Video Wajdi Akkari On the Tablighi Jama'ah

Discussion in 'Islamic Theology and Ideology' started by Wild Wild West, May 1, 2012.

  1. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    The more I see of this guy the more I dislike him.

    I don't doubt his sincerity but his attitude and unjust attitude is exactly what harmed and even destroyed the da'wah in the West.

    While many points he makes may be valid, the 'salafiyyah' he calls to is just as corrupt and has as many errors as what he is criticising.

    As they say, you can see the splinter in my eye but fail to see the log in your own.

  2. Striving4Sunnah

    Striving4Sunnah Musrayaaa

    Is your criticizing and backbiting of the brother of any benefit to anyone?

    Wheres your excuses for your brother in Islam. SubhanAllah
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  3. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    Are you talking to me or to him?
  4. Striving4Sunnah

    Striving4Sunnah Musrayaaa

    To you

    I'm sure the brother giving the talk has a reason for what he is saying, he is talking to a specific audience, he has a clear intention inshaAllah and he is a student of knowledge, it is a part of a talk and to judge a brother and go as far as backbiting him over a snippet of his lecture is not good.. If you dont agree with him, keep your opinions to yourself unless its of benefit fear Allah akhi you dont even know this brother personally and you say you dislike him? SubhanAllah
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  5. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    And I also have my reasons for saying what I am.

    Also, we are both saying what we are in public, so there is no prospect of backbiting here.
    I don't know what you mean by 'clear intention' here or how you have ascribed it to him. I see that you have not given me the same, though.

    Well, I don't know about that. His criticism of narrating the hadeeth of surat al-waaqiah would mean that we could not take knowledge from many famous ulama who have also mentioned this hadeeth in their works. Why does he single out the tabligh for the criticism and not include them?

    This is the snippet he himself (or a follower of his) has uploaded. Anyway if somehow the overall lecture somehow undoes all this then please do let me know why and how.

    I am sorry that you are lashing out at me here when he has attacked a very good Islamic group (who have mistakes like everyone else - including Salafis) who have millions of followers. Why don't defend them?

    And I could say the same to you about keeping opinions to yourself. If you don't like what I say then there is nobody holding a gun to your head and forcing you to be here.

    But the point is that anything said or done in public (by him, me or anyone else) is open to scrutiny and rebuttal. This is not Syria.
  6. Aboo Shayba


    There was no harm in what brother WWW said, from what I've observed, and I read over what he said twice to try to find some kind of slander. Sister, when you put yourself out in public you are bound to be criticised and corrected likewise in public. Especially when you go and criticise people in public, then why should you be immune from being criticised publicly? This is what scholars have done in the past and never (from what I know) were they accused of back biting or slandering.

    However it could have been better if WWW elaborated in what exactly he disagreed with and why he thinks it is wrong, etc. I can see how his post above could be seen as a mere jab at the brother. Not that I think it was. I don't know who edits the brother's talks and who puts them on youtube, what puts me off majority of the time is the titles.
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  7. maaqib

    maaqib اصبر

    On the point of Syria. Is there any videos of him in support of our brothers and sisters in Syria? Not like every other Salafi who threw them under the bus until recently.
  8. Striving4Sunnah

    Striving4Sunnah Musrayaaa

    Lol your pretty funny ill give you that..

    Number 1 regardless of if your saying something in public does that mean its not backbiting? Hmm ive never heard of that before

    Number 2 the brother as i said is addressing a specific audience and it may be a fitnah for them wherever he is hence he is addressing a specific group of people and talking to them in a specific manner.

    Number 3 if you had a 'clear intention' ie. you were saying what you said in order to benefit us as muslims you would not have worded it in the manner you did 'the more i see of him the more i dislike him' and 'his unjust attitude' etc.

    Number 4 If you actually listened to that part of the talk properly you would have heard the speaker say we will go on to discuss the salafis or something along those lines indicating the talk was about sects or groups.

