Washed Away 50 000 Ahadith!!!

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    Ibn Abee Aasim said:

    لما كان من أمر العلوي بالبصرة ما كان ذهبت كتبي فلم يبق منها شيء، فأعدت عن ظهر قلبي خمسين ألف حديث، كنت أمر إلى دكان البقال فكنت أكتب بضوء سراجه، ثم تفكرت أني لم أستأذن صاحب السراج، فذهبت إلى البحر فغسلته ثم أعدته ثانيا
    "When the affair of al-Alawee occurred in Basrah all of my books were lost, so I re-wrote fifty thousand ahadith from memory. I used to go to the greengrocers’ shop and write using the light of his lamp. Then I realised that I had not asked the permission of the owner of the lamp to sit in its light so I went to the sea and washed away all I had written and wrote it again!"

    ["Siyar A’laam An-Nubala", 13/430-439].
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    Subhaan-Allah! How are we supposed to compete with men like this?
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    Subhan Allah... these people were something else...
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    This one ...
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    Woah... Subhanallah.

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