The Makkan Siege: In Defense of Juhaymān

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    Imām Juhaymān رحمه الله said:
    Then when his (‘Abdul ‘Azīz – may Allāh curse him) kingdom was established and goal achieved, he then allied himself with the Christians. And he stopped the continuation of the Jihād in the path of Allāh outside of Jazīrah (Arab Lands). Thus when they (Ikhwān) went out to fight the Mushrikīn of ‘Irāq who called ‘Alī and Fātimah and Al-Hasan and Al-Hussein with Allāh (in Shirk), they named them –him [‘Abdul Azīz] and the Shuyūkh of ignorance with him - with a name which the people of Islām hates and it is Khawārij; while the Ikhwān did not rebel against him and they did not obey him when he forbade them from Jihād, and after he named them khawārij, he incited those who did not go out with them (Ikhwān) to fight them.”
    Hence after deeply thinking, it is clear that the puppet scholars of the tāghūt have amplified the matter as to make the people hate him so much that he is portrayed as a traitor, a Dajjāl, a devious kāfir and corrupter. Thus they did this so none would even want to hear the arguments of Juhaymān رحمه الله. And it is similar to the attempted character assassination of the likes of Sayyid Qutb رحمه الله by the likes of Rabī’u and other rented donkeys of the Salūlī Government.

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    How idiotic is it for you guys to venerate him for a crime which he repented from before his death?!

    He gave up when he saw his Mahdi shot dead.

    But you guys are so sick in your hatred for Saudi Arabia, that if tomorrow, the Americans were to occupy the Haram and start killing the Muslims, you would call them Imams, too...

    You guys are extremely sick. Extremely sick for commending actions that included killing Muslims in the Haram, whilst Allah granted security and protection for anyone who enters it. You guys are really wretched.
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    Can you bring your proof he thought his brother in law was the Mahdi? Where in his writings did he ever say this?
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    It is silly to ask for proof for something as well known as that!

    There were a lot of people with him who were later on released to tell the story. Bilal Philips was with these guys as was Sh Muqbil. And if you ask these people, they would be very balanced and tell you the honest truth that Juhayman was a good man. Sh Ibn Baz loved him, even after all of this happened.

    His problem was that he became an extreme Salafi like person who would enter into the Prophet's mosque with his shoes on in order to revive the Sunnah. This caused a lot of fitna in Madina and the scholars from Madina Uni had to step in and tell them that this is NOT the way to revive a Sunnah. Thereafter, those scholars were branded government scholars and these guys left the cities to live in the desert forming their own communities.

    Muhammad al-Qahtani was also another famous khateeb and Talib al-'Ilm who later joined them. He is also praised by the scholars. However, when he joined them, quite a few people amongst Juhayman's followers had a dream that he is the Mahdi. At first he refused to believe it, until he was pressured into believe that he was.

    All these people were good people, but they were lead astray by the Shaytan. This is coming from people who were with him like Bilal Philips and others. Ask him and he would tell you all about him.

    Many of these people who were with Juhayman, after this incident became pro-government and Murjia. Ironically, the same happened with the revolt against Ibn al-Ash'ath was crushed. This is when Irja became popular. The same happened with al-Ubaykan and the rest of the Jihadi movements and individuals.

    The same would happen with the rest of you unless you really get your heads sorted now.
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    Jazakallahu Khayrun bro, I think you guys should take the advice of Bro. Abu Zubayr.
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  6. Fadl

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    Akhee Abuz-Zubair, is there anywhere where I can read more about what you posted? So Bilal Philips thought that person was the Mahdi? I've only briefly heard about this incident so if you know any good books or online resources I'd be grateful.
  7. Tawheedist

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    Uh please provide proof. I'm skeptical because many people have tried to search for that in his writings only to never find it. It may be something that was fabricated so people would denounce him and his movement. Anyway we should not believe something just because it is widely believed to be true. We go based on proof.
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    Download/buy/listen to: Yasir Qadhi - "Mahdi Between Fact and Fiction" or just find his Mahdi lecture, it's 4 CDs long.

    He goes in to a lot of details about this whole event and provides the same details Abuz Zubair posted above + more details.
  9. Expergefactionist

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    You know, people can deny whatever they want. People are sometimes sceptical of their own existence. You cannot help that.

