what is the best Dawah cd/dvd?

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    I need some dawah cd's/dvd's and need to know which are the best ones to get, I often meet non Muslims whilst at work and we get talking so I want to get something I can give to those people who express an interest in Islam. I've got some cd's at the moment that were given to me by a salafi brother which I have given to a couple of people but after listening to the cd myself which was by a spubs madkhali I feel there must be much better material out there.

    Which ones would you recommend I get for dawah/distribution purposes? I'm thinking maybe something by Abdur Raheem Green would be good InshaAllah.
  2. Die for Allah

    Die for Allah TIOCFAIDH AR LA


    C'mon Ikhwan some recommendations please. JazakAllah khair
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    Wa `Alaykum al-Salam Wa Rahmatu 'Llahi Wa BarakaTuhu,

    It all depends what type of people they are...or what facets of Islam you can get them interested in.

    If they are the 'Sciency' guys - then I definitely recommend Ahmed Deedat/Zakir Naik/Hamza Tzortiz lectures.

    If they are the 'Spiritual/Seeking Peace' etc. type guys - then I definitely recommend Yusuf Estes/Abdur Raheem Green videos.

    If they are the 'Comparative Religion / Christian' guys then any of the above would be good, in sha allah.

    Here's a link to a good site for all these videos/audios. I hope you find it useful, in sha allah :

    Watch Islam | Share Islam

    You should also forward this website to him. It's immensely useful for those interested in Islam, as well as for new converts.

    The Religion of Islam
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    Wa'alaykas-salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    I can not vouch for what may or may not be the best dawah cd/dvd but I think Khalid Yasin's Purpose of Life lecture is pretty good for distribution.

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