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Discussion in 'Islamic Law' started by Amat Ullah, Jan 30, 2011.

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    As-salam u alaikum,

    I have 3 questions which i wish some knowledgeable brother/sister replies me with ilm as i am preparing an assignment and needs research work and so please reply me scholarly opinions if any need be.

    1.All the 3 school of thoughts ,Imams have agreed that a woman cannot wed without consent of a wali .Except Imam Abu Haneefah .What was his opinion ,can anyone let me know,Insha ALLAH?With reference,please.

    2.Volume 7, Book 62, Number 61:
    Narrated Al-Hasan:
    concerning the Ayah: 'Do not prevent them' (2.232) Ma'qil bin Yasar told me that it was revealed in his connection. He said, "I wedded my sister to a man and he divorced her, and when her days of 'Idda (three menstrual periods) were over, the man came again and asked for her hand, but I said to him, 'I married her to you and made her your bed (your wife) and favored you with her, but you divorced her. Now you come to ask for her hand again? No, by ALLAH, she will never go back to you (again)!' That man was not a bad man and his wife wanted to go back to him. So ALLAH revealed this Ayah : 'Do not prevent them.' (2.232) So I said, 'Now I will do it (let her go back to him), O ALLAH's Apostle."So he married her to him again.

    If say ,there is some circumstances ,where a woman is away and want permission from her wali but her dad wont agree ,so she makes her brother wali and they do not tell dad ,would that be a valid nikah ?

    3.A person doing salaah behind a hanafie imam who might have some asharite and mutradi views and taqleedi views ,would that salaah is valid ?And a person who ahs no mutradi views and taqleedi views but just does salaah behind hanafie imam ,can some salaffiyah sister wed such a man or it would not be right?
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    Basil al-Mamluk is not a salafi

    Wa alaikum as-salaam

    I seriously wonder where people get this stuff....

    Also, side note: if you're a sister, your username should be Amat_of-Allah, no?
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    Evidence of Hanafi Scholars That Marriage is Valid Without a Guardian (Wali)

    Marriage without Wali « Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny? [55:13]
  4. Abu Hasaan Yahya

    Abu Hasaan Yahya Formerly known as Abu Abdul Jabbar

    She probably got it from the Qur'an, where it says to ask the people of knowledge if you don't know.

    So where do you your stuff from?

    Or should she continuously have doubts and questions about her religion, but not seek to find out the truth?

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