The Swiss minaret ban damages property rights

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    "If you make these laws to target Muslims today, you don't know who it's going to be used against tomorrow."
    ~Sheikh Alauddin El-Bakri

    On November 29th a referendum banning new minarets passed with 57% of the vote. The campaign included fear mongering posters, repeated vandalism to Geneva's largest mosque, and a vehicle with a loudspeaker mocking the call the prayer.

    Amnesty International and others want to make this about freedom of religion. That’s a red herring in my opinion. This is about property rights. A person has the natural right to build any structure they wish on their own private property. Those who want to utilize the coercive power of the State against Muslims must take heed that the legal precedents they set can and will be used against others in the future. Probably themselves. The Swiss people, in their bigotry, have weakened their own right to private property.

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