the word ameen?

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    What does ameen literally mean and how and where did it originate from? I'm taking a cultural anthropology class and what it says in the class text is surprising(if it's even true)
  2. It is originally a Syrianic word that literally means 'I acknowledge and firmly believe,' and is used in the Old (and I believe the New) Testament. It sounds the same in Arabic because both are Semetic languages.

    In the context of supplication, al-Qurtubi mentioned that some thought it was one of Allah's Names (through a weak narration from Ibn 'Abbas); some say it means 'let it be this way'; some say it is to strengthen the supplication and cause blessings to descend; at-Tirmidhi said it means 'do not betray our hopes.'

    However, the majority of scholars said that it simply means 'O Allah, respond to our supplication.' ​
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    In my text book Amen was said to have been an old Egyptian god..
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    lol wasnt that amun
    perhaps a variational spelling of amun is amen but even if that had been the case the text books assertion is terrible
    i dont see how there could be any link between an ancient egyptian diety and a word uttered to strengthen supplication
    just another example of secularists trying to strengthen their stranglehold
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    yeah..i think my book is basically trying to say that religion is man made.
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    On the dictionary on my computer is says:

    Amen is also the name of an Egyptian god, but that doesn't have any etymological connection with the Hebrew 'amen' or Arabic 'ameen'.

    According to Wikipedia:
    It then goes to state:

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    assalamu 'alaikum
    i m a new member of this forum Al'hamduliLLAH.
    Can you please refer to the Books or sources? @Detainee...

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