as, through the Prophet (salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) we have the words of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and the Sunnah to guide us.

    The kuffar may not like this - the moderate "Muslims" who support the kuffar may not like this - but that is how it is, in its beautiful simplicity, for Muslims who obey only Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and who heed the words of their Rabb:

    "Thus We have made you [Muslims], a Wasat (just and noble) people, that you be witnesses over all other peoples as the Messenger (Muhammad) is a witness over you." 2: 143 Interpretation of Meaning


    Deen Al-Islam is completely different from the West because Islam represents Truth, whereas the kuffar, being kuffar, represent Falsehood and Ignorance. There is only Haqq and Baatil, and as Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says:

    "Haqq has been distinguished from Baatil - and those who renounce and denounce Taghut and then believe in Allah have grasped that trustworthy hand-hold that never breaks." 2:256 Interpretation of Meaning

    Our values, our perspective, are different from those of the kuffar because ours have been given to us by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, while theirs they have fashioned themselves, according to some fallible ideas, or according to some trendy theory. Thus we reject their values, based on their materialistic, worldly, perspective - on their hope for "peace", on their demand for "human rights" and their idealistic, or hypocritical, belief in the fraud they call democracy.

    We reject their utter hypocrisy. For example, the West bleats about the killing, by Muslims, of some three or four thousand of what it calls "civilians" in a few incidents in the past few years - calling this "evil" and "barbaric" - while ignoring the wholesale slaughter of civilians that blight its own bloody history, which slaughter includes at least 40,000 killed in Dresden (some estimates go as high as 100,000) and 200,000 killed in Japan by the dropping of atomic bombs. This does not include the estimated half a million to a million Muslims the West killed, through starvation in Iraq, as a result of its sanctions, nor the thousands upon thousands of Muslims killed by the Western-supported and Western-armed Zionist entity these past decades. Nor does it include the thousand upon thousands of Muslim women and children killed by the West, through bombs and missiles and gun-fire in Iraq and Afghanistan and Sheesan. Nor does the West - in its complete and utter hypocrisy - mention the weapons it sells and has sold to other countries, for decades; nor do the hypocrites of the West mention their interference in the affairs of other lands, or their support for despots and tyrants who have killed, tortured and imprisoned thousands upon thousands of Muslims in places like Algeria.

    Thus, when the West talks about Western values we know what these Western values are - the values of the bully; the values of the tyrant, of the war-lord; the values of the arms merchant; the values of the imperialist; the values of the exploiting capitalist. In short, the values of the hypocrite, the deceiver, the barbarian, the infidel. No wonder the Japanese and the Chinese, on encountering the infidels of the West for the first time, and on experiencing at first-hand their values and ways, called them "white devils".

    As Muslims, we do not need the so-called values of the West. We have our own values, and these express what our Rabb has told us are good, right, honourable and just. Thus, if we obey Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala we are doing what is good, right, honourable and just, regardless of what the kuffar and their apostate lackeys call us and regardless of what their laws say about what we do.

    An error made by some Muslims is to place their own feelings about certain things, their own reaction to certain things, the whisperings and words of the kuffar about these things, before their duty to obey Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. Thus, if Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says that the punishment for a certain deed is to cut off the hand of that person, or to lash them, or to stone them to death, then our duty is to obey Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala in such things, and to ignore our own feelings, our own desires, which more often than not will lead us astray. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says:

    "And who is more astray than the one who follows his hawaah, lacking as they do the guidance of Allah?" 28:50 Interpretation of Meaning

    "If you believe in Allah and The Last Day do not let pity deter you from administering the punishments which Allah has ordained, and let a group of those who believe witness such punishment." 24:2 Interpretation of Meaning

    Further, some Muslims apply the criteria of the kuffar to such things, and thus judge according to the standards, the values, the ways, of the kuffar, having been deceived by the kuffar - by Shaitan - into accepting that what Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says and commands is "out-dated", needs "updating" and thus is not perfect. However, as Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says:

