The Reality of al-Barelviya

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    may Allah save us from their evil Ameen
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    Man...I've heard they make the majority of Muslims in south asia...may Allah have mercy on us. I hope Zakir Naik gets more of a following. Barelvism is similar in many aspects to catholicism.
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    ahmad raza khan barelvi, may Allaah give him what he deserves, invented a new deen, the deen of worshipping humans and graves. it is this person who also did tehreef in translation of Quran

    he translated يا أيها انبي

    as O the one who informs about the knowledge of the unseen

    one of his books, "malfoozaat" contains horrendous amounts shirk

    zeyd was looking for islamic books so he entered a book shop and asked the shopkeeper:

    zeyd: "I want a book so i can refute the rafedah"

    shopkeeper : hands him a book

    zeyd: " I want a book so i can refute the qaadiyanis"

    hands him another book

    zeyd " I want a book so i can refute munkireenul hadeeth"

    gives him another book

    zyed: " I want a book so i can refute barelvis"

    the shopkeeper gives him Quran
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    Jazak Allah khairon.. I hope to read all these articles very soon.. I did get a quick read on the distortions / Is the prophet(saws) noor.

    I have a question though.. By noor of the prophet, is that just metaphorical for "Guide"? Not a literal noor as in brightness?
    I do see how it would make sense metaphorically.. Even the verse when Allah says "Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth"
    Ibn Abbass said it means Guide.. So Similarly Noor can mean Guide for the prophet(saws)

    But on a more literal level, I heard that the Prophet had a very bright demeanor. Like when He (saws) would enter a room, it would brighten up.. Literally. As if candles are not required..
    I don't want to be making a lie on the prophet, so if anyone reads this, please investigate. Would be great if anyone can expound on this..

    So is it a light of guidance? Literal Noor? A combination of both ? May Allah guide all of us , to the reality.
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