"When I hear his voice, it's very scary..."

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    "When I hear his voice, it's very scary and I'm living now with the stress that anything can happen any minute. And what am I going to tell the kids?"
    (Mona El-Fouli, wife of Canadian detainee, Mohammad Mahjoub, on hunger strike)

    8 Reasons to Close Guantanamo Now

    by Karen J Greenburg

    The first detainees arrived in Guant?namo four months to the day after the 9/11 attacks. From the opening of Camp X-Ray—the first site of imprisonment, notorious for its tin-roofed open-air cages—to the recently completed permanent prison known as Camp 6, critics have called for its closure. Even President Bush has said, “I’d like to end Guant?namo. I’d like it to be over with.” Yet he refuses to close it because, he says, it holds detainees who “will murder somebody if they are let out on the street.”

    It’s time to look at the powerful reasons to close Guant?namo, both the standard ones enumerated below—and also what may be the most compelling, if unspoken, one of all: Guant?namo must be closed because the United States needs to indicate that it has decided to change course. Closing Guant?namo will help to restore America’s standing in the world and in the eyes of its own citizens.

    #1 It is a legal no-man’s-land
    #2 It violates the Geneva Conventions
    #3 Prisoners are degraded and abused
    #4 Prisoners have no way to prove their innocence
    #5 It undermines intelligence efforts
    #6 It creates new enemies
    #7 It alienates our allies
    #8 It will signal a fundamental change of strategy in the war on terror


    SOAS War on Terror Week
    19th-23rd February
    Monday 19th: 'The Road to Guantanamo'; with guest speakers: Ruhal Ahmad, Shafiq Rasul, Arfan Usman. 5-7pm, Rm G52
    Tuesday 20th: 'Enemy Combatant' - Moazzam Begg with Maajid Nawaz, 5-7pm, Junior Common Room
    Thursday 22nd: 'War on Terror Exposed' - a panel discussion with Clive Stafford Smith, George Galloway, Ashfaq Ahmad and more. 4:30-6pm, Junior Common Room
    Friday 23rd: World Chechnya Day - 5-7pm, L67

    Evening Seminar: America and the War on Terror
    Friday 23rd February 6-9pm, London Muslim Centre
    Dr Karen Greenberg, Dr Kamal Helbawy, Prof Stephen Holmes and former Guantanamo detainee

    Vigil For David Hicks
    This Friday 16th February, outside the Department of Foreign Affairs on the corner of Lonsdale and Spring Sts, 12 noon- 1pm. Rod Quantock will chair this vigil, and other speakers include Omar Merhi, the brother of Abdullah Merhi, one of 13 men imprisoned in Guantanamo-like conditions - orange jumpsuits, solitary confinement and shackles - in Barwon prison, near Geelong, without trial, since 2005.

    Weekly Friday Demo
    All dressed up and nowhere to go on a Friday evening? Then join the LONDON GUANTANAMO CAMPAIGN every Friday evening at 6-7pm outside the American Embassy, Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, W1, to call on the American government to shut down the detention facility at Guant?namo Bay


    Appeal from Yvonne Ridley - Save the "Agenda" Programme
    The Agenda - Yvonne Ridley's current affairs programme on the Islam Channel - has been pulled off the air in what Yvonne calls "an insane act of self censorship by the head of the channel who is trying to ingratiate himself with the establishment."
    Related: Yvonne Ridley's The Agenda Suspended From Islam Channel

    Campaign Update: Condition of Khalid Khawaja
    Khalid Khawaja, Chief Coordinator Defence of Human Rights, wrote from Adiala Jail, giving a detailed account of what kind of high profile conspiracy is going on against him.

    Update from Gitmo North on Day 80 of Hunger Strike
    "We may not have much more time, so please keep up the pressure in standing for our rights. We thank you for your kindness and support." -- Open Letter from Mahmoud Jaballah, Mohammad Mahjoub, Hassan Almrei, Day 80 of hunger strike

    Legal Issues

    Omar v. Harvey: Using International Law To Limit Human Rights
    by Aziz Huq
    Government arguments in the detention context, from its claims about the status of Guantanamo through its manufacture of the "enemy combatant" designation, are unified by a single theme: the effort to establish an area of absolute factual discretion, in which the 99% who may be innocent may be held alongside the risky remainder.


    Video: Moazzam Begg on Detainment, Torture, and Civil Liberties
    Part 5
    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
    Recorded November 12, 2006 at Mount Holyoke College.