    "This day I have perfected your Way of Life for you and completed My Favour upon you and have chosen for you as your Way of Life Al-Islam" 5:3 Interpretation of Meaning

    Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says that Deen Al-Islam is complete and perfect, and therefore it can never be "out of date". "Progress" - modernization - is a kaffir concept, a Taghut, and therefore cannot and should not be applied to Deen Al-Islam: it is applying something causal, something manufactured and limited, to what is a-causal, the oneness, the Unity, of Tawheed. For Muslims, true progress is drawing closer in obedience to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala in the hope of achieving our ultimate goal which is Jannah.

    Part 2: The Ignorance of the Infidels

    For a Muslim, the ignorance of the infidels (the kuffar) arises from two things. First, it arises from a denial or ignorance of the truth of Tawheed, which is a denial or ignorance of the truth of La ilaha il Allah, Muhammad-ur-Rasool-Allah. Second, it arises from their arrogant presumption of interpreting, or viewing, or trying to understand, Deen Al-Islam according to their own values, ideas, concepts, categories and perspective. That is, they cannot apply the reason and objectivity they claim to believe in and uphold (and which they erroneously claim is a Western value) when considering Deen Al-Islam. Instead, they interpret Deen Al-Islam according to the subjective categories they have manufactured.

    In brief, this means that they are indeed truly ignorant: unwilling, or unable, to consider and concede that Deen Al-Islam is totally different from each and every way of the West, and that therefore the concepts, or categories, or ideas, or abstractions, which the West has manufactured and which they project onto reality to try "understand" and "explain" the world, and people, cannot be applied to Deen Al-Islam. These kaffir categories, terms, concepts, ideas and abstractions include such things as "ideology", and the nation-State, and the division between "State" and "religion".

    The Kaffir Myth of Moderate and Extremist Muslims:

    This myth arises from the kuffar judging Muslims according to whether those Muslims accept or reject the West, and accept or reject the values and ways of the West. Those who accept the West, with all that this implies, the kuffar call "moderate Muslims". Those who do not accept the West - who refuse to accept the kaffir interpretation of Islam - the kuffar call "extremists", or "supporters of terrorism" or "terrorists", and the kuffar have manufactured laws which enable them to imprison these so-called "extremists" for their "intolerance and hate" and for their "glorification of terrorism".

    In effect, the West, the kuffar, have set themselves up to define what is, and what is not, Islam, and what it is, or it is not, lawful for a Muslim to do, or speak, or write, anywhere in the world. They have manufactured, with the help of their tame and apostate Muslims, a so-called "moderate Islam" which basically views Islam as a religion, which accepts that this "Islam" is compatible with democracy, which accepts the kaffir Taghut of the nation-State, and which accepts that the Shariah needs "updating" so that the laws of this nation-State, where Muslims dwell, can and should include laws deriving from the ways, the categories, of the West. In addition, this "moderate Islam" accepts the kaffir definition of "peace", ignores the duty of Jihad, of reclaiming Muslim lands, and accepts that Muslims can and should live in "peace" with the kuffar.

    However, we should not use the terms "extreme" and "moderate" in reference to Deen Al-Islam. Rather, we should use "obedience" and "error". A Muslim falls into error when they reject the timeless perfection of Deen Al-Islam, when they reject ruling by Shariah alone, when they ally themselves with the kuffar, when they imitate the kuffar by applying the terms, the concepts, the ideas, the Taghut, of the kuffar to Deen Al-Islam. Thus, if we use the terminology of the kuffar for the moment, then according to the correct definition just outlined, what the kuffar call "moderate Muslims" are Muslims who are clearly in error (if not apostates) while what the kuffar call "extremist Muslims" or "fundamentalists" are those who are obedient to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and who thus are true representatives of Deen Al-Islam.

