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    I am looking for some help on how to best answer those who say that God is in each of us by His essence. It seems some jews, christians, muslims, hindus and buddhist believe that Allaah cannot create from nothing but rather the creation is a manifestation of Himself, specifically the human soul. They use terms like 'energy', 'spirit' and 'essence' of God is within each of us. Any tips on how to best deal with this belief.

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    Assalam o alaikum,

    I think "The Force" in Star Wars was also about the same. Right?

    Allah is al-Khaliq. He creates like no other can. Everyone else would need something to start with. A carpenter cannot create without wood. A cook cannot fry an egg without an egg. In short, everyone needs something to start with. Allah though tells us very clearly that He is unlike anyone or anything else. In all aspects including this one.

    However, that is all rhetoric. And to be honest, as a Muslim, I would not want you to adopt this one.

    There could be essentially two ways of going about it: One way could be to engage in excessive rhetoric which is the hallmark of many, even on this forum. Expect them to be busy with them even if they are alive a 100 years from now.

    The other is to try to know The Creator better and be in a position that enables to tell a non-Muslim whom you worship. And this is not just in a mechanical, bulleted list of some arguments but in a matter that touches one's heart. Nabi SWS did not tell us for nothing about the importance of the heart.

    So spend a lot of time in the company of the Quran. Think over it, reflect over it. It is replete with instances of His Lordship and it also tells you how to ponder over those. The humble heart would always be guided insha Allah.


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