    Rotten at the Source
    by Victoria Brittain
    The IPCC report into events at Forest Gate is a poor piece of work and avoids the main issue of police using false intelligence.

    Abusing the Profession
    by Peter Kinderman
    Why hasn't there been more of an outcry from professional psychologists about the practice of torture in the 'war on terror'?

    Canada's Responsibility to Omar Khadr
    by Muneer Ahmad
    Announcing the government's $11.5-million settlement with Maher Arar recently, Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated: "Canada fully understands and appreciates and shares the United States' concerns with regard to security.

    Inside America’s Gulag
    by H. Candace Gorman
    According to the U.S. government, Guant?namo Bay is leased to Uncle Sam by the Cuban government. However, Cuba does not recognize U.S. claims to the Bay and has not accepted lease payments for decades.

    Interrogations Behind Barbed Wire
    by Mischa Gaus
    His psychiatrists call it "Groundhog Day.

    An Iraq Interrogator's Nightmare
    by Eric Fair
    A man with no face stares at me from the corner of a room. He pleads for help, but I'm afraid to move. He begins to cry. It is a pitiful sound, and it sickens me. He screams, but as I awaken, I realize the screams are mine.

    US Refuses To Sign UN Ban on Renditions and Secret Detention
    by Kate Randall
    Fifty-seven countries signed a UN treaty on Tuesday that bans governments from carrying out forced disappearances and holding individuals in secret detention. Washington, as well as a number of European governments, including Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy, refused to sign.

    Birmingham Raids
    by Yvonne Ridley
    Who has benefitted most from the outrageous media frenzy and lurid headlines of the last few days?

    Freed Kidnap Suspect: My Terror at Police Raid
    by Steve Morris
    One of the men arrested during the Birmingham terror raids launched a blistering attack last night on the authorities for the way he was seized, held for a week and questioned for barely four hours about apparently trivial matters.

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    Lawmakers Seeking Method To Choke Off Funds For Guantanamo

    Bush Order Allows Guantanamo Trials To Move Ahead

    Spanish Police Carried Out Illegal Interrogations in Guantanamo Bay

    US Ignores A Dozen Requests on Hicks

    Guantanamo Prisoners 'Ruthless Fanatics': Ambassador

    Bill Would Restore Detainees' Rights, Define 'Combatant'

    Top British Attorney: U.S. Has Failed To Fix Guantanamo Flaws

    India To Investigate Hicks over Kashmir

    Attorneys for 3 Guantanamo Detainees Criticize New Tribunal Rules

    Democrats Weigh Plan To Clear Out Gitmo

    Lawyer for Ex-Guantanamo Prisoner Sues US for Release of Vital Documents


    Britain Shamed Over CIA Flights

    EU Endorses Damning Report on CIA

    Three ‘Missing’ Men in Govt Custody

    Ghost Detainee Zammar Gets Twelve Years

    Imam in Alleged CIA Kidnap Case Says He is a Wreck

    Imam Wants To Sue Berlusconi Over CIA 'Kidnap'

    No Proof of C.I.A. Illegality, Portuguese Premier Says

    U.S. Officials Worry Sanctions Could Cause Iran To Release Al-Qaeda Suspects

    U.S. Won't React Yet To German CIA Warrants

    Three Swiss Journalists Accused of Publishing Secret Data on CIA Activities in Romania

    Italy's Intel Chief: I Did Not Help CIA


    Police May Gain New Powers on Questioning

    Britons Released After Return From Somalia

    Forest Gate Raid Police Had No Choice, Says Watchdog

    Met Urged To Apologise Over Forest Gate Raid

    Torture Fears as Algerian Loses Asylum Appeal

    UK Authorities Actively Involved in Extraordinary Rendition of Four British Citizens

    No 10 Rejects Police State Claim

    Sixth Man on Terror Charge

    Terror Alert School is Shut Down

    Ex-Terror Plot Suspect Speaks Out


    Ex-Houstonian is Accused of Ties to al-Qaida

    CIA Interrogator Jailed Over Prisoner Death

    Padilla Fit For Trial -US Doctors

    Appeals Court Backs Detainee


    Spain Divided As Bomb Trial Begins

    French Police Round Up 9 Terror Suspects

    Terrorism Suspect Given Hope By MPs' Offer of Aid

    China Executes Muslim ‘Extremist’

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