    The Kaffir Myth of Ideology:

    A recent myth, propagated by the kuffar and based upon their ignorance, is that Islam is some kind of "ideology". Or, rather, that those Muslims who do not accept or who do not adhere to the "moderate" so-called "Islam" that the kuffar find acceptable (and which they have in large part manufactured and propagated) instead adhere to some kind of "Islamist ideology", which "Islamist ideology" the kuffar then categorise and label according to their own ignorant, fallible, manufactured, terms and ideas.

    Thus, according to the kuffar this so-called "Islamist ideology" is "totalitarian" in nature and has, according to them, similarities with "fascism" and even "National Socialism". The leaders of the kuffar, and their lackeys and followers, have gone even further and now use the term "Islamo-fascism" to describe that which they dislike, and fear, and that which they are fighting. This derives, in part, from their prejudice - their arrogant inability to see the world, and people as the world, and people, are. Instead of seeing and understanding the reality, the kuffar see the world and people in a distorted way, through their manufactured constructs, their fallible ideas and theories.

    These labels which the kuffar direct at us - such categorization of us and of Deen Al-Islam - shows the utter failure, and the arrogance, of the kuffar yet again. For, despite their claims to be objective and rational, they are in thrall to their own subjective notions, concepts and ideas, which they project on Deen Al-Islam and Muslims, yet again failing to understand the simple fundamental and irreconcilable difference between Deen Al-Islam and the West. So, here it is again: Deen Al-Islam means simple humble honourable dignified obedience to only Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and the perspective of Jannah, the liberation of Tawheed, whereas the West means slavery to one's hawah, the pursuit of unattainable illusive goals (such as personal happiness and "peace"); usury and debt and wage-slavery; hypocrisy; and the arrogant prejudice of believing that the West is superior.

    In addition, the kuffar - and their tame moderate "Muslims" - write and talk about Islam as a "religion". Islam is a Deen - a complete and perfect Way of Life. Nowhere in the Quran does the word mazhab occur. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala calls Islam a Deen, and therefore to be precise we should talk and write about Deen Al-Islam, and not about "Islam" as if Islam was a "thing" to be categorized according to the manufactured terms, ideas and concepts of the kuffar. There is no such thing, in Deen Al-Islam, as "religion" and "State" - there are only duties and obligations to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and His Messenger (salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam). There is only obedience to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

    Prejudice About Islam and Muslims:

    The arrogance, ignorance and prejudice of the kuffar is further evident in their attempt to categorize Muslims who refuse to accept the ways, the values of the West. That is, the kuffar, in their ignorance and arrogance, try to understand the Muslims who refuse to bow down before them and their idols according to their kaffir manufactured, abstract, subjective, theories and ideas.

    For instance, it is common for the arrogant kuffar to consider that those who revert to Deen Al-Islam Islam and who refuse to accept the tame, moderate manufactured "Islam" of the kuffar, are people who are "psychically marginal", or who seek "simple answers" because, according to the kuffar, they cannot "cope with life" - or some such psycho-babble. They then consider that such reverts - and those Muslims who refuse to accept the values of the West and who, for example, strive to do their duty of Jihad - are seeking some kind of "solace" in the "collective Ummah". In truth, as personal knowledge shows, those who actively fight the kuffar, those who refuse to obey the kuffar, are often the best among Muslims - the most honourable; the most humble; the most modest; the ones who adhere to Adab Al-Islam; the ones who are simply striving to obey Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala out of pure love for Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and His Messenger (salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam).

    "It was narrated on the authority of Abu Hariara that the Prophet (salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said: Imaan has over seventy branches, and modesty is a branch of Imaan." (Muslim, Book 1, 55)

    The fact that so many of the kuffar can demean such honourable, modest, Muslims shows the true nature of the kuffar, just as the fact that the West cannot defeat the Mujahideen, even given the military superiority of the armies of the West and their lackey allies shows the true nature of the Muslims who refuse to bow down to the kuffar. Hundreds of thousands of Western troops - backed by the wealth of the West - cannot defeat tens of thousands of poorly-equipped Mujahideen, Alhamdulillah.

