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Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by sanzerkhel, May 29, 2012.

  1. sanzerkhel

    sanzerkhel Al Afghane

    I tried giving a Muslim dawah I know IRL by sending him a link of the deen show and said inshallah you will benifit, he never responded and I know he got the message. Should I try again or should I just forget about it, btw he is one of those Muslims who have lost their ways. JZK!
  2. Salih Al-Bosni

    Salih Al-Bosni Abu sho?

    How well do you know him, and what is his personality like. What is he interested in? There are some people I know who I could just pass on anything Islamic and it would be all right and they would pay attention.. but for others, you might have to be more subtle and work your way through to him.

    For example, if one of his interests are current events, then maybe link him to a news piece or article reported from or about syria, and by this method or technique you could perhaps start a discussion that would pertain to Islam... and work up from that?

    Don't give up completely.
  3. sanzerkhel

    sanzerkhel Al Afghane

    You see he is one of those people who party and do other things, and you could not tell if he was Muslim unless he stated he was a Muslim or by looking at his features or maybe his first name. Brother, you are very charitable to the youth if you think they care about Economics or Politics these days. Youth these days like to chase woman or party. I'm thinking about bringing it up again to him maybe when school ends, because Exams are being done right now and I don't want him to worry him when he is taking his exams.
  4. Salih Al-Bosni

    Salih Al-Bosni Abu sho?

    Yes, you're definitely right, and I know what you mean. Alhamdulilah... Allah ta ala has saved me from these types of activity's, so many times, the amount would be greater than the number of leaves on a tree.

    But how about another topic or interest that you could link to Islam.

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