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    as-salaamu alaykum

    does anyone know if this is authentic

    al-awzaa'ee said, "We used to-while the followers of companions were many among us say that Allaah mentions Himself being Above His Throne. And we believe also whatever has come in the sunnah of the attributes." Al-Awzaa'ee said this after the appearance of the methdology of jahm ibn safwaan who used to deny the attributes of Allaah and His Uluww. He (al-awzaa'ee) said this so that the people would know that the methodology of th Salaf is in complete opposition to that of jahm.

    I found this qoute in A Explanation of a summary of Al-aqeedatul hamawiyyah of ibn taymiyah rahimullah by imaam muhammad ibn saalih al uthaymeen rahimullah.

    Though he didnt qoute the source
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