    Therefore, the West is now relying on two things. On apostates, who rule as puppets in kaffir-made nation-States, and upon dividing Muslims through manufacturing and supporting a moderate so-called "Islam" which accommodate itself to the West, and which in truth, is based upon the perspective, the ideas, the concepts, of the West. This is a false "Islam" - it is not Deen Al-Islam. It is an acceptance of the Tawagheet of the kuffar. The West is spending billions upon billions of dollars propagating this falsehood; on supporting apostates and on trying to recruit Muslims to this false "Islam". However, more and more Muslims - Alhamdulillah - are rejecting the ways of the West, for they see the West for what it is.

    The Truth About the West:

    The West is proud of its traditions and sees itself as the heirs of the ancient classical world - the heirs of ancient Greece and Rome. It considers itself as carrying on the "civilization" of this ancient world. However, the truth is that West is responsible for the greatest suffering ever known in the whole history of the world. How many hundreds of millions of people has the West killed? How much suffering has it brought?

    The peoples of the West have always assumed - whatever belief or idea or ideology or faith they adhered to - that they are superior, that their way is superior, that they are "civilized" and have a duty to impose themselves and their ways upon others; that these others need "educating" and need "civilizing". This is the legacy of ancient Greece and Rome - carried on through the Nazarene doctrine of "Christianity", in its many forms, including the early Crusades, missionaries, the Inquisition, and then carried on by Western colonialism and imperialism. It is now carried on by the new Crusade the West has launched, against those Muslims who refuse to accept the new imperialism of the West and who refuse to bow down before the values, the ways, the concepts, the authority, the laws, of the West.

    Part of this new Western imperialism is the colonialism of capitalism, of economic protectionism, and of organizations such as The United Nations, which organization was created to enforce and impose Western values, and Western ways, and Western laws - and Western ideas such as the "nation-State" and democracy - upon the world. Part of this new imperialism is the blackmail of "carrot-and-stick" - of Western aid. For the West says: we shall give you aid (and "educate" you) if you change your ways and adopt our principles and values. To this end, Western so-called "non-government agencies" (NGO's) were created which, as many people in the non-Western know or have learnt, are often fronts for agencies such as the CIA and often used to spread Western propaganda. They appear to be neutral, but are just one more manifestation of Western interference and the Western desire to dominate and impose Western values and ways upon others. Even if in their origin some NGO's were neutral and had good intentions, most were/are infiltrated by Western governments anyway.

    The truth is the West has grown wealthy - and achieved its success - through war, colonialism, exploitation, blackmail, protectionism. It has created a system - enforced by the United Nations and its own armies - whereby its allows itself to have any amount of weapons and any type of weapon, but insists that only it, and its trusted allies, can have such weapons. It has created a system whereby it can impose sanctions upon anyone who may be a threat, and a system whereby it can make resolutions in the so-called "United Nations" organization which it has manufactured and which it can and does then use to enforce those resolutions upon its enemies or those its wants to punish for disobeying its dictates or refusing to give in to its demands, as in Afghanistan. And if even its own lackey organization does not act quick enough or in the way it wants, the West - led by Amerika - will ignore it and do what it wants anyway, as in Iraq.

    Furthermore, the West does all these things using deceit, lies and propaganda - it is the greatest hypocrite in the whole history of the world. Thus, in the name of "democracy" and "freedom" it invades the lands of others; it kills hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people; it terrorizes them; its tortures them; it imprisons its opponents. It goes to war. It ignores its own laws when it suits it, or makes new ones, just as it can even ignore its puppet, the United Nations, as it did in the case of Iraq (suffering no consequences, of course, from doing so). It leaders lie to their own people to get their way (as in the case of alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq) as these leaders, and those hidden manipulators behind them, use the Media and propaganda to persuade and brainwash the easily persuaded and easily brainwashed public of the West.

