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  1. ali

    ali البريكي

    nobody because this title is nothing more than a facad. The most probable and logical conclusion as to why al-Albanee was the only one to refer to Shaykh Rabee in this fashion seems that it has to do more with the fact that Rabee was at the head (among all else) to be refuting other people. That would only sound more likely as none has reached the amount of refutations of others as Rabee has done which is why al-Alabanee marks the point tat he is known for criticising and warning.

    The other statement that is overshadowed in the midst of the mistranslated title as being "Imaam of jarh" is when al-Albanee commented on his rather extreme or harsh overkills in his refutations advising him to take a more milder (objective or moderate) approach. But this qualifiying statment goes unoticed to this day unfortunately.
  2. justabro

    justabro Salafi (Retd.)

    Am I the only one who doesn't understand half the sentences in this post?
  3. WM

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    Not the only one bro :D
  4. abu_ibrahim

    abu_ibrahim Wahabist

    Sorry, don't understand the Gibberish language. Please translate into English.
  5. ali

    ali البريكي

    so Muqbil is now a madhkhalee

    I suppose Abu Hasan can be thrown in that.

    so now we have
    Bin Baz

    are all madkhalis because they all share of what you deem as the "same world view" as Rabee. The only problem is you don't want to call Muqbil and al-Albanee as "madkhalis" or else your entire bidi theory of the madkhali sect phenomenon goes out the window.

    All of this because you are reading more into Rabee than what he actually is. He is an old man on medication and known for being too extreme and lacks some adl in his refutations.

    thats what he is.

    adding to that his positions on kufr and jihaad is commenting on the whole of sunnism which is why you are left with linking Mubil and other sunni scholars as being "like" madkhali when in fat it is nothing other than salafiyyah.
  6. Abu Ma'mar

    Abu Ma'mar New Member

    oh oh Ali's prescriptions of pain killers ran out again!

    Everyone knows Muqbil was a Khariji to you guys untill he went back on what he said about Saudi gov, and everyone knows he only did that because he wanted to go to Hajj before he died and other pressures they put on him.
  7. Hamza

    Hamza Member


    i always was curious about that, he was so harsh against alsaud then he was let in for hajj and all ws cool again. back to the standard "let us leave the ruler issue". maybe it ws "other" pressures. i did like some of his stuff i read, small amount in english, but his overboard attcking the likes of ikhwan made me weary.
  8. ali

    ali البريكي

    1. Im not a "you guys" because Im not in line with "those guys"
    2. it has surpassed my knowledge that anyone thought of him as a takfeeri.
  9. ali

    ali البريكي

    the Muslim nation never knew that the taliban were a shar'i government.

    read again

    May Allah have mercy on Shaykh Muqbli. He died without haveing any hatred for those who establish the tawheed of Allah, eradicate the shirk with Allah, and implement the tashree of Allah

    if you did not get haakimyyah as part of the tawheed of Allah in that, then I can see where halaawism lands a person to. idiocy
  10. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    You mean the neo-con Salafi nation.

    Saudi Arabia even recognised Taliban as a legitimate Shara'i government. What drugs are you on, apart from the obvious Madkhali weed.
  11. ali

    ali البريكي

    so basically you make takfeer of all who live there.

    only a hawaalian crack fein could say something like this. I don't care what saudi recognized as a shar'i government. it was shar'i in some matters, bidi in others.
  12. Abu_Talha

    Abu_Talha <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    change that to 'it is Shar'i in some matters, Kufr in others' and you might as well be talking about the Saudi government.
  13. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    If the government is an Islamic one that it is a shara'i government despite of having faults, as you would consider Saudi a shara'i government despite of having bid'as, riba, etc.

    BTW, are you always on weed? Or you only go high when logging on to IA Forums?
  14. al-Azkabani

    al-Azkabani Formerly 'Salah ad-Din'

    I think "halaawism" sounds better! Something cute and sweeeet!
  15. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    Actually, I made a mistake... let's keep this thread clean and not entertain this neo-con troll. He never makes any sense and he is a murji heretic, anyway.
  16. ali

    ali البريكي

    you idiot. then how the hell can you deem saudi to be other than that

    what happenes is the LSD that you take releases itself onto me. wo while im second hand trippin, you are in a world of trip
  17. ali

    ali البريكي

    what a dumbass
  18. ali

    ali البريكي

    EVEN IF we were to entertain this fancy of yours as fact.

    how is that an apostating of the religion when all of our rulers of Islamic history had shar'i legislation along with kufri legislations. outside of the khulafaa rashideen and some of the pious caliphs, pretty much every other caliph, in your view, was a murtadd according to one who entertains the hawaalism that you hold
  19. Abu_Talha

    Abu_Talha <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A> The Muslims have always been ruled by the Shari'a of Allah. The first instance in history where man made laws appeared on the scene was during the Tartar invasion, when ibn Taymiyyah (RA) made ijtihad (due to the unprecedented situation) and declared them to be Kufaar (even though they had declared the shahdah) and called for the waging of Jihad against them. Now is a similar situation.
  20. ali

    ali البريكي


    that was the first time in history that tabdeel occured in our religion. that does not entail that kufr legislations were implemented before that time. When Ibn Kahter comments on this event in bidaya wa nihaya, he was clearly talking about those who instituted a whole new institution of government, that of al-yasaaq. Thus the same can be applied to todays secular states. But it does not apply to a land were shar'i is the asl of the state, and adopts some matters different, otherwise all previous khulafa before the tartars are as well to be described with apostasy.

    and this is what Abdu-Rahman Bin Saalih al-Mahmud and Abdur-Razaaq al-Afifi point at in commenting on Ibn Katheers narration of events.

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