The Plea of a Woman

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by AnonyMousey, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. AnonyMousey

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    Habib Ali responds to the plea of a woman - YouTube

    Before anyone goes off about how this guy is prolly Sufi or the org is dodgy or whatnot, forget that. Focus on what's being said (especially by the sister in the first minute or so).

    Are WE taking care of our Muslim sisters in OUR communities? Will YOU help the hungry Muslimah, the abused Muslimah, the homeless Muslimah?

    This is neither the first time nor the last time that these issues are being publicized.
    Unfortunately, we are still seeing very little action being taken to resolve these problems.

    May Allah guide us to that which is beloved to Him, and enable us to prevent the continued oppression and injustice of our fellow Muslims, ameen.
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  2. gag order

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    And this is what Jummah Khutba's should be like, many brothers often leave Friday prayers having learned nothing useful!
    is there a JustGiving account or something similar we need more details...
  3. abul hafsa

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    Yes insha allaah, let's do whatever we can to help.

    Radical Middle Way won't be getting a penny from me though, insha allah.
  4. gag order

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    we need more details without a follow up this is just another thread and just another video....
  5. AbuMubarak

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    all of us really need to start living Islam as it should be lived

    we all talk about it, but how many of us actually emulate and follow the way of the prophet?

    و الله المستعان
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  6. AnonyMousey

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    If you want practical solutions to this problem - look no further than your own masjid/ Islamic center. Go to the imam and ask him, who do you know of that needs help (financially, spiritually, etc.)? He will probably give you at least one name, if not a massive list.

    If you're in the UK, orgs like SOLACE a great place to start.

    Elsewhere, you can even contact local social workers... it is likely that they will know of Muslim families and Muslim women especially who were too shy/ scared away from approaching fellow Muslims. Make the effort to not only donate to SOLACE etc. but also get your mothers, sisters, wives and daughters involved with these sisters who are in such need... PROVE that we are a strong Ummah, and look after our Muslim sisters in every way!
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  7. gag order

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    no that is not what I'm asking for, you asked us to focus on what the sister is saying, we did but where are the fundraising details for the campaign that she is running? this forum responded to Dawud Beales campaign for setting up shelters for new Sisters, what became of that I dont know but now you have brought to us news about another campaign that could surely do with financial help, we need to follow this through otherwise its just another video doing its rounds on the internets do you have anymore information?
  8. AnonyMousey

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    The organization that released this video is actually a Sufi org (as far as I know), so I would reiterate my suggestions from the previous post (contact your local Masjid/ Islamic center, donate to SOLACE, etc.).

    This is also a reminder that we should not NEED to depend on a campaign or independent organization, but that WE should have the initiative to do a little research of our own and do what we can by ourselves.

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