Where to find jihad videos?

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by khattab, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. khattab

    khattab New Member

    Wassalamun aleiqum
    I am wondering where to find jihad videos. Before there were good websites with alot of jihad videos (such as maktab al jihad) but they are all closed down. Is there any website to find jihad videos?
  2. alburkaan

    alburkaan New Member

    Wa alaykum assalaam

    If you haven't already then try aswaat al islam. They have a few videos.

  3. khattab

    khattab New Member

    Thank you brother. They don't have many videos but they have lots of nasheeds. That's something i was looking for also. :D

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