What did the 'water-kit' have to do with Islam?

Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by bastian00, Aug 3, 2012.

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    My eyes, ouch, that hurt.
    I can not for the life of me understand why someone would put white text or any other color on a black background.
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    lol my bad.
    thought it would look sober : )

  4. Alhamdulillah someone responded to this fool. I was really angry and was about to write a response myself but jazakAllah khair.

    There seems to be a concerted effort to undermine Islam in the media. If you read the opinion pieces on Islam in the Pakistani newspaper, one would say are these people even Muslim who are speaking like this.

    The only conclusion I can come up with is that secularism has risen greatly in Pakistan. They are supported by the government, foreign organizations bent on making Islam and Muslims look bad. The objective is to show that Muslims are backward and really stupid people. Uneducated, intolerant and crazy individuals. This is exactly what a few think tanks (RAND for example) want to portray. They are successful in their strategy. The problem is that the media does not give a real educated scholar a chance to write. Just the other day I read another piece that was so infuriating by a person named Asghar Ali Engineer. The articles he writes attacks the Ulama, shows Islam as a backward religion.

    Upon further inspection of this individual by doing a simple google search one finds that this person is working for an organization called Center for Study of Society and Secularism in Mumbai. And he is a Dawoodi Bohra ( a kind of Shia). You can read it here.


    Now the question that needs to be asked how on earth is it that these people are allowed even to write on such a public forum in an Islamic country against Islam. How is this possible? They are polluting the minds of a generation and its so evil. Perhaps they are hastening Allah's Punishment upon themselves? How is it possible?

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    i have changed the background color etc so it is now more readable. apologies to those whose eyes were irritated : )
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    the deliberate spreading of secularism is based upon the same reason as the deliberate spreading of democracy in muslim lands: dilute the Jihad against worldwide oppression of people (not just Muslims), dilute the jihad against wordlwide riba, dilute the jihad against worldwide hoarding of mineral resources.

    and i mean qitaal when i say jihad. did you know in DR congo the americans, europeans and jews are all hoarding the mienral wealth esp uranium? do you know why american doesnt want africa to be on its feet?
    Islam is the only force that could destroy this system of evil and tyranny. they have waged a proxy war in terms of secularization and democracy to prevent just that. and the mujahideen who have confronted them in global J!had for their tyrannies against Muslims since 1948 they have used their media to term them terrorists!

    we are under attack from all sides. if one can't pick up an ak-47 atleast pick up a pen!
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    Asalaamu Alaikum,

    This annoyed me because it's so common;

    Don't get why people without basic knowledge even bother to talk about Islam (at least they should admit they're clueless). I'm guessing it's purely for attention.

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