The Islamic Standard - Weekly Edition, 2nd July 2010

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    The Islamic Standard - Weekly Edition, 2nd July 2010

    Bringing you the news of the wider Ummah to the Muslims of the UK

    20th Rajab, 1431 / Friday 2nd July, 2010 Edition

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    MP Philip Hollobone tries to ban Niqab

    The Niqab – face veil, sometimes known as a Burkha in some cultures is part of the teachings of Islam but coming under attack, not in France or Belgium this time, but in Britain…

    link to the rest of the story…

    Taliban rule out negotiations with Nato

    “We are certain that we are winning. Why should we talk if we have the upper hand, and the foreign troops are considering withdrawal, and there are differences in the ranks of our enemies?”

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    Doorway to Fitnah: Free-mixing!

    “The youth sometimes approach me and tell me: “Ya sheikh ! Why are you making marriage hard on us? Do you want us to remain single forever!! How are we supposed to find people if we can’t even TALK to them? Simple talking! And besides that’s what everyone does, especially in my culture…they can’t all be wrong?!”

    link to the rest of the article…

    From FBI Hero to Outcast Zero

    facing the predictable consequences of his own actions, caught in a cultural, religious and ethnic no-man’s-land, unable to return to his community, yet out of place in American life.

    “I lost my people,” Omar said during one in a series of rambling interviews over the last month with the Philidephia Inquirer “I lost my religion. And I can do nothing about it.”

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    Is Hiraan online sleeping with the TFG?

    Hiraan online is a major internet news player within the Somali community with many if not most Somali refugees in the west relying on its news coverage with its use of both Somali and English.

    It is an undoubtably secularist site, attacking the Shariah of Allah and those who promote it and promoting other kufr such as grave worship and sins such as free-mixing, Bidah, music, women uncovering etc etc.

    But a recent contractual letter has come to light showing their supposed impartiality might be even more of a sham than practicing muslims already thought.

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    EDL youth made and tested bombs…

    A 16 year old youth with an “unhealthy interest” in explosives and right wing politics made gunpowder and nailbombs with chemicals bought from his mother’s eBay account but don’t worry because the Police say he is not a terrorist…

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    Papal anger at Belgian Church Paedo priest investigations

    The Pope’s latest comments shows they still don’t get it… so lets spell it out for them in clear terms…


    Are we all clear now?

    link to the rest of this story…

    Settlers attack Palestinian school children in Hebron

    Here we have a video of Jewish settlers stood mocking and throwing stones at Muslim kids going to school, as you can see the “most moral army in the world” stands by and does nothing to stop them, indeed is protecting them from reprisals from those the Jews humiliate every single day.

    link to the rest of this story and video…

    The Traps of Iblees

    Imâm Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

    It is not possible to encompass one of Iblees’ evils, let alone all of them. Since Iblees’ evil is of six types, Iblees remains behind the son of Adam until he gets him to do one or more of these six evils…

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