Wear Your Salafiyyah With Pride: Salafigear

Discussion in 'Living Room' started by Muqawama, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Muqawama

    Muqawama FreeTarek.com

  2. Saladin

    Saladin New Member

    They are not being good Talafis when they get their sisters to wear tight shirts with such a demeaning slogan.
  3. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    Ya Habeebi its a spoof website i.e its fake......

    wa salamolaikom wr wb..
  4. Muqawama

    Muqawama FreeTarek.com

    I agree akhi. Hence why they are all munafiqs that treat their women as used cars, marry one here and divorce one here then give her to your best friend then give her to the guy who sells attar n the corner of KFC.
  5. Noorah

    Noorah اللهم ارحم شهداء غزة


    i dont think its fair to say all of them do that...?
  6. Ahmad ibn Hanbal

    Ahmad ibn Hanbal New Member

    Long Live Salafiyyah!
  7. asharee_salafi

    asharee_salafi New Member

    nah, just most!
  8. Al Jazairi

    Al Jazairi نناديكم و لكن من يجيب؟

    Old joke but it ain't funny anymore!

    As for a definition of 'Salafiyyah' which appears to any body who can understand basic Arabic, it will mean: Following the Quran, Sunnah and the Predecessors (Salaf = the righteous generation as mentioned in the Hadith).

    So attacking it, is attacking the pure Minhaj, but for the Cult it should be called Salafiyah Madkhaliyah, Salafiyah Jamiyah, Salafiyat Al-Saud, Salafiyat Neo-Murji or just Talafiyah, but generalizing things like that, Ouch what was that!

    Sorry but I can't agree anymore, this turns to a real obssesion imitating the Talafis themselves, while true believers spend their time on seeking some sacred or worldly knowledge, the others spending their time joking about this and that.

    Yeah we should make people aware about them one or two or even three times but not for an indifinite life time, and one other remark is to mention them with who they are really, Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah has mentioned that his Salafiy Al-Minhaj which means you're attacking him ra and his likes too.

    The same thing that happened to Madakhilas about Said Qutab ra is happening to us wallahu Al-Musta'an.

    Bros, this is just a Naseeha to me before you and there is no offense to anybody here, but think wise ya Ikhwah.
  9. Ahmad ibn Hanbal

    Ahmad ibn Hanbal New Member

    That's an excellent naseeha. The fact of matter is there are more bigger fish to fry. The major error of the madaakhilah is their complete misunderstanding in jarh wa ta'deel.

    We have qaadiyaanees, rafidhees, soofees, asharees, and barailwees to deal with which are the main threat to the pure Islaamic aqeeda. We need to devote more time to refute these groups which are either extremely deviant our outright swimming in kufr and deceiving millions of naive muslims.

    A Madkhalee has the same aqeeda as us, so alhamdulillah, we should not exaggerate or obsess over our differences with them. In fact it should not even be a matter for the laity to concern themselves with, leave to it the scholars to deal with their internal problems with eachother.
  10. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    jzk,wa salam wr wb...
  11. Muqawama

    Muqawama FreeTarek.com

    The greatest obstacle to the revival of islam is not asharees or sufis or shias, its these talafis who are fighting and arresting the noble scholars and mujahideen. It is them who are calling the muslim ummah to spy on muslims and fight them for calling to jihad. They control hijaz and they are spreading their filthy dawah around the world. A sufi in the end will never do what a madkhalee will. Look how many scholars they have locked up? Look how they defend the tawagheet around the world? Look how they twist tawheed al hakamiyyah. Look how they twist the meaning of Jihad and al wala wal bara. Their evil is worse then all of those previous groups combined because they are hidden enemies. We know shias are evil, the ummah knows it, but these munafiqs who wear the cloaks of scholarship and sunnah, will kill all of you here if they have the chance since killing the khawarij is a great ajar. So to say we share the same aqeedah, what aqeedah is that akhi? That a man can be al hakim? That a muslims blood is halal to spill? That a taghout has to be obeyed and protected? Im sorry, my aqeedah is not the same as theirs wal hamduillah. I see the madakhila as the greatest enemy to the revival of the shareeah.
  12. Muqawama

    Muqawama FreeTarek.com

    i see them as the greatest enemies the muslims have seen since the crusaders took over al quds. And for anyone who cant see how evil they are, then your just another sleeper cell. Islam will not be victorious till these people are either subdued or dead. So you dont have to remind yourself before reminding me akhi, these people are pure evil and they need to be either forced into submission or exterminated. Just like abu bakr (ra) fought and killed 5,000 for just refusing zakat, these people refuse more then that. They refuse allah (swt) right to be al hakim, they refuse jihad and they make the blood of the mujahideen halal to spill. Inshaallah their faith will be the same as those who refused to pay zakat to abu bakr (ra).

    At least the sufis have joined the ranks to fight the enemy, from omar al mukhtar to the sufis in chechnya who fought alongside ameer khattab (rh). But these talafis will spill your blood first before any kafir. They have turned our holy qibla, as the new qibla of the crusaders to use a launching ground for their war against islam and muslims. May allah wipe out the enemy within us.
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  13. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    Do not be blind sided by ''innocent little sufis'',they have had Muslims guts for garters on many occasions,look no further then what is happening in Somalia where they are currently fighting the ''wahabi/kuffar'' known to us as Al-Shabab(may Allah grant them victory,ameen)...
  14. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    Achi do you hold the whole group to be kuffar or just some individuals from them...

    wa salamolaikom wr wb...
  15. Muqawama

    Muqawama FreeTarek.com

    Just their leaders and those who turn their kufr fatwas into action. When their rabbis and preists say its halal to spy and arrest muslims, and they do it, they are both kaffir in my eyes. But i dont generalize them since many of them are ignorant and got their ijazah in prison cell block 6 by abu tyrone as salafee.
  16. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    very true,jzk..

    khair inshAllah..

    wa salamolaikom wr wb...
  17. Muqawama

    Muqawama FreeTarek.com

    waiyak akhi. It was made as an inside joke between us since we know how they are, so if anyone feels offeneded about the word salaffiyah, then i apologize because i would never degrade the sunnah or the sahaba. But you know what i mean when i say 'salaffiyah'.

    btw, i have updated more shirts bro, check it out. I will try to update it daily inshaallah.
  18. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    my splitting sides can only take so much laughter,please don't kill me bill,lol....
  19. Muqawama

    Muqawama FreeTarek.com

  20. Abu Tourab

    Abu Tourab Formerly MilkSheikh

    salam alaykom,

    I never thought I would find the maker of that website on this forum. Sure some of the quotes were funny, but if you mean to spread the deen by that or something similar, then you have not reached your target. It's funny I admit that, but its still not a good way of dawa'.

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