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    London Isoc Treasure Hunt

    The London Isoc Treasure Hunt is to be held on Sunday 17th June 2007. Pit your skills and exercise your mental agility by navigating around London by finding fiendishly placed cyptic clues and reaching the ultimate goal which is an all expenses paid trip to Egypt! Compete with your peers by traversing the tortuous trail to El Dorado!

    This event is free for all. The only thing that you will have to pay for is your Travel Card! :D

    To be part of this cultural chaos, register by visiting the following link:


    Date & Time: Sunday 17th June 2007.

    Venue: London


    1. All participants must be a member of a university.

    2. Each university is allowed to put forward a maximum of 2 brothers teams and a maximum of 1 sisters team.

    3. Each team entered must be unisex. Mixed teams will NOT be allowed to enter.

    4. If a university has more than one campus, they can treat each campus as a separate university. However, this will be limited to 3 campuses and no more i.e. a university can submit a mximum of 6 brothers teams and 3 sisters teams.

    5. The cost of the Treasure Hunt is Free, but participants will be expected to pay their own travel cost.

    6. Participants are allowed to use their mobiles during the Treasure Hunt for communication purposes only and not for accessing the Internet.

    7. Cheating is obviously forbidden and any team found cheating will be disqualified.

    8. All decisions made by the London Isoc Team are final and any argument will result in disqualification.

    9. As public transport will be used during the competition, participants are requested to behave sensibly. Any team found causing a nuisance will be disqualified.


    We hope to see you there inshAllah!

    Please note that if the number sisters entering are not logistically viable for the event, it may be necessary to cancel their participation as the logistics of the event will become too difficult.

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