    For example, the West kidnaps thousands of Muslims, humiliates them; tortures them; imprisons them without trial - all contrary to the laws it claims to uphold. Its leaders and lackeys then blatantly lie about doing all this, for year after year. Then, when they have achieved what it was they wanted (and not before) they make certain careful admissions, about, for instance secret CIA prisons. But no one is held accountable, no one - except for some low-ranking flunky - is ever tried in their Courts of Law, for there are the hundreds, thousands upon thousands, of flunkies, of shyster lawyers, of propagandists, to explain all this away, to make excuses.

    In addition, they West bleats about "freedom" yet, like some totalitarian State, it spies on its own people far more than the old Communist nations spied on their people, and persecutes and imprisons its own people - including academically qualified historians and scientists - if they dare to challenge some of the accepted dogma which the West believes in, such as the assumptions surrounding the alleged "holocaust of the Jews" during the West's so-called Second World War.

    In effect, the West acts and has acted like some tyrant, some arrogant bully. It swaggers around, invading here; invading there. Sending its troops to one country after another; sending its "Special Forces" units and its covert operatives to capture and kidnap, or assassinate, anyone it wants, anywhere in the world. It protects itself by trade barriers; it exploits the resources of other countries. It gives aid to despots, and dictators who suppress their own people, if those despots and dictators do or can do the West some favour or other, or if those despots and dictators support the West in its new imperialism. It ignores it when it allies - such as the Zionist entity which occupies Palestine - kill and oppress Palestinians, and assassinates the leaders of the Palestinians. It ignores the truth that this Zionist entity has weapons of mass destruction, because this entity is its ally, but insists that those it does not like cannot have such weapons, and threatens them, like the bully it is. And so on, and so on. And then it wonders why millions upon millions of people, world-wide, hate it and cheer when it suffers some misfortune, or has its arrogance blunted, as it did in the Jumaadi Al-Thaani attacks.

    Yet this bully, with all its military might, with all its wealth, with all its hundreds of thousands of troops and its all of its allies, cannot even defeat a few thousand poorly-equipped Mujahideen in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. Thus, it has to resort to the old colonial tactic of divide-and-conquer - of installing puppet governments and getting the forces of such a puppet-government to do its dirty work.

    The truth is that the way of the West is the way of the bully, the barbarian, the arrogant, ignorant infidel - the way of those who refuse to submit, in humility, to the truth revealed by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. The way of the West is the way of dishonour, lies, deceit and hedonism - a way so evident in the lies, the deceit, the dishonour, the arrogance, the hedonism of people like Bush and Blair, the cowards, who, safely surrounded by multitudes of bodyguards, partake in feasts and banquets while they order their people to die for them and while their troops are killing and injuring and humiliating Muslims, and while, during the course of one of their sumptuous banquets, dozens more people will have died somewhere in the world of starvation as the capitalist companies of the West continue their exploitation of peoples and this planet, and as the minions and lackeys of the governments of the West seek to impose Western "law" and Western "democracy" on the peoples of the world through military force and political and economic blackmail so that the West can continue its arrogant domination, and its peoples can enjoy their luxuries and their pleasures.

    Is there any wonder, then, why so many millions of people, world-wide, hate the West and pray for its defeat?

    Conclusion: The Truth About Islam

    The truth about Islam is very simple - it is a Deen, a complete and perfect Way of Life, given to us by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala It is the way of honour, justice, true equality. It is the human way - a middle-way between the extreme of Nazarene-type piety and asceticism, and the extreme world-rejection of something like Buddhism.

    It is the way of genuine civilization, which civilization only ever arises from an acceptance of submission: from humility, from that dignity and humanity which the perspective of Jannah, of Judgement on The Last Day, brings. Islam is the way of honour because honour depends on, derives from, the perspective of Jannah, from the knowledge of being judged by a supreme, just, Being.

    Islam is the Way of Justice because true justice can only ever be the perfect judgement of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala - not the imperfect, fallible, judgement of human beings, in thrall to their hawah, or manipulated by some manufactured idea or concept.

