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    I got hold of a new book recently. It is a collection of three classical theological works, edited by Dr. 'Abdullah b. Salih al-Barrak.

    The work is called Majmu' fihi thalath rasa'il (A collection of three treatises), published by Dar al-Qatan, year 1998.

    The treatises are:

    1) al-Sirat al-Mustaqim fi Ithbat al-Harf al-Qadim by Ibn Qudama al-Maqdisi. (The Straight Path Regarding Affirming the Eternity of Letters)

    It is generally a very good and well written work on Quran being the Speech of Allah, composed of letters and sound. Many of the arguments mentioned in this work are also to be found in other works by him in this topic. However, his tone in this work is very mild in comparison to his tone in Censure of Ibn 'Aqil and his rebuttal of the Ash'aris.

    2) Ithbat al-Yad li-Llahi Subhanah by al-Dhahabi (Affirming a Hand for Allah, Glory be to Him!)

    This is an excellent work by al-Dhahabi like the rest of his theological works where he not only collects all of the legal texts and reports from the Salaf with respect to affirmation of Hand as Allah's attributes, but also argues very well why we must affirm a Hand for Allah literally.

    3) I'tiqad al-Imam Abi 'Abdillah Muhammad b. Idris al-Shafi'i by Abu al-Hasan 'Ali b. Ahmad al-Hakkari.

    This is basically a collection of various reports from al-Shafi'i detailing his theological stance towards various creedal issues.

    Each one of them deserve to be translated. May Allah give us the tawfiq to do so.
  2. أبو نافع

    أبو نافع Formerly - Abu_Abdallah

    SubhanAllah - I copied thse books for you!
  3. Expergefactionist

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    oh subhaanAllah! JazakumAllahu Khayran for the effort!! I just came across the book by chance and bought it!

    You haven't sent it yet have you? Because I was thinking of buying the book for another brother, so may be you can give it to him?

    And I hope other photocopies would reach me soon, InshaAllah!

    Again... I cannot thank you enough!
  4. أبو نافع

    أبو نافع Formerly - Abu_Abdallah

    Keep the original for yourself. You can give the paper copy to someone else. I have copied also the Risalah fi Kalam Allah of Muwaffaq al-Din, beside the Munzarah ma'a Ahl al-Bida' of the same. The book you bought - and these two - are very good sources for Takhrij al-ahadith on al-Harf wa'l-Sawt.
  5. Amid Khan

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    Mashallaah! Any chance you can scan and make a pdf of the work documenting at least all the dala'il on Sawt in radd to Asharee claims?
  6. Expergefactionist

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    Who is the editor?

    The one edited by al-Juday'?

    There is also a book by him on the issue of harf and sawt in particular... al-'aqida al-salafiyya something... Do you have it? I have been looking for it without success.
    I am currently working on Munzarah ma'a Ahl al-Bida' by Ibn Qudama, which is a summary of his violent discourse with the Ash'aris...
  7. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    violent discourse! what you mean?.......
  8. Expergefactionist

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    A bit of knife, win-chun, jujitsu may be? ;)

    By violent I mean remarks like, 'Ash'aris and Zanadiqa', who come up with beliefs that no mulhid has ever espoused, whoes leader, al-Ash'ari was good at nothing but kalam... Very harsh... not everything I would agree with... But the intention behind bringing this out is to show what it means to follow the traditional Hanbali madhab :)
  9. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    sounds like he would get banned from every forum on earth ;)
  10. abubakr

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    Asalamu alaykum

    akhi what about safar hawalis book i thought another brother was translating it?
  11. Expergefactionist

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    lol... yeah, tell me about it!

    Yes, the brother is still working on it...
  12. أبو نافع

    أبو نافع Formerly - Abu_Abdallah

    The Risalah fi al-Qur'an Kalam Allah is edited by Dr. Yusuf b. Muhammad Sa'id, an Ustadh from the Muhammad b. Su'ud Univ. It is in 83 pages the book and published by Dar Atlas al-Ghadra' lil-Nashr wa'l-Tawzi' in 2004/1423.

    The Munazarah by Muwaffaq al-Din I have is edited by 'Amr Abd al-Mun'im Salim, and is the same as the one of al-Juday' I think - not sure. Not sure since Muwaffaq al-Din 'edited' his own works. I posses also two editions (with a translation) of the Munazarah from an Dutch orientalist, which is based on other recensions. The Dutchman based his edition on a unique manuscript housed in Leiden, Netherlands - I've seen it (in a small majmu'a containing also the Radd 'ala'l-Jahmiyyah of Imam Ahmad and works written - maybe - in the handwriting of Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah). Here is where I mentioned 'Amr Abd al-Mun'im Salim's edition:

    The book by Shaykh al-Juday', the teacher of 'Amr Abd al-Mun'im Salim as he acknowledges in a footnote of his edition of the work (so maybe al-Juday' published another recension, not the same?), you refer too is:

    al-'Aqidah al-Salafiyyah fi Kalam Rabb al-Bariyyah wa-Kashf Abatil al-Mubtadi'ah al-Radiyyah

    It is the best - modern day - book written against the Kullabiyyah about the Mas'alat al-Kalam, according to testimonies of several writers. Unfortunately, I do not have it but requested it from a brother. I think it has been published by Dar al-Sumay', but I'm not sure.
  13. Amid Khan

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    A question: Is this radd the same as Kitab al-Sunna by Imam Abdullah ibn Ahmad ibn Hanbal? Do you know if it can be read online? Shukran.
  14. Abu'l 'Eyse

    Abu'l 'Eyse Rep-manz

    no brother it is different:

    enjoy innsha'ALLAH
  15. qadri

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