    But just as a piece of advice to these young wannabe jihadis, I would suggest they get their sanity checked out by their own 'mashaykh'. Ask Abu Baseer or Abu Qatada about Juhayman and his story.

    Ask Bilal Philips if you like. He along with Juhayman used to study together under Sh Muqbil. Bilal Philips along with Juhayman and his crew would go out to the desert to give da'wah in Saudi. Ask him. Email him if you like.

    Or, alternatively, read the Tafseer of al-Hujaraat by Bilal Philips. He makes mention of this incident in some what detail.
  10. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    BTW, when I asked Bilal Philips about Juhayman, he praised him a lot and said he never said he was a bad guy (as this is the impression I got after reading his tafseer surat hujarat). He said he was a good guy, but he just got misled by the Shaytan and he realised his mistake when al-Qahtani got killed. I does seem that despite of his strong disagreement with Juhayman's actions, he still had soft spot for him.

    Point being, this is coming from a sympathetic friend of Juhayman, and not some Saudi stooge.
  11. Fadl

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    Jazakallahu khayrun for the info. Sh. Muqbil was the teacher of this group? So this event lead to his turnaround? I don't mean to sound like I'm challenging your claims, I'm just a Muslim that's interested in what you've said. Thanks again.
  12. hifdh

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    AZ it's like telling a dead horse to stand up... these net kiddies who slave their minds away to unknown jihadi provocetuers have been told what Juheyman did was "good" - now to hear anything different the person would have to be anti-jihad and pro-saudi royal family.

    Hopefully when these kiddies grow out of this phase they'll remember what was said here.
  13. Umm

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    I've heard this too. That his name was Muhammad ibn Abdullah, and he was married to Juhayman's sister, and was a descendant of rasoolullah (SAW).
  14. Mr GQ

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    I think - therefore I am.
  15. hifdh

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    Yasir Qadhi goes in to a bit of depth on this too.
  16. Hifdh, I wanna be just like you when I grow up ...

  17. hifdh

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    At the expense of trying to be funny you just humiliated yourself.
  18. Um Abdullah M.

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    There was a Saudi student of knowledge, who was at the time in Canada, who used to give islamic lectures on paltalk, on tawheed, and masha Allah many benefited from it, I sat in some of them, that was several yrs ago.

    I spoke to him once asking him some fiqhi questions and about intepretation of a dream, but he said he didn't know how to interpret dreams.
    Then he told me his story related to this incident (Juhaiman), because it had to do with dreams and visions.
    He told me that he was with some students from Juhaimans group (he was young student of knowledge at the time, now he is in his forties), and before the incident happened he had a vision (dream) which was interpreted that a fitnah is going to happen and for him to keep away from it.
    And that incident happened shortly after he had the dream, so he didn't get involved in it, and some of his mates were involved in the incident.

    also, here is a video that has khutbah of juhaiman in haram, when he told people to make bay'ah to the "mahdi"

    20 minutes and a half through the video (20:30)
    He said in his khutba: "The man you are going to do bay'ah to today is Muhammad bin Abdullah, and he is from Quraysh, his father is from al-Ashraf (from ahl al-bayt) and his mother is from al-Ashraf"
    then he mentions what he thinks are proofs for him being the mahdi
    and Muhammad bin Abdullah is Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Qahtani, and he is his sister's husband, and the picture of his dead body was shown in the video, he was killed before they were able to capture him. But Juhaimanwas captured alive.

    And he mentions hadiths about the mahdi starting from about 10 minutes through the video, in the begining of the khutba then he orders some of his men to close the haram's doors, then he continues his khutba about the mahdi then he declares his sister's husband to be the mahdi whom the people will make bay'ah to.

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    The Caravan is Moving and the Dogs are Barking......
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    A brother wrote in the tribute of Imām Juhaymān رحمه الله

    He stood up against the whole world

    He didn’t only speak the truth…

    But he openly displayed it with his tongue and action

    In front of not only one tāghūt, but of that of the whole world…

    He stood up for the protection of Ka’ba…

    And what is the reason for such a thing?

    It was more of a symbol and an awakening

    Awakening of a nation of a billion or more

    Who are in slumber…

    And how can such a mass be awakened

    Except with a martyrdom act like what he did…

    And that was what Allah ordained,

    For his blood gave life for the best of the people of our time

    His death was not a death

    It was but a living death…

    And all praise is for Allah alone.

    (Prince Ad Diyamigili)

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