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Discussion in 'Living Room' started by Scented Blood, Jan 17, 2011.

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    I was starting to think that we had the most devout Muslims in the west on this forum who dont even use non Muslim sites!
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    Bro i promised myself i wouldnt judge people cos of what they posted in this thread but you is really testing that...:cool:
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    asalaam alaikum warahmatulah wabarakatuh

    If you want to Move Houses in the UK, here's some good sites to check out;

    House Prices - tells how much price houses have been sold for. (i.e. if you got a cousin who didn't tell you the truth on how much he got his house for :p)

    UK house prices, property, crime, local neighbourhood & schools | UpMyStreet - see what type of neighbourhood you would move into. - see real images of the area. - if you search someones name on google, you can get to know who lives with them in their house. [the easy hack is to 'cache' that webpage on google so the 'time doesnt expire'.]
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    Lol. Bro you have some class.
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    If it means giving less money to non-Muslim businesses then I'm there with my little notebook and pen.

    On a serious note, every number these days seems to be an 0870/0845, it's appalling that businesses charge at these rates especially with the amount of time they expect you to hold.

    Btw, the House Prices website is just fab.
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    asalaam alaikum warahmatulah wabarakatuh

    Free 0845 and 0870 calls
    - to Committed Customers

    If you phone your Phone provider company and tell them that you would like to get an offer from them because you're a Committed customer (i.e. you've been with them for a few years). They might give you good offers or lower your cost at a slightly negotiable level.

    If they don't agree, you can say that you have been committed to them and that another company has given a better offer (new companies do that all the time) and you would move to them, unless your present Phone provider rewards you for being such a loyal customer.

    Then they might talk to someone like a Manager and agree with you.

    One of the offers Virgin media offered was that they'd remove the costs of 0845 and 0870 calls.

    You can try that insha' Allah. :)
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