Funny when you're out-classed, out-foxed and out-witted by the Taliban daily, what do you blame..?

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    Nato axes Afghan junk food joints at key bases

    Burger bars and pizza joints in Nato bases across Afghanistan are being closed down in an effort "to increase efficiency across the battlefield".

    A Nato spokesman said that "amenities" at bases across the country are being phased out for logistical reasons.

    He said officials at each base will decide exactly when they are axed.

    Nato's top Afghanistan commander, Gen Stanley McChrystal, made it clear last year that the days of Burger King and Pizza Hut on Isaf bases were numbered.

    He expressed concern that burger bars, pizza restaurants and other stores in large International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) bases at Kandahar, Bagram and Mazar-e-Sharif served as a distraction to the military mission.

    "For several months now we have been in the process of bringing 39,000 extra troops to Afghanistan - in addition to extra equipment, ammunition and supplies," the Nato spokesman told the BBC.

    BBC News - Nato axes Afghan junk food joints at key bases
  2. Muwaahid

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    The truth is you can't be 'efficient' when you are obese. So, this is the right move lol.
  3. Frederiksen78

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    But Burger King is healthy. There's salad in the burgers!
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    i dont understand how the title relates to the story
  5. Invictus_88

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    It does not.
  6. Pluma

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    And the ham is made out of real cow!

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