Threat video to Germany

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by chechen, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. chechen

    chechen New Member

    Hi guys,

    my last thread on that topic was deleted, reason "A4". :(

    Anway, here comes completely legal stuff from a German
    mainstream magazine:

    Look at 0:53-0:54 in the upper right corner. You see
    the "neues Sicherheitspaket"? I dont have any explaination
    why it is in there, but I want to know.
    I think the video is fake (the guy talks&acts strange,
    several modern cameras but old RPG, bluescreen technique),
    but German intelligence service (BND) said the video is

    Maybe anyone here has seen it from the original source,
    namely Al-Sahab. I doubt Al-Sahab ever published it, but
    if you know better, pleez post it here (dont put any
    illegal links here, mods dont like that).

    Thanks guys.
  2. Abu Thar

    Abu Thar New Member

    its not fake at all, the brother is known for giving doroos in german language years before he made hijra. how come you are that fast in sayin "fake" ? the complete video is available on jew-tube

    can u pls explain why you think its fake ???

    search for abu talha and watch the scene uncut

    ps the only one actin strange is you
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  3. Salsabil

    Salsabil Pro-Tawheed

    Yes, and his username is very strange too. He calls himslef a chechen, and a non-muslim, whereas its almost impossible to find a chechen that would call himself such.
  4. Abu-khalid

    Abu-khalid New Member

    This video is real. The Dawa is very successful in Germany as I have heard that there are many new reverts every day.
  5. Rabie81

    Rabie81 New Member

    I have the original video and it is definitely authentic. Abu Talha's real name is known in Germany as well. The original footage in it does not seem to be very recent however.
  6. jannahbln

    jannahbln New Member

    as salamu alaikum

    here is another german mujahid mashaAllah:

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  7. chechen

    chechen New Member


    Hey guys,

    I am German national, interested in Chechnya. Thats where
    my name comes from, you can call me "St. Pepper" or
    "badbad Infidel" if you want. Dont worry about my name
    too much, thats not important now. I am looking for the truth.

    Several things bother me with the short clip:

    - why the 0,5s display of "neues Sicherheitspaket" at 0:53?
    Who put it in there? Why is it in there?
    - since when use islamists hifi cameras?
    - since when do they use bluescreen technique? They need
    a studio
    - if they are so hitec: why an old RPG? Common guys, money
    dont matter, show off all you have
    - why does Abu Talha have such a strange intonation? I
    suppose he hasnt been in Germany for a long time, but he
    talks strange
    - he says he wants to do a suicide attack since 1993... why
    1993... whats been there?
    - why does he use his hands and fingers in such a strange
    manner? Doesnt the upwards pointed finger upwards mean
    "there is only one god"? If so, dont you think its blasphemy
    what he does?

    You have to know that German government want its citizens
    to believe that there is a big threat. If so, they can use even
    stricter laws, prohibiting free speech at last. There is one
    guy, Schäuble is his name, he is a paraniod dickhead who wants
    to shoot down planes which are kidnapped.

    I know you Muslims dont think too good about Germany. But
    I dont think the threat to Germany is really that bad. Of course
    singular groups can harm us. But this is in no relation to what
    our government trys to impose on us.

    So if the video has been altered or even staged by German or
    US intelligence, I would have a serious problem.

  8. Abu Thar

    Abu Thar New Member

    warum sollte man deine lügenpost noch lesen nach deinem kläglich gescheiterten versuch der täuschung ?
  9. chechen

    chechen New Member

    Common Abu Thar, lets talk english so everyone can
    contribute. Abu Thar thinks I am lying, but he doesnt
    explain why he thinks so. Maybe he thinks I am from the
    BND or whatever, so he is not the only one paranoid
    (besides me, thinking the video might be staged ;-) ).

    As I said, I am looking for the truth, whatever it will be.

    I accepted that the video is real, but thinking about it
    some things still dont make sense. If it is real, the behavior
    of Abu Talha (the hands!) is weird, also the short
    display of "neues Sicherheitspaket". Anyone have an idea?

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