    Number 5 lashing out? If you feel i am 'lashing out' at you then you probably do not understand whats meant by the term 'lashing out' its okay for you to backbite a speaker but you get sensitive when someone asks you to fear Allah with your words and post matters of benefit?

    and lastly regarding your statement of 'And I could say the same to you about keeping opinions to yourself. If you don't like what I say then there is nobody holding a gun to your head and forcing you to be here.' re-read your sentence and think how childish that sounds.
  9. He clearly suffers from the 'saved sect syndrome.' All he does is talk about people, not giving much concrete solution nor wisdom in correcting them. Very unappealing and difficult to take from him. I once linked a video of his talking about Sufis to people, after carefully watching, worst regret of my life.
  10. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    Jazakillahu khayran. That is exactly my point.
  11. Striving4Sunnah

    Striving4Sunnah Musrayaaa

    If this was said about me I would not be happy about it, backbiting is saying that which displeases your brother or sister behind their back. Unless you are 100% certain the speaker will see this is it not behind his back?
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  12. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    With all due respect, what you have not heard before may well be the truth, and what you think is the truth may well be falsehood.

    We have discussed this topic many times before on IA - where a speaker gives a public lecture and then others comment or criticise it.
    If you think it is gheebah, then please do bring some statements of scholars for this claim as it is a major sin you have accused me of.

    He is NOT addressing a specific group. It is an open lecture and moreover it is on youtube, you can't get more general than that.

    Fine, so you know my intention is bad then. Bug deal.

    And I'll say it again - if you think to criticise like that is backbiting then you are backbiting me by criticising me and questioning my intention.

    Double standards much?
  13. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    1 - NO because it is in public.

    2 - He has actually been on these forums before to answer similar points.

    Now, you tell me, if the Tablighis - all of them - do not see his video, then is HE backbiting them?

    My answer would be no but according to what you have said, he would be.

    Please answer my question as I have given you the courtesy of answering yours.
  14. justabro

    justabro Salafi (Retd.)

    Beware, the flesh of scholars is poisoned!
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  15. Striving4Sunnah

    Striving4Sunnah Musrayaaa

    My messages are specifically aimed at YOU and YOU are reading them

    If you were to message the brother in question with your points and criticisms it would not be backbiting would it. However you posted it somewhere he may never ever see it, therefore you have spoken of the brother in a negative manner behind his back.

    and with regards to youtube, are you certain he posted it himself? Are you certain he chose it to be cut out of his lecture and named that?
  16. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    OK, he accuses them of not having knowledge and speaking about Islam based on that - but the fact is that they are just like any other group, they have knowledgable and not so knowledgable members.

    Secondly, he partially quotes Ibn 'Uthaymeens fatwa. Ibn Uthaymeen didnt just say that they strive but that they are sincere and that there is goodness and actions in them that cannot be found in other groups. He even goes on to say that one may go out with them provided he has the knowledge to correct any wrongdoings he has.

    Then there is his comment on the weak hadeeth when even the Sunan have weak hadeeths in them. Why does he not tell us to foresake those books as well then? I am not calling for narrating weak hadeeths here, but we really need to be balanced because otherwise we will not read anything except from a very very narrow band of scholars - and that is exactly what cult mentality is.

    These are my main problems with the video.
  17. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    Why are you avoiding my question about the Tabligh?

    Please give me a yes or no. Did he backbite them?
  18. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    This is completely irrelevant. He gives lectures in a big mosque in jeddah and has cameras on when he does. You cant get more public than that. Even if people take snippets of he lectures, the main one is on his own youtube channel anyway.
  19. UmmKids

    UmmKids New Member

    I used to enjoy his advice vids, like the one on forwarded emails which was quite funny. He should have stuck with that kind of advice. Now they leave a bitter taste in my mouth and I couldn't even finish the sufi one that he did. He is always, always talking about other people/groups even though he says he's not like those people who throw people off the manhaj etc. Now I can't watch any of his videos without squirming inside at uncomfortable moments but may Allah reward him for his intentions.
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  20. Striving4Sunnah

    Striving4Sunnah Musrayaaa

    1- Oh okay so backbiting in public is fine? So you can go to a public place and backbite me specifically to some people just because you feel to even though i am not personally present on the basisi that i may or may not hear what you say about me and thats halal? wheres your daleel for that?

    2- He was giving a lecture on groups and sects and it is taken out of that so no he is not backbiting them because he is talking about a few incidents and in a general manner regarding the group. he didnt say i dislike all the members of the jama' or they are all unjust did he? or ibn fulan is this or i do not like so and so. He is giving a lecture as i said and there would be a reason for the subject he is discussing inshaAllah as i said before maybe the people he is addressing have divided into groups and its causing a fitnah there Allahua3lim theres no need to say what you said about the speaker based on 8 minutes out of a probably 1hr to 2hr lecture

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