    Islam is the Way of true equality because we are all mortal subjects of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala - we shall all return to Him to be judged, and the only genuine distinction Islam makes between people is the distinction of obedience to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, the distinction of Taqwa.

    "In truth, the most honourable of you in the sight of Allah is the one who has At-Taqwa." 13:2 Interpretation of Meaning

    Islam is the way of true peace because true peace is the peace of Jannah and the peace, in this life, which is a gift from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and which arises when we wholly, out of humility, submit to only Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala

    Islam is the way of genuine freedom because it gives us the true understanding of freedom, in this life, and the next. Freedom, in this life, is freedom from Tawagheet, from the illusive divisions which we in our ignorance manufacture, and which we impose upon, and which thus conceal, the simple purity of Tawheed. Freedom is thus a knowledge of our relation to Tawheed - a return to our natural being, a return to our natural relation to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala , which is submission. Freedom is a knowing that this life is only a stage, a test - a path to Jannah - and that our real freedom begins there, in the Gardens of Paradise.

    "Do not desire to go into battle hoping that Allah will save you. Rather, be calm when you face the enemy, knowing that Jannah is under the shade of swords." Bukhari, Vol 4, Book 52, 210

    May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala protect us from all forms of Al-asabiyyah Al-Jahiliyyah, forgive us for our mistakes, and guide us to and keep us on the Right Path.

    Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt
    13 Shaban 1427


    1) For Siyasah, refer to Sheikh ul-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah (Rahimullah): Siyasatush-Shar’iah.
  2. morbius

    morbius <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    This whole text is so wrong that it would take me days to list all the things that are not true or don’t make sense in it. Instead, I would just like to concentrate on five western values that are disputed here.

    1) Democracy

    “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all others that have been tried” – Winston Churchill.
    As it was pointed out, democracy does have a lot of serious flaws, but it’s still the best government in existence. I myself have fought to restore democracy into my country and I am very proud of it. Democracy offers a government that you can change if you are not satisfied with it. There are problems with democracy, but I would choose it over Iranian theocracy any day.

    2) Human Rights

    This is the main pillar of our western civilization. I can not be arrested without evidence that I have done something wrong and I can’t be imprisoned without a trial. I have a right to go wherever I please and follow any religion I want.
    But most of all, I have a right of free speech and all other rights come from that. I can go out in public and yell as loudly as I can: “This government is corrupt and it doesn’t work in the interest of the people” and nothing would happen to me. You try that in Teheran, if you dare.

    3) The rule of law

    Most countries in the world today are at least on paper ruled by low, so I won’t argue with you on this one.

    4) The Use of Reason

    God has given me a brain, so why should I not use such precious gift? Why should I let some Ayatollah think for me, when I can think for myself? Would god have given me free will if He didn’t want me to use it? God doesn’t want me to be his slave, he has no need for slaves. God doesn’t want me to gravel before him and tell him how great he is, He already knows that He is great.
    Each man has the right to choose his own path based on what his conscience tells him. Contrary to the orthodox Muslims, we do not fallow the preset path of obedience, but instead search for our own path, each man individually.

    5) Peace

    Violence in our western culture is always considered the last option. Instead of some promised peace in the afterlife, we are searching for peace on Earth, trying to resolve each conflict with a compromise, if possible in any way. In such a peace everyone should be able to live their life the best way he knows how, as long as it doesn’t harm others. Live and let others live.

    These are great values of our civilization, but I agree that they should not be forced to Muslim countries. Still, I would encourage you to try our ways, you might find them agreeable. They are in basis of what we are and most of what we have accomplished, we have accomplished thanks to them.
  3. Khidrah

    Khidrah New Member


    "God has created nothing finer than intelligence, nothing more perfect or more beautiful; the benefits which God bestows are due to it, understanding comes from it, and the wrath of God strikes the person who scorns it."

    The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

    Before criticising Islam, why not learn something about it? Truly, there is nothing worse than ignorant criticism.

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